Wednesday, October 26, 2011

when will fiat (paper) money crash?

of course, the whole western world is already bankrupt but it still can afford to bomb iraq, afghanistan, libya ... and subsidy nuclear energy + banks + bionergy + many other planet destroying stuff ;-(. folks, lets stop it ASAP!

wanna see how bankrupt e.g. the USA is? just see the u.s. budget compared to a household budget below ...

=> the usa is bankrupt, no doubts ... but when will the system collapse? it seems to be a difficult question, but it isnt. many complicated looking things have an easy solution if we concentrate on the essentials, believe me ;-)

1st im gonna tell ya few don'ts:
  • dont follow the political comedy surrounding fiat money
  • dont try 2 remember the phony names and volume numbers of alll these 'rescue packages' out there 
  • dont care abt the ratings by moody's, S&P, fitch, ...
  • dont waste own time with reading / researching / writing abt paper money issues (you should prolly stop reading here and start doing the right stuff, shouldn't you? lol)
  • dont waste other people's time speaking / writing abt paper money issues 
  • dont keep any serious money in your bank account(s)
  • etc

2nd the stuff we definitely should do:
  • wear our fastest sneakers and run to the nearest ATM / bank / insurance in order 2 withdraw as much money as possible
  • buy real stuff (gold, silver, real estate, food, ...)
  • fire paper money as we germans did in 1923 
  • throw paper money away as hungarians did in 1946 
  • change the current politics via #OccupyWallStreet + #unitedforglobalchange or some other public movement
  • sleep well cos we knew we did the right things
  • etc

EASY, u see?

whats the good thing abt this ongoing (!) change of the collective consciousness regarding fiat money? well, in order to change the currrent fraudulent paper money system we dont need 2 'convert' all folks out there ... a so called criticall mass is enough .... thx goodness :-)

ready? steady? GO! go gold bugs go! ... and silver bugs as well :-)

go for the real things in life (not only in the financial markets)

Monday, October 24, 2011

salzburg / austria

the best of all wives and me have just spent 2 days in salzburg ("salt-castle" or mozart-city???), austria => great! yes, salt made this city rich and the riches made all that buildings possible which 2day provide salzburg the status of unesco's world cultural heritage ... simply salt, hmmmm :-)

my crazy wife has visited an (esoteric) healing seminar by richard bartlett. what abt me? well, on day #1 ive been in the most streets, churches, hills, castles of salzburg i believe ... i was sorry i couldnt meet mozart, prolly he is already dead ..... anyway, my feet hurt like hell .... but what to do tomorrow? no, im not going to run all that hills up and down again, no way! ----- well, i would prolly like to see the hellbrunn castle ... or shoudda try the bars tomorrow? or go outside the city? hmmmmm, any idea(s) out there?

well, my friends suggested i should eat as many mozartkugels / mozart balls as possible, but ive decided 2 do completely different:
  • hellbrunn castle ~ very very nice gardens, water / fountains, sculptures, inner architecture (rooms / paintings) as seen in the brochures cos i didnt like to visit the main attractions ZOO + the inside exhibition of this beautiful maison de plaisance 2day. why? my goal were the nearby alps ;-)
  • salt mine in bad dürrnberg ~ already the celts produced salt inside these hills! as there was not much else what could be used to preserve the food in the pre-refrigerator-era, salt was precious and costly for centuries (“white gold”). many centuries later, in the medieval age, there was already a mass production of salt via the leaching 'technology'. wanna more details? follow the museum-link ... imho is this museum a great new experience for those who havent been in a (salt) mine yet (like the one in bad reichenhall / germany) and on top a great opportunity to enter bavaria / germany without passport underground ;-)
  • celtic village ~ space filler instead of waiting 30 minutes for the salt mine guided tour, the ticket was included in the price of the salt mine visit and so were the hallein's museums later in the afternoon
  • lunch in bavaria ~ much better beer than in austria, just think abt the oktoberfest, my dear :-)
  • obersalzberg ~ i didnt like the spirit there and of course didnt visit hitlers eagle nest (kehlsteinheim) or the exhibition .... it would for sure depress me a lot, i see no reason 2 carry that feelings with me
  • hallein ~ a small city on the salzach river, celtic museum, the museum of "Silent Night" (German: "Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht") ~ a xmas carol composed by franz xaver gruber in 1818 .... hmmmm, do u think this guy and me are some kind of relatives and i could market that song in some way or the other? lol
  • salzburg ~ traffic jam

more pictures? here we go 2 my google album (i hope u will enjoy this foto album even if the zoom function of my camara was broken ...

