Thursday, March 28, 2013

halong bay ~ unesco heritage ~ northern vietnam

ha long bay as it should be i.e. a picture from a local postcard ...

ha long bay / halong bay, the unesco world cultural heritage site, is our next stop at the vietnam round trip. anyway, i feel like in the sightseeing areas in the eastern europe 2 decades ago, everything is a little bit worn out :-)

of course, i'm looking forward to the boat trip to the beautiful rocks in the bay tomorrow => it was nice, but despite the bad weather and a coal shipping harbor near there i missed the possibility to swim. thus my dears, i liked the similar anthong marine national park in thailand much better ...

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dear friends, vietnam went through war & peace, socialism & capitalism, planned economy & free markets, democracy & one party system, poverty & beginning wealth, destruction & economic growth like no other country in the world in the last few decades. the contrasts are omnipresent all around, you know? why not to bundle my thoughts about economy, politics, peace, war, socialism, capitalism, society, people and the like as moving forward? enjoy + do not hesitate to comment  (i.e. discuss with me + others) these socio-economic issues :-)

ok, in order to make complicated stuff easy, let's present my hypothesis first and explain it later if at all :o)
  • GOOD LIFE (for the most people) = peace + free market economy + freedom
  • BAD LIFE = war, political ('democratical') steered economy, tyranny, ...
it is as easy as that, my dears :-). any additional questions out there? and yes, why the hell are our still wealthy + more or less free western nations transiting to political steered societies which massively reduce the democratic rights of its own citizens and kill thousands of innocent people who never ever threatened us all over the world (iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, libya, syria, somalia, mali, soon probably also iran, ...)? why can't we live peaceful in fair societies or even in reliable, resource based societies free of domination as suggested by jörg bergstedt?
  • a young country with so many children
  • reminds me often on my native socialist czechoslovakia as it was 25 years ago probably because many things are worn-out and because there are so many soviet flags and socialist pictures / sculptures / symbols of working class heroes :)
  • one party system but provides its people at least a freedom of choice to go abroad wherever they want to
  • multi-nations country with 55 nations, the major group viet makes up approximately 88% of the population
  • geography similar to those we have in germany: almost the same size + population + highest mountain. even the long north-south form of the country and the north-south differences in economy + culture are very similar to those in germany ...
  • full of water (rivers, lakes, canals, swampland, rain and of course there is the sea
  • full of waste, there is plastic trash all over the country... dear vietnamese, please value your environment a little bit more, it is the most important 'asset' you posses :-)
  • huge gap between poor and rich, but not as huge as in malaysia, greece, brasil, india, ...
  • mopeds, mopeds, mopeds ... and many japanese or south korean cars, busses, trucks
  • very bad infrastructure: no underground/metro in hanoi, no highways or at least i didn't see any between hanoi and hoi an, no fast trains, ...
  • very friendly people even if the most folks we have met outside the tourist area couldn't speak any foriegn language
  • etc
night train from hanoi to hue
 there was a small cute mouse below our bed :o)

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btw, did you know that vietnam translates as "south Viet" and therefore the country should be called vietland if they asked me :-)


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

hanoi ~ northern vietnam

day one in former socialist republic vietnam. there is still just a one party political system and in some issues reminds me vietnam on my native czechoslovakia back in the 1980ties ...

my first impressions from vietnam's current capital hanoi? traffic noise + exhaust gas pollution ;-(

there will be many updates soon, pictures from the city 'within the rivers' in the red river delta. of course, i will cover also the ho chi minh & government / communist party area. read my blah blah below the pictures in the corresponding g+ / picasa album, enjoy :-)


Saturday, March 23, 2013

skiing in lenggries

skiing in lenggries today in my 'home skiing area', just 1 hour away from our house. what about tomorrow? well, we are on the way to vietnam. life is good :-)

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bedingungsloses grundeinkommen? paar ideen zum nachdenken ...

