Monday, July 30, 2012

the first will be the last and the last ...

folks, the winners will be the losers and the losers will be winners? or is the saying the other way round? who cares? i can tell you, in the financial markets ('financial casino') is luck and bad luck often close to each other, you know?

well, after the break-even success 2 weeks ago as the crude oil rallied like crazy, there was a really tough time for my trading account ... today there is a new winner, a true hero for 1 day, the natural gas contract :-) .... and yes, oil is the only loser ... hell, hell, hell, trading is a damned crazy game, wouldn't you say? and yes, it makes fun if successful :-), but
go commodities go  ... and especially go gold/silver bugs go and let's CRASH the fraudulent fiat money game played by banksters, our corrupt governments and their small dirty central banks NOW :-)
paper money down, commodities up, chakka :-)

btw, did i tell you i have exchanged next part of my paper €uros into silver-ETF shares today? of course, i know silver-ETF is not the same as silver, but hopefully is a paper backed by silver still  better than paper backed by nothing like our ever so stable euros, dollars, yens, ...  so in case the fiat money really crashes while i'm in malaysia, the silver-ETF could still quote the price of silver in the new currency :-)

addendum 31.07.2012: all yesterday's profit gone today ... commodities down, paper money up ... what a strange financial world ;-)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Klage gegen ESM

addendum september 12th, 2012:  unfortunately, the legal action against the ESM carried by me + other 37,000 fellow german claimants was not successful today  ... of course, the german courts are only another system players beside central banks, police, governments ... but i hope at the next protest (maybe already on october 13th #unitedforglobalchange) there will be much more of us than 37,000 and after we reached the 'critical mass' we will change today's fraudulent system anyway
real democracy and markets free from governments' interventions now :-)

folks, let's bring a lawsuit against the fraudulent unlimited euro-'rescue'-fund ESM in action, i did ;-)

liebe freunde, ich habe gerade eine klage gegen den ESM rettungsfonds / rettungsschirm erhoben, chakka! mitmachen kostet nur 0,55 €uros porto, bitte die verlinkte datei ausdrucken + ausfüllen + bis zum 5. august wegschicken an:

Mehr Demokratie e.V.
Greifswalder Str 4
10405 Berlin

ps: es ist wirklich so einfach :-)

link zur pdf-als-foto-gespeicherten-datei (view full size): (sammel-)klagen-vorlage oder direkt über die dafür eingerichtete webseite abrufen (ist wohl die bessere idee, da direkt als pdf-herunterladbar ;-):

und hier noch ein bild:

btw, warum das ganze? ein bild sagt mehr als 1000 worte :-)

source: facebook

meine lieben, ich glaube der crash des (betrügerischen) papiergeldsystems und die rückkehr zum gold-/silberstandard (oder einem anderen ehrlichen geldsystem) wäre DIE LÖSUNG für viele heutige probleme ala sinnloskriege in afghanistan / irak / libyen, ... oder schuldenkrisen oder sinnlossubventionierung der westlichen agrarwirtschaft / fischerei (mit folgendem hunger in der 3-ten welt, da dort die bauern natürlich nicht mit den westlichen subventionierten agrarprodukten konkurieren können und folglich pleite gehen, aufhören und dann wohl in die jeweiligen hauptstadtghettos oder nach europa / usa flüchten) ... immerhin würden gold+silber die geldschöpfung aus dem niX und somit die exponentiell angewachsenen schuldenberge, sinnlossubventionen, sinnloskriege usw lösen, es gäbe nämlich niemanden, der (vorher erarbeitetes und erspartes) kapital z.b. für den afghanistankrieg bereitstellen würde, wo wir ja nur unsere toten soldaten und haufenweise neue feinde davon haben ;-(

Saturday, July 28, 2012

INDECT: munich against surveillance + against police state ...

friends, i have missed the demo for freedom, free internet + against swindling democracy in germany today ... why? well, ma father + sister have spontaneously visited us and we spent some time at maisinger see / lake in the afternoon ...

despite the bad weather and despite two demonstrations for a similar issue ACTA (internet censorship) earlier this year there have been many other freedom fighters ... anonymous and not anonymous ... let's watch a short PHOTO GALLERY (btw, all pictures are made by my buddy dominic, best known as titus-Sound and really interested in  Actions for Freedom)

eof but not the end of our protest :-)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

bavarian triathlon

what a great summer sport party at our local sports club ESV neuaubing ... me, competing with the weightlifting club members at bavarian triathlon, discipline #1, stone lifting :-)

hmmm, the second discipline, wood sawing was also not my best talent, but then came the beer mug uphold and me aka gorilla guru with the starter number 13 just stand there for 7+ minutes, my dears

i've WON, WON, WON this discipline and finished together with 2 other guys out of 13 at the 4th place

enjoy more PICTURES

btw, i'm still trying to save the world and didn't let it fall down because there is no planet B out there, you know?

