Friday, January 6, 2017

lodz - poland

next stop at our eastern europe trip was the city of lodz / poland (tourist pictures from former visit here).
 this is a typical view in the suburbs, if you asked me
 outside market
 apple plantations in trebaczew
 back to lodz, here the lodz-fabryczna train station
 3 kings' day ~ procession on january, 6th
 poor camel at minus 15 degrees celsius, if you asked me ...
 cat cafe ~ heat from outside & inside
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Sunday, January 1, 2017

prebischtor ~ pravcicka brana

our highlight in czech switzerland? the prebischtor gate (pravcicka brana) close to the village of hrensko (herrnskretschen).
the biggest european natural sandstone bridge prebischtor in the the beautiful elbsandsteingebirge (ceske svycarsko)
the starting point for the hiking tour is hrensko at the elbe river (czech: labe)
more pictures here

Saturday, December 31, 2016

snow hill / schneeberg / sneznik - CZ

next stop at our new year's yourney was the schneeberg snow hill (schneeberg / sneznik) in chech switzerland area.
it is just the 3m big model at the beginning at our hiking trip in jilove (part sneznik). the real watch tower stands at the top of the snow mountain (723 m)  
our nice hotel swiss yard (svycarsky dvur) in jilove (eulau) close to the city of decin / tetschen
bohemian switzerland / czech switzerland / böhmische schweiz / ceske svycarsko
what a beautiful inversion out there in elbsandsteingebirge
schneeberg observation tower from 1864 (schneebergturm)
a loooong stop on our way to the city of decin (tetschen) at wolf's lake / vlci jezero / the original german name is somehow different and not a translation of wolf's lake :-)
i didn't make it INTO the half-frozen lake this time, we have had between minus 4 and minus 8 degrees celsius here in late december 2016 :-)
two of us
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Friday, December 30, 2016

decin - tetschen

our next stop on our new year's journey in the bohemian switzerland was the city of decin / CZ (former german name: Tetschen or Tetschen–Bodenbach) at the  river elbe (czech: labe).
well, there is the river elbe, an old town square with most of the houses still historical, a castle, bridges, hills around the city, ... if you asked me, it is a nice place to spent a (half) day with sightseeing :-)
 decin castle over the elbe river
town square
some (closed) church ...
the decin castle
some small castle from the other side of the elbe river, today a restaurant (source of the picture: here)
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Thursday, December 29, 2016

tisa ~ tyssaer wände ~ tiske steny (CZ)

well, i finally found some time to upload pictures from our new year trip through czech republic and poland visiting family of my wife and hiking in the mountains in the german-chech-polish border area:

our stops were:
btw, kennt jemand die böhmische schweiz? ein echt hübsches eck unseres planeten :-)

our first nature stop was the former german inhabited area of bohemian switzerland, the village TISA and its beautiful sandstone monuments & table hills

current and historical pictures
the day we have been there was like a day in wonderland:
few hashtags: #tisa #elbsandsteingebirge #tiskesteny #czechswitzerland #bohemianswitzerland #bohemian #czechrepublic #czech #tyssa #tyssaerwände #tissaerwände tiske steny

more pictures here.