Sunday, April 26, 2015

ramsau + zauberwald + hintersee + watzmann + taubensee

what a nice weekend with the best of all wives in the bavarian alps (a week ago) ~ ramsau + zauberwald + hintersee + watzmann + taubensee close to berchtesgaden / königsee ~ enjoy few pictures  :-)
ramsau, the famous postcard view
view from our hotel (pension bianca), ramsau
two of us

blaueis + hochkalter, 2607m

hinterseer ache (ramsauer ache) / zauberwald

best of all wives

lake hintersee
adios watzmann (2713m)
lake taubensee with snowy watzman left and blaueis + hochkalter in the middle
weißbachschlucht /weißbachklamm
hotel restaurant mauthäusl over the weissbachschlucht
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

taman negara NP

bank negara is national bank. so what is taman negara? yep, you are right, it means national park and it is the first and still most important NP in malaysia on the mainland too (malay peninsula). it was our next stop after kuala lumpur, cambodiaperhentian islands and before we returned to KL and back home to germany via amsterdam.
 taman negara
our jungle stay mutiara taman negara at the tembeling river
mr. tapir came almost every night to our hotel
... and ms. porcupine too (=stachelschwein)
floating restaurants on the tembeling river, kuala tahan
orang asli village
orang asli children
tembeling river
floating houses + restaurants on the tembeling river
also leaving taman negara :-( 
 what homo sapiens + his industry (his greed?) leave behind :-(
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Monday, April 6, 2015

perhentian islands + kota bharu

back from cambodia, let's spend a week at a beach in malaysia => let's go to perhentian islands. we have stayed at the smaller ('kecil') island, pulau perhentian kecil.

the is an airport and a lot of malay muslim culture to see in kota bharu, the capitol of kelantan, one of the traditional malay provinces. to the perhantians it is about 1.5 hours drive by taxi and a about an additional hour by the speed boat to the two perhentian islands (kecil + besar)

kota bharu
kuala besut, we had to hurry up for the ferry / speed boat
pulau perhentian kecil
my sweety
@bubu resort
muslim divers' wedding :-)
house moving on an island :-)
malay + terengganu flags = state + local province
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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Phnom Kulen NP ~ cambodia

after visiting the 12th century temples of angkor wat on day #1, we decided to see the holy mountains region Phnom Kulen in north western cambodia, the area where angkor begun. phnom kulen is sometimes written as phnom koulen and means the mountain of the lychees. of course it is a UNESCO world cultural heritage too.

  • Preah Ang Thom ~ buddhist temple from 16th century 
  • waterfalls 
  • pol pot's communist regime's khmer rouge killing fields (close to or already part of siem reap)
  • siem reap part 2 & 3 ~ the historical centre visited in the morning of our day 3 in cambodia
preah ang thom
 holy water with hindu carvings
 good-bye, phnom kulen
 killing fields, pol pot & khmer rouge murdered 3 millions out of 8 millions cambodians in the 70ties :-((
never ever killing fields ...
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