Monday, July 28, 2014

mahnwache für frieden = montagsdemo, die nächste :-)

so einfach? klar doch.

soooo, paar festgehaltene momente ... und ja, es war wieder mal 'ne schöne friedliche demo für den frieden ... hoffentlich sind wir bald hunderttausende oder besser millionen auf der straße und stoppen das symbolische 1%, welches sich politik + mainstreanmedien kaufen kann und mit unseren (steuer-)geldern kriege + naturzerstörung im irrglaube des wirtschaftlichen wachstums rund um den globus betreibt ... zeit wird's :-)
friede kann nur in freiheit bestehen
prinz chaos ll
 friedensaktivisten/innen groß + klein :-)
 morgaine, kilez more, prinz chaos ll ~ sooooo, hätte mir doch jemand früher sagen können, daß ich den blitz anmachen soll :-)
TV = Totale Verblödung (kilez more)

mehr fotos (von den letzten paar malen) in meinem g+ album


Saturday, July 26, 2014


demo for peace and against genocide in gaza (2014 is not any different as was the murder in 2012, if you asked me ...)
the soooo dangerous hamas rocket in the top of the picture (source: here)

few of the slogans ~ so true, so sad
  • Palästina ist in Not, viele Kinder sind schon tot. 
  • Israel bombardiert, Deutschland finanziert. 
  • Merkel, Merkel schau doch zu! Kinder sterben, was tust du?
  • Deutsche Waffen, deutsches Geld, morden mit in aller Welt.
  • Bomben, Bomben treffen Ziel, alle Opfer sind zivil. 
a short video (11 seconds) from the peace march in munich:

few pictures:

more pictures: here

wer kommt morgen wieder auf die straße für den frieden? montagsdemo sendlinger tor, 18:00-21:00 ... PEACE NOW .



whatever i dress, wherever i go, yes is yes and no is no. ... yes my dears, it is as easy as that.
source: the event site @ facebook here

btw, the slutwalk movement begun 2011 in toronto ... after a policeman suggested that women should avoid dressing like sluts as a precaution against unwanted sexual attention. (read more on wikipedia)

few pictures from the march against (sexual) violence through the streets of munich ... #slutwalk2014
no one is illegal ~ is there the refugee orga team on start? refugees strike 2013:
lat's move to the gaza demo for peace to ostbahnhof
gaza demo
the all seeing eye from here via the 1 USD note ,,, (paper) money is the evil responsible for wars and so much injustice isn't it? 

more pictures in my g+ album here


Sunday, July 20, 2014

ron paul on MH17

ron paul on flight MH17 ...

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17 / MAS17) was a scheduled international passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that crashed on 17 July 2014 ... so sad, the civil plane was shot down over eastern ukraine on ... so wise, my dears, just read his short opinion:

source: here

and yes, the western propaganda works fine: the pro-russian 'rebels' did it ... CNN knew it few seconds after the crash, didn't it?
source: here

btw, few folks said putin was on his way back from south america (brazil) only some 20 minutes away from the crash  .... hmmmm, was it ukrainian army who shot down the wrong plane? or less conspiracious, maybe only because the plane has chosen a wrong direction (to escape a storm?) and the ukrainian army thought the 'rebels' have got a plane yet which must be destroyed? in any case, it looks like the tragedy happened by mistake. the MH17 was not the intended target, if you asked me ... who knows?


Monday, June 30, 2014


next monday, next monday demo - it is as easy as that ...

there was a rainy evenenig today, but don't worry my dears, the wake-up process and the revolution take place at every wheather ...

few pics from today
finally some sun today :-)

and my personal peace take away is now at the entry gate to our home :-)

see you next week at sendlinger tor again and yes, let's stop all the wars over there ...
source: here

Sunday, June 29, 2014


one year after the bavarian police evicted the refugee hunger strike in munich, there was a commemoration event on the former refugee camp area with information, refugees, arts, fellow friend activists ...

btw, did you know, that according to UNO refugee help there are currently approximately 51 millions refugees in the world? most of them (approx 33m) stayed in their own countries, only approx 18m moved abroad, mostly to neighbour countries.
because of the current western driven imperialistic war against syria which killed approx 150,000 people till now, the most refugees are currently syrians. approx 6m of them are still in syria and approx 2.5 m are abroad.

only 110,000 refugees managed to come to germany seeking asylum in 2013 ... so as so often, the media driven fear of refugees streaming here is far away from truth ...

of course, the major reason for refugees leaving their homes is war and/or poverty below the level the people could sustain ... if you asked me, just stopping the economic exploitation and imperialistic wars would be the major step to stop that sad refugee misery around the globe ... what do you think, can we western nations and our so aggressive north atlantic terror organisation (NATO) afford fairness and peace?

few pictures ...
 no one is illegal
enjoy more pictures in my g+ album this and that

just for the protocol: 26 years ago, in june 1988 i came as a political refugee from at that time socialistic czechoslovakia seeking freedom to munich myself ... i have got 324 deutschmark (approx 160 euros) monthly for 5 or 6 months back than ... hell, how many times did i pay back that money via taxes back? who wants to ask the german treasury secretary? lol
let's hope victor hugo was right and that the time for fairness and peace all over the globe is now (quote):

An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come. ~ Victor Hugo (1802-1885)
source: my old blog about empathy