Friday, October 21, 2011

quo vadis, libya?

folks, i've written few words abt the unfair western war against libya some time ago ... well, the former revolution leader and/or dictator, however we call him, muammar al-gaddafi and all(most?) of his sons were killed recently, so whats next? and who will get the libyan oil?
oil libya petrol station in marrakech / morocco

as for now, approx 90% of the oil profits gets libya, 10% the western oil companies ... its gonna change very soon, isnt it? what abt 95% for exxon, conoco, bp, shell, total & co and the remaining part for lybia? business as usual in africa, wouldnt u say?

whats my guess 4 libya? well, the USA + its small dirty NATO allies (North Atlantic TERROR Organisation, which is threatened by noone, but kills ten thousands [millions?] of people all over the world) will install a puppet government like in afghanistan, iraq, etc and then move to some other 'target' bringing death & suffering to some other people (in syria + iran?) just 2 keep the profits for western war industry running as always ... and yes, there will prolly be an ugly civil war in libya which will destroy everything the NATO bombs didnt destroyed yet and in the end will establish some highly religious islamic country, whose folks will hate us for few very good reasons and just wait for revenge .... 

and what abt the western taxpayer? he or she will have to pay billions and billions of dollars & €uros for decades in order to support the new puppet government and of course 2 support the libyan 'democracy' ... hmmmm, was it worth it and was there really nothing better we could do with our money, my dear? 

hell, how long will we accept that our corrupt politicians not only accomplished such a mess at home but also continue 2  kill innocent people all over the world? folks, lets #OccupyWallStreet, #OccupyMunich, #OccupyWorld & #OccupyTogether or lets start an another movement (if the #Occupy leaders turn into a wrong direction) which would give the power (back) to the public and would give our poor planet some hope :-)

source: facebook

shame on you USA+NATO+TheWEST! just look what did you destroyed in libya: swiss report

no war! never again!

addendum january 7th, 2012:
friends, ive cried as well .-( ... we must stop that madness ... we cant allow the 1% to kill innocent people all over the (muslim) world with our tax money => RonPaul2012 + #OccupyWallStreet + #OccupyTogether ...

addendum february 12th, 2012: the job in libya is finished, whats left is prolly only destruction, torture + plundering ( wanna really knew some sad details? Torture and Plundering: Libya’s Militias Run Wild -- News from

so whats next? syria? iran? both?

source: the occupyWallStreet group on facebook ... btw, wanna also join the worldwide protest against the current deadly political-military-complex?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

long night of munich's museums

the good old days ;-)

well, once again the children came up with a great idea to join the long night of munich's museums (lange nacht der museen), so we have broken out for the old city center. yes, after 20+ years in munich ive attended a guided tour through the old streets, heard stories ive never heard before, seen places ive never seen before, visited 2 museums (beer & city museum), drunk the 1st hot wine punch of this winter season ... a nice night, indeed :-)

what abt few pics for the fans of dark streets and old stuff? yep, here we go ;o)

btw, next year i will try to attend again and choose some other guided tour and visit some other museums and probably also ride the historic tram if they'll bring it out of the transport museum again ;-)

Monday, October 10, 2011

donner metals + donnybrook energy

zinc + gas? how does that fit 2gether? well, the CEO dave patterson presented his 2 companies donner metals + donnybrook energy in munich 2day ... (pls follow that links for more details abt my perspective on these companies from former investor presentations ;-)

any news? well, the outlook for donner metals is great cos they are much closer to production of Zn / Cu / Ag / Au in quebec / canada as they have been at dave's last visit. nevertheless their share price collapsed in the recent market correction as if there were no tomorrow, hmmmm ... on top we will prolly see collapsing zinc output from existing mines, so we just have to get the demand side of the supply & demand pattern correctly in order to predict future zinc prices, true? .... btw, donner's production will replace the mill feed from an old xstrata's mine which is going out of production in late 2012 / early 2013 ... well, now u know why is xstrata zinc canada (65%) the major partner of donner (35%) in that promising project :-)

what abt donnybrook? hmmm, i had to leave early 2day cos i had a meeting in my office job which i couldnt reject or shift to a later time, so i just catched some of dave's explanations abt the energy + gas markets and abt new gas drilling methods in general, but not much abt the company itself ... i even dont know when should some drill results etc come out and im too lazy to move 2 their website for some update on operations ... but who cares? at the current low low low gas prices they should better keep their gas under the ground, shoudnt they?