friends, therefore just save the planet Athe-story-of-stuff + zeitgeist

Thursday, July 19, 2012

break-even :-)

again above my entry level of 2,000 €uros ... and the oil is the hero of the day and together with gas also the hero of the week :-)

OMG, it became even better later on and now after i'm back from beergarden my account is up more than 17% today for a new high water mark, chakka ;-)

well, my trading re-start in may was described with all crazy details HERE and if you want to know why i have quit a year ago after almost 7 years of almost daily effort go here :-)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

christopher street day

this picture was made by on (sunny) saturday by Peter Kneffel dpa/lby +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

did i join the wrong party today? not really, christopher street day is the gay pride parade in german cities and yes, it is about tolerance, understanding, respect ... well, enough reasons to join the folks there, wouldn't you say?

after that i went to a capoeira training, wrong again? course i still practice my beloved PFS (progressive fighting systems), but why not to learn/explore something else es well? my dear, capoeira was more dancing than fighting ... but it was that demanding that i will carry muscle hangover the whole next week ... and  yes, next time my friend's group organizes a similar weekend training 'camp' i will probably join them again :-)

wrong parties PICTURES, i will probably upload few more tomorrow if a friend of mine will sent me few of his pictures :-)

btw, there seems to be already a july tradition for joining wrong parties, i believe ... lol ... last year i have visited a private summer party of one oldtimer automobile club with such beautiful cars (you still remember the de dion-bouton landaulet, don't you?) instead of munich's railway company's event ... OMG
source: here

Friday, July 13, 2012


what a nice evening with the best of all wives @ the tollwood festival in olympiapark / munich tonight :-)

well we didn't make any pictures this time, so lets show you pictures from some former visit at this twice a year held festival. what kind of festival? hippie / esoteric / multicultural / ethnic + organic food / music / fun + joy + understanding all over the place / etc. of course, we will go there one or two times more until it is over. btw, if you go there, please don't forget to visit the marrakech tent and drink at least one moroccan mint tee, my pretty cousin sells that stuff and she needs some activity through the day, you know? please don't tell her i've sent you there, because as tired as she usually finishes her day she would hate me then :-)

curiously, there are often many, many orbs at tolwood, you know?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

soilach hochries ~ great birthday party in the hills

just came back from a great great great birthday party in soilach ... a beautiful place our GPS couldn't find :-). thanks goodness, at least the nearby frasdorf was a possible target ...

well, the whole event was similar to my high school reunion in slovakia 2 weeks ago ~ hills, one lake, friends, food, drinks, small cottage ... but this time was everything self-made / self-prepared and thus a little bit wilder because the old old old cottage didn't offer any services. folks, i've never been in that authentic bavarian mountain house before ... damn, i even couldn't open the door of our sleeping room because of that heavy old style metal lock, not a good feeling if you REALLY have to pee in the early morning, my dears ;-)

and yes, this time we have managed to walk up to the highlands, few other (early birds) reached even the peaks, so let's ask them for few heaven perspective pictures of the whole lake chiemsee area tomorrow ...

you have got appetite for more pictures? well, i'm not sure how internet open-minded or exhibitionistic or both my friends are, so let's start with nature first ... PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES :o)

of course, we have enjoyed our time in the soooo nice bavarian alps a lot and yes, let's look forward to some next birthday party / farewell party / reunion party or the like in the nature ...

geburtstagsfeier? hoch soll er leben, hoch soll er leben, dreimal hoch :-)

anything else? coming soon or never ...

.... here we go, the hit of the evening was the bavarian style party song from LaBrassBanda - Autobahn ... well, i've never heard that group name and this music style before ~ enjoy anyway, my dears

Sunday, July 1, 2012

BMW ~ family day

BMW headquarters + the BMW museum in front in the small round building

friends & family day @ BMW in munich (milbertshofen, olympiazentrum) today. well, we have welcomed the chance to enter the factory space in order to see something very special ... we have probably expected too much fun + party feeling because of a similar event @ MAN 4 years ago (250 years celebration) ... it was more like a beer garden visit today with some car / motorcycle background with cars from the BMW family (rolls-royce, MINI, husqvarna, BMW) ... and even the prices were the usual munich's price level  ... 0.5 liter beer 3 €uro, 1/2 chicken 8.50 €uro and the like ... we have expected something like beer 1 euro, food 3 euro, a family day, you know? didn't the company earned billions recently? 2011 was an absolute record year, 2012 started even better ...

anyway, we have enjoyed the different atmosphere than during my work day spirit, met some friends, painted some walls, made some pictures ~ enjoy ;-)

unknown artist? radka?