Sunday, September 14, 2014

western crete

after i've show you the industrial part of crete here (our hotel area + heraklion), here you'll see pictures from our day trips in western crete:
  • knossos, the first european culture (minoan)
  • lasithi plateau
  • chania (hania), our favourite city on crete
  • kournas lake
  • rethymnon (rethymno, rethimnon, rethimno, Ρέθυμνο )
 the 4,500 years old palace (reconstructed approximately 1900-1933)
 the labyrinth ('minotaurus')
 two of us
the black sheep

Saturday, September 13, 2014

crete ~ heraklion

summer holidays with wife and youngest daughter in europe, greece, crete, heraklion area, amoudara (ammoudara), hotel apollonia beach resort & spa close to 4 factories, 2 hotel building ruins, industrial port with 2-4 ships being uploaded or waiting for upload each day, airport and with layers of concrete and broken metal tubes in the sea in front of our hotel (dirty water pipelines and pipelines for sea water facilities for swimming pool?)  ... the romantic of the post-industrial era, is it? 

well, don't ask me after which criteria have my two lovely girls chosen that hotel :-)  ... probably because it was the #1 for crete in a public feedback website .... and yes, we like the hotel a lot anyway, especially the so fantastic food and the so friendly staff here .... if you asked me, the chimneys of the first (and biggest) factory are high enough to spread the smoke above our hotel and the sea absorbed the rusting pipelines and masses of concrete also quite well (probably was it a cheap way of waste disposal few decades ago or it has something to do with the salt water swimming pool facilities, who knows?), so we've also acclimated to this industrial scenery soon :-)
sweet romantic of the post-industrial era at appolonia beach close to amoudara, heraklion

our last time in greece was 2012 at the peloponnese peninsula looking at beautiful beach and romantic sunset behind the hills of the kefalonia island ...

btw, unlike we would expect, we haven't seen much poverty on crete .... and yes, the the beggars in heraklion we have supported at our first visit rather belonged to a beggar gang than to the poor locals as the waitress in a cafe told us ...

well, enjoy few crete pictures from our day trips here, few hotel and heraklion area pictures are  just below:
 river meets ocean #1

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jürgen Todenhöfer

quelle: das facebook-profil vom Jürgen Todenhöfer

Publizist und Friedensaktivist Jürgen Todenhöfer spricht klartext über ISIS, Kurdistan, Westen (usa, ...) ... und ja Jürgen Todenhöfer ist gerade im Nordirak an der ISIS-Kurden-front .... also wem wollen wir glauben: Todenhöfer oder mainstream medien? btw, es ist absolut horizonterweiternd, die berichterstattungen über syrien, ukraine, gaza / israel / palästina, usw .. also niX wie hin zur facebookseite von Jürgen Todenhöfer

... entnomen aus Jürgen Todenhöfers facebook-profil:

a) j. todenhöfer über die ISIS / kurden / irak, 23.08.2014


Protokoll einer Reise in irakische Flüchtlings-Lager und an die IS-Front. 
Von meinem Sohn Frederic. Euer JT 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

3 voices

there is so much misinformation aka war propaganda in the mainstream media, that it is badly needed to read the other side as well .... here are 3 articles i liked a lot in the last few days ...
re-print ot the full articles:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

eastbourne + beachy head + birling gap

our last stop in south england was eastbourne (sussex). we have stayed only one night in a really nice old hotel at the sea-side, but have managed also do the nice walk (3 hours trekking tour) to beachy head & birling gap ... and to swim in the ocean :)

eastbourne was very similar to our last stop brighton, just the tourists here were on average 50 years older then the folks we have seen in brighton. whole eastbourne appeared like an old age home to me :-)

the overview blog about our trip to london + south england

few pictures
beachy head
eastbourne, our shore view hotel

Monday, August 18, 2014


england has beaches full of summertime tourists? and there are people swimming in the english sea? yep, in brighton. and unbelievable expensive parking as well :-)

the overview blog about our trip to london + south england

few pictures
brighton's museum + art gallery
cold, of course ....

Sunday, August 17, 2014


our next stop? southampton ... well, you have to go deep into eastern europe in order to see a city so run-down as southampton => feeling like at home :-)

even at the sea-side the are almost no cafes, restaurants, no promenade for pedestrians ... just huge parking places in front of the ferries, traffic roads and much much empty space in superior location ... and what about the titanic, which left southampton for its first and final trip? you will not find any titanic ship / museum / model in the harbour ... just a titanic pub which we've found by accident and where i've had few beers with quite old local folks :-)

but anyway, we liked the remaining historic sites of southampton a lot: the survived parts of the medieval city walls, old city gates, few nice houses, the ruin of the church tower in the middle of the main street from arundel tower (arundel gate?) to the harbour ,,,

back to london / collector blog about our trip to south england

and yes, in southhamton we have had our most expensive accommodation in south england. probably because there are not many folks travelling there and thus there is not much supply and demand ... and no real competition (all hotels we have seen on the internet were similar expensive ~ 120 pounds per night without breakfast)

few pictures
sea-side ... no additional comment needed, are they?
part of medieval city walls