quelle: piratenpartei

unsere gesellschaft hat genügend waren und dienstleistungen um alle zu ernähren, so viele wie nie zuvor in der geschichte. also warum nicht gleich jedem genug [produkte und leistungen bzw. geld-schein-e] zum über-leben zu geben, die absolut sinnlose und sogar schädliche 'arbeit' wie behördenbürokratie + überwachungsapparat + militärische & zivile nuklearindustrie + restliche waffenproduktion + kriege + bankensubventionen + sonstige sinnlossubventionen (biosprit, fischerei & landwirtschaft, energiewirtschaft, großindustrie, usw.) beenden und nur noch die leute frei entscheiden und machen lassen, was sie wirklich brauchen und wollen ... ok, als einen ersten schritt sollte unsere gesellschaft zumindest eine ergebnisoffene forschung / überlegungen zulassen, die zum glück ja schon von der piratenpartei und paar freigeistern (andreas popp, rico albrecht, götz werner uvm) in gang gesetzt wurden => eine kreativitätsrevolution steht bevor :-)

götz werner (dm drogeriemarkt gründer)


ach ja, unser guter alter andreas popp + seine wissensmanufaktur haben das BGE auch schon entspr. thematisiert ...


Monday, March 18, 2013

seehofer + gauweiler + csu + bavaria?

that easy, my dears? damn, the german elections are coming closer => the parties strengthen their efforts :=)

well, there was an CSU event, with the bavarian premier horst seehofer + munich's most famous CSU politician peter gauweiler speaking. where? in a beer tent, of course. go bavaria go :-)

source: here
... speaking in a beer tent like this
source: here

is there any reason why bavaria changed from a poor agricultural country into a rich high-tech area? why is bavaria doing better than the rest of germany? why is germany doing better than most of other european countries? yep, there probably is in the air, you know?

i came a little bit too late, so i've missed great part of peter gauweiler's speach. but it doesn't matter as i still heard a lot and i've visited peter's event 2 weeks ago anyway. of course he spoke about cyprus and about the new level of state ordered thievery (direct loss of 6% of your money for accounts up to 100.000 €uros and 10% for accounts above 100.000 euros). he just asked if cyprus is the only european country for which the bureaucrats in brussels invented such a solution ... haha, of course not. who's next? france? germany? both?

anyway, lets try to concentrate to remember few of horst's words, who is like peter gauweiler also a gifted and funny public speaker and both of them are not only authentic but also believable, if you asked me. why? they do what they think is right even if it is not a carrier making issue, you know? gauweiler took a legal action against the fiat money system relevant ESM 'rescue' and wealth redistribution fund last year. seehofer took a legal action against the interstate redistribution of wealth in germany ('länderausgleich') recently. on top, he told (not as a student, already as a prime minister!) the western democracy and western system all explaining sentence speaking about the financial rescue action for banks 'too big to fail' in a talk show @ erwin pelzig, just listen below .... those who decide are not elected and those who are elected have nothing to decide .... OMG :-( thus my dears, let's OccupyWallStreet + OccupyYourStreet + OccupyTogether + OccupyTheSystem :-)

well, here stuff from today:
  • a good speech is like a miniskirt. it is short and covers all essential
  • bavaria is the best place in the whole universe (just compare the to the life abroad): rich, high-tech, traditional, educated, low state debts and decreasing (decreased by 2.5 billion out of 20 billion last year), supports the weak german states especially berlin since decades
  • berlin is poor but sexy (wowereit). bavaria is rich but not stupid (seehofer)
  • FJS (franz josef strauss): it is more likely a dog will install a sausage storage for itself than ... the subsidies receivers would ask for less subsidies (or the like)
  • angela merkel is a good premier for germany
  • about edmund stoiber (former bavarian premier and seehofer's boss) ... was ist der unterschied zwischen hundehütte und bayerischem staatssekretär (oder war das eine andere funktion als ministerpräsidentenvertreter?)? hundehütte ist für den hund und staatssekretär ist für die katz :-)
  • the bavarian way ... survival of the fittest ... i.e. join the winners ... way of bavarian evolution ... with austria, against austria and with napoleon / france, against napoleon  and with austria, ....)
  • no debts, no life above ones means at costs of the future generations
  • any bad issues? yep, the average age of attendees was quite high to say it somehow nice ... the young prefer the sexy way of life, don't they?
  • etc
bavaria's lawsuit against the unfair subsidy system among german states ('länderfinanzausgleich'). there are only 3 states out of 16 who pay for the mismanagement of the other 13. biggest contributor is bavaria, biggests beneficiary berlin ...

