Saturday, July 18, 2015

nuremberg ~ nürnberg

visiting friends in nürnberg (nuremberg)

well, i've worked here for a year 19 years ago, it was really nice to see the city again :-)
the nuremberg castle, the medieval part of the city
what a witch :-)
 the pegnitz river
 all of us
(witch house) ~ hexenhäusl ~ restaurant
 the castle again (kaiserburg)
 old city
 1. FCN ~ the local soccer club ~ the pride & nightmare of franconian fans
the best of all wives :-)
more pictures here

Thursday, June 11, 2015

hell valley canyon (höllentalklamm) + badersee, grainau, zugspitze

... just spent 2 days at beautiful lake badersee in grainau, the zugspitze village in bavaria  ...

the highlight of our company workshop? walking through the höllentalklamm canyon :-)
höllentalklamm  (= hell valley canyon) with the hammersbach river

the lake badersee is soooo cold, one colleague + me have been in ... only 13 or 14 degree celsius in summer ... thanks goodness they have a hot sauna in the 'hotel am badersee' to warm up a little bit.
hotel am badersee, grainau
the zugspitz massif ~ zugspitze
the entry cottage to hell valley canyon (höllental eingangshütte)
hammersbach river
me, in the hell

good-bye, höllental
good-bye, dear hills

more pictures here => enjoy and yes, more about bavarian lakes + sightseeing in bavaria here

Saturday, June 6, 2015

bodenschneid (schliersee)

walking in the hills of the mangfallgebirge above the lakes schliersee + tegernsee :-) ... from neuhaus (806 m) via bodenschneidhaus (1365 m) up to bodenschneid (1669 m)

most of us
bodenschneid, 1669 m
two of us
more pictures here

Thursday, June 4, 2015

yes, yes, yes ... 40,000 activists against G7

stop G7, stop NWO, stop NATO, stop war ... as is as easy as that, my dears :-)

munich tries to stop the G7 summit today ... G7 starts in elmau in 3 days ... garmisch-partenkirchen, munich, from 7tf to 8 th june 2015) ~ we were 40.000 activists against G7 (+ TTIP, CETA, NATO, war, monsanto, GMO, imperialism) and PRO PEACE + freedom in the streets of munich today .... it makes me believe for better again :-) 
 for a fair world
ugly monster
capitalism kills
samba gruop
peace + peace
no weapons + social fairness
the system fears us ...
a comedy group
so true
stop TTIP, TTP; CETA, TISA ... stop NWO
jaro gruber + jaro gruber ... i was with my father today ... he liked it as well

more pictures here

... and here a short 2 minutes video

a good summary what's wrong in the world in the last few years by kilez more (in german)


Saturday, May 23, 2015

MaM = MarchAgainstMonsanto

#MarchAgainstMonsanto is going into the next round ~ next worldwide protest #MaM  :-)

what a great 'konsum rEvolution' event in munch again, this time with real music festival character, food with no-GMO-label, stop TTIP banners, really creative anti-GMO-costumes,  nice people, many friends ... 

well my dears, decide what you buy = vote with you money and yes, stop monsanto = stop GMO wherever you can :-)

btw, this was my short last year's speech :-)

the weather today was bad, but the music + the mood out there was so great, my dears :-)
music from colombia
enjoy few pictures
save the bees, the cows, the nature ...
save the bees
march through the historic city centre
big brother is watching you
stop EU = save the forests in romania
hey, the london rapper wears the same t-shirt like me? fine, the monsanto protest is global :-)
a native voice from colombia provides alternatives: fair trade coffee & more and you know what? colombia has already the experience what a trade 'partnership' with the USA really is about for approximately 3 or 4 years, if i remember the date correctly 
more pictures here

btw, this was the last year's event