Thursday, April 17, 2014


greetings from the southern hemisphere :)

the southern hemisphere is special in many many ways, e.g. there are no nuclear weapons stationed. this is really special if you asked me, in the north we have nukes even in the historic city center of berlin or in the mini-country of liechtenstein :(. thus we feel very save here, so far away from nukes + (NATO's) armies ...

well, what to say about this tropical french speaking island in the indian ocean? first of all, it is only 40 km wide and 60 km long and it has 1.2 million people (it is above 600 per square kilometer, which is really really a lot). most of the citizens are of indian origin and creoles, if i can tell it after 2 days of being here.
what about its nature? well, the dutch have cleared all tropical forests because of ebony and other hard tropical wood and even mauritius' heraldic animal, the not flying bird dodo was eradicated by the sailors many, many years ago. so pity ... well, there is a taxidermied bird and the famous stamp 'blue mauritius' in the museum of port louis, but it is not a real substitute, is it? the island is quite pretty + green anyway, because of its sugar cane plantations, lakes, nice hills (the highest mountain is the dark river peak in the southern part of mauritius with 828 meters above the sea level). i'm looking forward to learn more about the island on our planned day trips soon ...

let's go over to wikipedia in order to learn more about mauritius' history: [wikipedia on] ... The first Portuguese explorers found no indigenous people living on the island in 1507. The Dutch settled on the island in 1638 and abandoned it in 1710. Five years later, the island became a French colony and was renamed Isle de France. The British took control of Mauritius in 1810 during the Napoleonic Wars. The country remained under British rule until it became an independent Commonwealth realm on 12 March 1968 and a republic within the Commonwealth on 12 March 1992.  ... The island of Mauritius was the only home of the Dodo bird. The bird became extinct fewer than eighty years after its discovery. ... [wikipedia off]

enjoy few pictures first and yes, there will be more pictures + insights later :-)

more pictures will be uploaded later into my g+ album , but as for now the internet connection in our room is not robust in order to upload pictures

Monday, April 14, 2014


back in 1989 in eastern germany, the monday demonstration started a system change. there were simply much too many people out there protesting against the socialist government.

yes, the monday demo aka montagsdemo is back. it was re-started in berlin 4 weeks ago and it is rising. it started with few people, then few hundreds, last week there were already 2,000 people (and ken jebsen was speaking [so great]) and the organisers expect 4,000 people today.what about the next easter week? well, there are the traditional protest marches for peace in germany and in berlin is andreas popp speaking about the reason of our warfare driven by the 1% and its corrupt politicians & mainstream media.

in munich, we have had the 2nd montagsdemo today and we have been about 250-300 protesters out there.

the main reason is the protest for peace, but if you asked me, it looks like our #occupy protest back in 2011. the mostly young protesters are basically against the government which rules completely against the public opinion ... just look what the main poster of the initiative says:
we are the people .. for peace with russia ... against financial-military-complex, no war for oil + gas ... #occupywallstreet #OWS

there were not many speeches today and the speaker have also not been too exercised, the only think i remember was the sentence from the berlin delegate jan: we are not left, we are not right, we are just people. ... hmmm, it seems they are against the 1%, aren't they?

besides our EDJM + occupy group, i could recognize only few leftist folks and the anons (anonymous munich) and yes, there were few strange looking folks out there ...

and there is a facebook gruop out there, look at one of their slogans:
source: here

btw, the organisers plan a real surprise for next week, a highly respected guest (i can't tell you the name as i had to swear i will keep the secret silent :-)

more pictures here

OWS, OccupyWallStreet + OccupyWarStreet + OccupyYourStreet + OccupyTogether = RealDemocracyNow :-)
 #Münchenermahnwache2014 ...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

gods are angry

what a day at zugspitze on sunday. well, it is a tradition of mine, to go to the snowy hills before 1st summer holiday of the year, to make the contrast of emotions snow vs. sun as big as possible .... what did the gods think about it us people? i'm not sure, but watch the pictures  from zugspitze made at MINUS 4 degrees celsius below ... what if i told you that on my way down from the top of germany even our cable car stopped in the tunnel with a brakes accident and we stayed for some 15 minutes without a move there, for some time even without any light?
anyway, next see-the-world aka travel update will hopefully come from the southern hemisphere ~ mauritius. the southern hemisphere is special by many ways, but do you know what is the most interesting one for me? there are NO NUCLEAR WEAPONS deployed in the south. hell, in the north we have nukes both in the old historic city centre of berlin and in the mini-country of  liechtenstein, but there are no damned nukes in the whole southern hemisphere? poor north, if you asked me :-)
two strange buddies:
 a sunny hole in the dark?
BMW xDrive + the chapel don't care about the weather
 down at lake eibsee in grainau, finally :-)
more pictures here


Thursday, April 10, 2014

ken jebsen ~ montagsdemo

ken jebsen from KenFM ...