anything else? coming soon or never :-)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

jörg bergstedt

addendum 08.06.2013: Macht macht umwelt kaputt (vortrag / diskussion am 06.06.2013 in münchen, inkl gedankenspiel zu allgemeinen verhältnissen in einer herrschftsfreien welt)
anarchy works and yes, anarchy is NOT anomy (ordungslosigkeit / gesetzlosigkeit ) 😄
source: here
source: here
 plato :-)

jörg bergstedt ~ freie menschen in freien vereinbarungen ~ super, super, super typ + vortrag .... und gleichnamiges buch (auch wenn m.m.n. etwas schwer lesbares) ...  meine lieben, da haben wir noch viel zu lernen. jörg hat ein HERRSCHAFTSFREIES (nicht gewaltfreies wie ich es genannt habe, ist aber in mancher hinsicht so ähnlich) gesellschaftsmodell vorgestellt, welches, wie der name schon sagt, ohne gewalt, raub, vermögenssteuer, erbschaftssteuer, staatsgewalt und andere ungerechtigkeiten auskommt und wohl zu besseren wohlstandsverteilung, resourcenschonung und nachhaltigkeit beiträgt als die meisten anderen  modelle, die ich kenne ... und ja, es geht sehr stark in die libertäre richtung, wo jeder frei machen kann, was er willl (hoffentlich nur solange er die freiheit der anderen nicht einschränkt) und erinnert an das bereits früher von mir gepostete konzept für faire gesellschaften. es gäbe hierzu viel zu sagen, ich werde wohl morgen/übermorgen paar themen / ideen / gedanken aufschreiben, wenn ich es nicht schaffen sollte, dann spätestens dann, wenn ich sein buch fertiggelesen habe (wohl irgendwann nach ostern). nur so am rande, um das vortragsthema ausführen zu können, hat jörg anfangs als axiom aufgestellt/behauptet, daß gewaltfreiheit ist gut :-)
  • gewaltfreies aka HERRSCHAFTSFREIES gesellschaftsmodell
  • recht, wahrheit, system, medien, 
  • castor transporte
  • attac
  • libertäres gedankengut, welches ansatzweise, oft leider nur themenweise auch in den programmen von der occupy bewegung, piratenpartei, PdV (partei der vernunft), ron paul, jaro gruber usw zu finden ist :-)
  • gehirnforschung (was für ein zufall, ich lese gerade ein buch vom geral hüther) ~ unsere verhaltensweisen verfestigen sich im gehirn und werden zu handlungsanweisungen für die zukunft => gewaltfreiheit im gehirn verankern :-)
  • witzige beispiele (kloputzgerät) für wichtige modellüberlegungen
  • würde so eine gesellschaft nur dann funktionieren, wenn alles im überfluß vorhanden ist? nein, auch wenn in jeder gesellschaftsform jederzeit knappheit an rohstoffen / anderen ressourcen auftreten kann, wäre eine gewaltfreie gesellschaft noch am ehesten in der lage diese knappheit kreativ zu lösen warum? es gäbe ja nicht mehr die möglichkeit die anderen leute auszubeuten / umzubringen bzw. andere gängige ressourcenbeschaffungsmaßnahmen der heutigen westlichen industrieländer und ihrer ach so tollen nord-atlantischen-terror-organisation (NATO) anzuwenden
  • herrschaftsfreie welt: ein bereits funkionierendes beispiel? in der software industrie (wohl aufgrund der dort hohen gehälter, die schon bei paar wenigen arbeitstagen im monat die lebenskosten decken und den rest nutzen einige leute für 'gute sachen') gibt es open access + open source projekte wie z.b. LINUX, FIREFOX, WIKIPEDIA, wo es keine patente und ähnliches gibt, wo alles allen gehört und alle haben drauf zugriff und jede(r) die aktuelle lösung verbessern kann um sie so für allen besser zu machen ... eigentlich ganz einfach, oder? und ja, in so einer welt wäre geld überflüssig / nicht vorhanden, also ganz anders als die ständige in-wert-setzung von allem im kapitalismus ...
  • 16 thesen / voraussetzungen für eine solche welt
  • usw
für diejeningen, die jörg bergstedt nicht kennen hier der wikipedia-link, hier seine projekt-werkstatt-webseite und hier paar highlights kopiert aus der facebookeventbeschreibung bzw von mir:

Der hessische Umweltaktivist (+Freiheitsaktivist) und Buchautor Jörg Bergstedt ist in der Vergangenheit schon oft angeeckt. Mit dem Gesetz kam er in Konflikt, etwa durch Aktionen gegen Gen-Felder (~6 monate Haft) oder weil seiner anarchistischen Projektwerkstatt kriminelle Umtriebe unterstellt wurden.

