Friday, June 7, 2019

SICILY - unesco heritage city of CATANIA

soooo, last pictures from sicily uploaded => enjoy our impressions from UNESCO heritage city of catania. to be honest, in the beginning i even did not liked to visit catania, sicily's 2nd largest city after palermo. without knowing anything about it, i just thought catania will be a huge industrial city with airport, harbour, factories and without any nice atmosphere or soul. my goodness, i was completely wrong! just look at few pictures below ... what an interesting city 😄💓💃
i'm so happy we took the the time to spend a whole day before our flight back to munich in catania and enjoyed its beach (not nice and really industrial because so close to both, harbour and airport), sea port and the city center 😃
beach, not nice if you asked me as to close to port + airport
our 'arts' airpot hotel
R.I.P, john lennon
welcome to the old city center
me :-)
good-bye catania, etna & sicily, good-bye :-)
more pictures here.
the overview about all our stops in sicily here.

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