Sunday, October 19, 2014

leutascher geisterklamm

when in mittenwald or somewhere in the karwendel massif, don't forget to visit the leutascher geisterklamm. it is a beautiful small canyon crossing the border between germany and austria. you can access it from both sites (either from mittenwald/germany where the the nice waterfall and a cheap bavarian pub is or from leutasch/austria and you need approximately 1 hour in one direction and could return back through the forest maybe in 30 minutes. or just walk back the same and much nicer 'heaven path' as we did :-)
two of us
very dangerous :-)
more pictures here


what a nice place for a short break surrounded by mountains (karwendel, kranzberg), canyons (leutascher geisterklamm), 4-5 beautiful lakes ... and the best of all wives with me :-)

parking with great scenery :-)
 main street
train station building
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Saturday, October 18, 2014


what a great  with the best of all wives in mittenwald :-)

our agenda?
karwendel as seen from from mittenwald
what a sweet monkey :-)
gorilla guru at the top
karwendel, 2385 m
a lamp + blue cone in the air ???

Friday, October 17, 2014

jenner 1874m

well, after bad reichenhall and königssee, we have finally made it up to the jenner peak ~  1874m. ok, we went up by cable car and hiked then upwards around :-)
königssee + watzmann massive
jennerbahnhütte, 1800m
two of us

Thursday, October 16, 2014

rich man meets refugee

when in bad reichenhall, do not forget to visit the beuatiful lake königssee (close to berchtesgaden, southeast bavaria). for me it was a very special reencounter after 26 years :-)

then: poor refugee with no money, no legal status to stay in the country, no clue what the future brings especially if the german authorities will send me back into socialistic czechoslovakia (that would mean jail or worse back in 1988)
today: quite well situated man with the best of all wives, two nice almost self-reliant daughters and most of the stuff people usually dream about ...

#nooneisillegal poor non-citizens / refugees in munich (hunger strike 2013)
 lake königssee as seen from malerwinkl
electric passenger boats @königsee
the old refugee camp is still there, now empty

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

bad reichenhall

what a nice weekend with the best of all wives in the bavarian hills :-) 

our stops:
 our stay, hotel wyand grand axelmannstein

more pictures from bad reichenhall inclusive our last visit are here

good-bye bad reichenhall, good-bye ... 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

weltmacht oder weltpest? lafontaine erklärt's in knapp 3 minuten :-) = quelle
28 August 2014. Ex-Bundestagsabgeordneter und Finanzminister Oskar Lafontaine spricht Klartext über das kriegerische US-Imperium, das in der ganzen Welt Kriege, Leid und Unruhen stiftet. (naher osten, ISIS, saudi arabien, obama, lügen, ...)