u know what? the other folks out there told me that unlike 2008 there is a lot of money in the markets waiting for places to go in .... and yes, a debt financing (fixed rates for some time) is more popular than equity financing (private placements of new shares etc) ... hmmmm, strange, isnt it?  ... even AFTER the crash in the resource sector are the investors scared to invest, hmmmmm ...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N ♥ united for #globalchange => october, 15 th #OccupyWallStreet #OccupyMunich

addendum sept, 15th, 2013: when in or close to NY on sept 17th, you could re-join the OWS-movement on the 17th, will you? here are few insights about how to revolt, disobey in general and pictures from the 1st OWS anniversary in 2012. and here are some thoughts + a manifest (in german) about the movement
source: 1 week in NY

"If voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it." − Mark Twain

true? yes, of course, thus my dears: OccupyWallStreet + OccupyYourStreet + OccupyTogether => see ya in the streets and let's create a better world :-)
source? here

♥ revolution ♥ evolution ♥ both ♥

what a nice event with about 1,000 protesters in munich today => pictures :-)  

here is my short 25 sec video which shows ya the peaceful atmosphere:

lets go global: 15th october ~~~ ♥ united for #globalchange ~~~ if people united cannot be defeated ... r-evolution? rEVOLution? evolution or LOVE? both?
( picture source: )

#OccupyWallStreet, #OccupyYourStreet, #OccupyTogether ~ folks, lets unite against corrupt politicians, central banks, lobbyist stealing our tax money (and our future), power elites and their dirty wars .... october, 15th ~ what does it mean for me? that's an easy one, my dear ... #OccupyMunich #OccupyMünchen ... btw, wanna join me? the munich's event page is already online and you can check the movement map for a demonstration close to your home here)
♥  Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N  ♥

damn, why we don't simply live in peace + freedom? hell, let's crash the current financial-military complex NOW... imho the most promising way is to crash its monetary base, so just switch from your paper dollars, euros, pounds, franks, etc. to gold + silver and yes, let's buy physical gold + silver in order to crash the fraudulent fiat money system, not any options, futures, warrants or the like :-)

what do u think about this #globalchange issue, my dears? it sounds like #globalchance to me ;-)

OMG! what a wording! (copied from / source:

* If the Political system no longer represents us, then we must look for alternatives.
* If corporations no longer represent our values then we must look for alternatives.
* If the media no longer represent us, then we must look for alternatives.

We are the 99%, and it’s time to let the 1% know that this world is our world, and if we aren’t happy with the way it is run, then it’s time to take it back. It’s time to show them what a REAL democracy looks like.

Because these streets are our streets, this city is our city, this movement is our movement, and together we can affect real change.

Whether the 1% like it or not, Power is
 coming back to the People and we are...

United for #Globalchange.

a german wording about the movement 15th october here: blog post 15.10.2013

quote: "The issue is always the same: the government or the market. There is no third solution." -- Ludwig von Mises
omg, so true and yes, socialism or capitalism seems to be the same kind of question to me, isn't it? well, at least in the long run

what about the follow up event(s)?
hell, lets awake the masses (middle class) asap (source? facebook, #OWS group)

we're in case of emergency => lets join together and create new + sustainable => enjoy (11 minutes)

btw, whats my vision? here we go:

and yes, real democracy really works ~ after the financial crisis 2008 and after the people didn't accept their government + didn't accept to pay for banksters' + politicians' fault has island chosen 25 folks who re-write their constitution and everyone can contribute via facebook :-)

a greek quote? in a democracy the poor will have more power than the rich, because there are more of them, and the will of the majority is supreme.~ aristotle (384 BC-322 BC)

what people think i am ~ what i really am ... true, isn't it?
source: here on FB
source: facebook:
... so lets save and protect the planet A :-)
ctrl s   OR   ctrl c + ctrl v   (source: here)
source: here
source here

addendum sept 25: the r-evolution just begun in MADRID, SPAIN, finally! no comments on that in our corrupt mainstream media, of course :-( ... 25-S...  and thus OccupyWallStreet + OccupyYourStreet + OccupyTogether :-) 

for more details just read my current blog post ... and in order to see the movement (street fights) just watch the 8 minutes video from madrid:

capitalism: unequal shared wealth
socialism: equal shared poverty
.... so true ... never again socialism :-)
source: here

btw, what about consumism? bad as well, isn't it?

what about my vision of the final goal we have to reach? thanks john trudell for this quote :-)
source: here

Monday, October 3, 2011

a nice day in the alps

after a failed attempt to climb up a hill with 2 out of my 3 girls, we have visited 3 beautiful lakes on the road: tegernsee (bavaria / germany), achensee (tyrol / austria), sylvensteinsee (bavaria / germany ~ munich's drinking water reservoir).