... und auf gehts zu meiner link library zu libertären gesellschaftsvorstellungen / -ideen, meine lieben => revolution für eine bessere welt :-)

addendum 17.03.2013: aktionstrainingstag. theorie im toberaum, praxis am münchener hauptbahnhof :-). mehr zum thema? direct-action

falls jemand noch mehr wissen / haben möchte, hier geht's zu amazon: freie menschen in freien vereinbarungen ... aaaber vorsicht, das buch ist megakompliziert und 'verzwickt' geschrieben, also sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig, falls ich nach aktuell 169 seiten schon das ganze beurteilen sollte...  

videos, videos, videos :-)
video 1 von 3 (die ersten paar minuten jürgens gedanken über klimaerwärmung, dann radio lora interview mit jörg bergstedt zuerst über monsanto/genfraß und ab minute 12 oder 13 kritik der demokratie und ode an herrschaftsfreiheit ... vorsicht, sehr wissenswert und horizonterweiternd :)

video 2, vortrag in münchen, teil 1

video 3, vortrag in münchen, teil 2


Thursday, March 14, 2013

red mountain mining

investor lunch with red mountain mining which reminded me on other gold exploration company  cadan resourcesprobably because both operate in the philippines and the philippines are so far away from germany :-)

  • gold exploration in philippines
  • ASX listed company (symbol RMX)
  • start of production planned for 2016
  • high grade deposits
  • major project is located near batangas city, approximately 100 km south of manila
  • quite a weak financial situation: $3.3m cash and a burning rate of 500k per month
  • etc
go gold bugs go and let's crash the fraudulent paper money system now Thanks

anything else? coming soon or never.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


addendum april 2017: have you ever listened to bashar al-assad?
chinese television interview with bashar al-assad from february 2017

addendum february 2017: flemish priest who lives in syria on syria
Flemish Father Daniël Maes (78) lives in Syria in the sixth-century-old Mar Yakub monastery in the city of Qara, 90 kilometers north of the capital Damascus. Father Daniel has been a witness to the “civil war” and according to him, Western reports on the conflict in Syria are very misleading. In short: “the Americans and their allies want to completely ruin the country.”

read full interview at ron paul institute

addendum august 23rd, 2013: 
FALSE FLAG gas attack blamed on assad by western industrial-military complex and its small dirty mainstream media? dear friends, please do not believe that news, it simply makes no sense. assad almost won the battle in syria, so why should he attack his own people on a day where the UN observers are scheduled to visit the country? it would be stupid for both military and tactically reasons. i assume it is just an ugly game by the western world to justify the upcoming NATO attack on syria. friends, just to make clear, syria didn't threatened any 'northatlantic' country for centuries ... it is like the WMD lie which started or 'justified' the war against iraq few years ago or loke the recent war against libya: if the foreign financed + equipped + staffed soldiers (mostly usbeks, afghans, chechens, saudi arabians, ...) couldn't beat gaddafi, the NATO planes came in ... thus my dears: STOP NATO = STOP WAR ...
addendum september 3rd, 2013:
so sad ... why cannot 'our elites' stop killing innocent people all over the globe and start to live in peace and cooperation with all nations on earth? btw, we are bankrupt and can't afford wars anyway.
source: here

shame on you, western 'industrial' nations, shame on you NATO, CIA, israel, EU, gulf kingdoms and other supporters of the FSA killers :-(
source: here

the NATO aggression war in libya is over, so they just continue in syria and probably soon in iran. so sad.
source: here
 source: here
source + more pictures / ideas: here

the western support for jihadists in syria (+libya etc) and the ignorance of the masses is too much for me .. i switch the news flow off for today .. see you in the streets at next action for peace, my dears ... LET'S STOP OUR GOVERNMENTS = STOP WARS ...
again, let's STOP NATO + GOVERNMENTs + ELITEs = stop WARs ...

demonstration in frankfurt

more to come soon or never ...

addendum june 16th, 2013 via occupy london @FaceBook:

The Syrian 'rebels' Used chemical weapons? Yes
Massacres civilians? Yes
Eats hearts and beheads Syrians? Yes
Refuses to attend peace talks? Yes
Wants Syria to be a democracy? No

And we're arming these guys to the teeth because we support "freedom and democracy"... right...Ok


Who Killed the Syrian Peace Talks? read the truth-out article

addendum few months later (october 2014):
this is NOT hiroshima in WWII. this is Homs, syria / siria / sirya today! source: here

addendum december 2015:
source here