Thursday, July 12, 2018

starnberger see at possenhofen

lake starnberger see is probably the most important / famous lake in the munich area. we have been many, many times out there, especially when our children wee small and we had not a car. we really liked to rent a rowing boat back then ... 
enjoy few pictures from the possenhofen area
the old lake resort at feldafing. with beer garden, my dears :-)
good-bye, starnberger see
more pictures here.

because of difficulties with parking slots at lake starnberger see in summertime, we prefer other lakes now. especially its small neighbor lake maisinger see or the lake windachsee some 20 km away.

for more pictures of lake starnberger see:

  • seeburg castle 2022 + (today) possenhofen castle 2018 => lake starnbergersee
  • feldafing 2020 => the lake's west bank
  • wedding day 2021 at berg castle + assenhausen close to seeburg => the lake's east bank
  • seeseiten + st. heinrich 2020 at the very south side

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Sunday, July 1, 2018


we have had was one more stop after the castle frankenstein on our way home from the protest camp against the u.s. military air base ramstein, the beautiful old city of speyer at the rhine river (rhein).

we have been much too short there in order to collect some remarkable insights besides our lunch experience, so enjoy just the pictures :-)
not the nicest building out there, but the inscription is great: SAY NO TO WAR
 the dome of speyer
good-bye, speyer :-)
source unknown, but really true ~ quelle zwar unbekannt, der spruch ist aber wirklich schön und wahr

more pictures here


well, what is worse: the u.s. military air base ramstein which spreads death around the world or the impact and the memory of the count frankenstein (graf frankenstein)? he was just an alchemist (alchemyst), so the he current u.s. drone wars and air strikes control center is by far more dangerous, if you asked me :-)

well, after joining the peace camp in front of the airbase we have visited the nearby ruin of castle frankenstein on our way home. as there are more castles called frankenstein in germany, i suppose this one is not the famous one from literature / history. anyway, it was a really nice and quiet place, so enjoy few pictures:
ruin frankenstein

what about a wisdom about time from my favorite spiritual teacher sadhguru?
view more pictures here.