yes, ive drunk 2 1/2 maß beer (2.5 litres) at  oktoberfest  yesterday, thus i couldnt sleep well at night and woke up early. hmmmm, my wife and youngest daughter were awake as well, so we have spontaneous decided to wander in the nearby alps ... a good idea u woudda say? yes, but only for better trained and more healthy hikers than us ... well, after 30-40 minutes of climbing up the knee problems of my wife forced us to come back ... its pity but not the end of a nice sunny day with an outside temperature of above 20 degrees celsius, u know? we continued to austria and there ive not only moved above the green + ice cold surface of the lake achensee by a rented boat, but also jumped in at 15 degrees celsius as ive saw 3 other folks and 1 dog doing the same :-) ... it is october and late autumn in germany and we are expecting the 1st snow of the season next week ...

lake achensee, austria

of course, there was a traffic on the way back to munich, it was a holiday in germany (western + eastern germany united few years ago, u remember that, doesnt u?) and a really nice sunny day ... it was hard to keep our daughter busy, so we have tried some mind games but nothing worked long enough ... suddenly ive got an idea! i just told her to count how much money would jesus (or his successors) have 2day if his parents saved 1 €uro (dollar, cent, swiss frank, whatever u like) at his birth and arranged a fixed interest rate of 5% ... hmmmm, clever me, wudda u say? just imagine, 2011 years times 5%, thats quite a bit of computing, my dear ... btw, do u have the answer yet? or at least a clue how big that number is? well, after some trials and approx 3 minutes of thinking our 13 years old pain in the neck came up with ... with ... with the formula! OMD! well, i gonna tell ya the solution, but did u get the number by yourself as well?

of course, than ive tried to explain her that no monetary system based on compound interest can survive too long in a finite world which planet earth unquestionably is and we have tried to compute how many earths of gold would that amount of money buy, but then we had no idea abt the weight of the earth and i only had the last friday's price of gold in mind (who knows if gold is still worth anything this monday, lol), so we just stopped there. anyway, all of us are sure that dollar, €uro, frank, yen and all their paper buddies gonna collapse at some time down the road ...

wanna few trip pics? sure, pls move here

ok, lets honor my promise ... if u dont have the $$ value of jesus' bank account yet, u will never try 2 compute it by yourself i guess ...

here is the formula: (1 + 0.05) 2011 = approx 4 × 1042 dollars, €uros, etc ... quite a number, isnt it?


next year is over, my dear! official stats + few pics follow soon, promised.

as for now, just follow the  last  year's  story ;-)

addendum october 4th: the 178th oktoberfest (since 1810) was a really nice one, especially because we have had almost every day warm + sunny wheather :-)
  • 6.9 million visitors
  • 7.5 million maß beer (7.5m litres) ... whaaat, only so few? damn, ive drunk 5 or 6 at my 2 visits ... now you know how to define above average, dont u? lol
  • 0.5 million chicken eaten 
  • etc
addendum october 10th: folks, ive just got the pictures from my pretty cousin ... well, if u have no table reservation and dont wanna wait in front of the beer tent at opening, than is a cute face by your side often the last grain of hope to come in on weekends :-)

few more pics at google => cheers!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

shame on german politicians!

our stupid & ignorant politicians ;-( ... the questions are abt EFSF ~ financial support package for weak €uropean countries, germany's share is 211 billion €uros which we have to borrow cos like all other western €uro-pean countries also germany has no reserves at all .... ~ it is the most important (i.e. the most costly) decision in the current administration period and they even dont know the numbers, the impact, the issue ... and they have the power 2 decide abt OUR money, OUR future, abt war & peace, abt OUR climate and the ongoing environmental destruction of OUR planet ... heya folks, how long wanna we accept that? ... lets send all these stupid puppets to hell .... and let the people decide abt all important issues (the internet would allow an easy + fast referendum process i think) ... shame on you bundestag, shame on you again ...

verdammt, diese (von uns gewählten) volksverRÄter entscheiden über unser geld, unsere zukunft, krieg + frieden, umweltzerstörung usw ... hmmmmm, wie lange lassen wir es uns noch gefallen?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

how i met her mother

munich is sooo beautiful! ive just spent a nice day with my youngest daughter ... showed her many of the places where ive lived, learned and loved 20 years ago ... basically places where the best of all wives and myself used to visit with our eldest daughter ... schwabing, one of the old city parts in the north of the centre ~ my old student dorm, university, library ive used to learn 4 the exams, the english garden, few pubs on the way i spent hours and hours in, many old nice houses, had lunch at seehaus (=the always full lake view beer garden in the english garden), rented a boat, ... and yes, ive told her a lot abt the time before she came 2 planet earth ... well, im tired now and happy :-)

as always, few more pics at picasa, 2days trip starts at picture #17