... montagsdemo started again :-) das freut sehr (REVOLUTION) ... der beitrag hat für mich gleich mehrere sachen zum nachgenken geliefert => absolut hörenswert (nicht nur sehenswert) ... danke, lieber ken :-)


Saturday, April 5, 2014

lea-won occupies munich :-)

friends, there was a great, great, great open general assembly in munich on saturday #occupymunich and occupy sendlinger tor = assamblea EDJM ...

read the story (including my 6 minutes speech on youtube) + see all my censored pictures

... and there was lea-won performing revolutionary songs => enjoy :-)

#1 (currently blocked in germany because of the recognized sound of patrice's soulstorm => wtf? it is not allowed to record & publish the noise+sound what you just enjoy in the streets? if you asked me, there is no reform to our current system needed anymore, let's crash it completely :-)


occupy all streets :-)

open general assembly ~ occupy sendlinger tor ~ what a nice event with great speeches + cool music + beautiful street painting in munich today ~

first video uploaded ~ me ~ revolution vs.evolution (watch on youtube)

pascal (watch on youtube)

one spanish activist about situation in south europe + south america #occupytogether (watch on youtube)

few pictures:
starting to prepare the square for our action
 sendlinger tor
 me, speaking :-)
  the street art picture almost finished
 great rap music performance by lion

lion aka lea-won #1 (based on soulstorm by patrice) ... watch on youtube

all 5 revolutionary songs by lea-won are here, enjoy the #3 right now:

people and nature over profits

even more pictures are in my g+ album

the agenda of the event is here (=my comment on the event site)

AGENDA (+ protokoll)
1. pascal eröffnete mit paar organisatorischen sachen
2. annette erklärte die assamblea/occupy handzeichen
3. pascal hält die einführungs-/eröffnungsrede über demokratiemangel usw. und fordert die teilnehmer/innen zur regen mitwirkung auf :)
4. sprecherin vom sozialforum, sonja, hält vortrag über TAFTA/TTIP
5. jara redete über kommunalwahlund die aus-wahl von guten leuten aller verschiedener parteien statt einer partei
6. jaro redete über ‘das’ system: anstatt einzelsymptome wie TTIP, CETA, NSA, groko, monsanto + GMO, ESM, bundeswehreinsatz im inneren, libyen, syrien, irak, 9/11, afghanistan, NATO, NATO-osterweiterung, ukraine & co. => gleich das gesamtsystem bekämpfen (= revolution), was jedoch oft nur andere opfer und andere täter wie vorher brachte oder besser gleich eine neue welt aufbauen und das alte system als leere hülle verlassen (= evolution)
7. andi + annette + spoxx => malzeugs/-aktion mit farben + kartons; vladi bringt kreide mit
[EDIT by spoxx 01.04.14 5:28]
Malaktion = Ideensammlung für Themen und Aktionen der “Asamblea-Saison” Frühjahr/Sommer/Herbst 2014
8. lionel – bringt flyer mit
9. spoxx organisiert die sambatruppe? => absage, zu kurzfristig
10. jara frägt bei philipp zwecks musik nach (get up, stand up, fight for your right …) => absage, zu kurzfristig
11. jaro frägt beim attac chor zwecks paar live liedern nach => absage, zu kurzfristig (und angst nicht prtofessionel genug rüberzukommen)
12. jaro frägt bei lion zwecks paar live liedern nach => JAAAAAA, lion kommt + macht musik und könnte evtl. auch noch ein zweites micro + boxen besorgen
13. andi besorgt trommeln und macht megalärm?
es kamen noch systemkritische reden von teilnehmern aus diversen bündnissen und auch von zufälligen passanten / zuhörern:
– franz iberl (friedensbündnis) über die ostermärsche, ukraine, kriege, rüstungsausgaben (NATO 75%, russland + china 13%, rest der welt 12% => das kräfteverhältnis dürfte klar sein, oder?)
- andi, florian (ja zur klinik, die linke), lionel, claus, alfred (rewig), bernhard, xyz über trennung von sttat + kirche, 2 spanische kollegen auf englisch über die lage + demokratieabbau in südeuropa, …
- super stimmungsmusik mit texten zum nachdenken von lion
- super gemeinschaftsbild von jung + alt, fotos siehe oben
- uvm … EINFACH TOLL :) .. bilder + videos werden wohl von uns allen nach und nach hochgeladen … und auf geht’s zur näXten assamble am 03.05.2014 …
xx. pascal beendete die veranstaltung mit ausblick auf die näXten termine:
+ monatliche EDJM assamblea im freien jeden ersten samstag im monat (optimal rindermarkt, späterer nachmittag)
+ 15.04.14 umfairteilen (bitte termin checken)
+ 19.04.14 ostermarsch
+ 01.05.14 demo 1. Mai
+ 08.05.14 TAFTA/TTIP demo (bitte termin checken)
+ 10.05.14 TAFTA/TTIP aktion, attac chor singt paar lieder (bitte termin checken)
+ 16.05.15 blockupy in münchen
+ 17.05.15 blockupy in stuttgart (+ FRANKFURT?)
+ 24.05.14 anti-monsanto/-GMO demo
+ usw

videos coming soon / later ... my internet connection is a nightmare :-( ...
last but not least, a famous quote message by gandhi
mahatma gandhi: be the change that you want tot see in the world ~
bavarian gandhi: wir sind die, auf die wir gewartet haben :-)

Sunday, March 30, 2014


what a nice family day in munich at and in the nymphenburg castle ...

the best of all wives  + me

cafe im palmenhaus

approaching the castle from the other side on our walk back

more pictures here: g+ album