Thursday, December 24, 2009

mr. market likes me + my stocks; merry xmas :)

i had to remove the original picture due to google ad sense policies, so here is just the link to it: here

why? just look at my top 3 positions yesterday:
  • scorpio mining +4.84%
  • novagold +15.24% on a news message, which IMO is not soooo bombastic (NovaGold Resources Inc. (NG) today announced that it has entered into an agreement to purchase a 100% interest in the Ambler property in northern Alaska, which hosts the high-grade copper-zinc-gold-silver Arctic deposit.). well, novagold is my new #1
  • u.s. gold +11.30% no news, my guess? i think the folks out there recognized that u.s. gold is not 100% the same as GOLD itself and therefore there is no need to 'send' us gold from $3.47 a share to $2.25 a share only because gold went from $1,200 to $1,100 => ??? => any other opinion out there?
of course, on a day when the top dogs perform like crazy, my portfolio reached a new all-time-high :-)
thx for this nice xmas gift, mr. market, thx!

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ohhh, just found a 2nd santa on the internet, which one do you like better? folks, i'm not sure, but could this santa and that pretty google's search it for me girl be the same person from flesh&blood? hmmmmm, i don't know

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why santa didn't show up ...
(Source: Larry Wright, December 24, 2009)

addendum, monday, december 28, 2009: crazy, crazy, craaaaazy!

folks, i'm such a lucky alien! mr. market read my blog on the weekend, he liked my 3 santas like hell aaaaaand today there is both, ALL-TIME-HIGH in my undiversified investment account (gold, silver, commodities, energy) and ALL-TIME-HIGH in my commodities CFD account, which is, of course, also undiversified. thx, santa! thx, mr. market! thx

hell, hell, hell!!! it is the inflationary hard assets rally out there, isn't it?

ps: commodities? commodities! just look at my CFD-trading positions:
  • natural gas +5.49% (my biggest position)
  • silver +0.87% (my 2nd biggest position)
  • corn +2.21%
  • wheat +3.58%
  • coffee -4.22% (my smallest position)
  • orange juice +2.03%

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

gooooooogle above $600 :-), what abt microsoft ... and apple? omg, google

folks, here we go! next support / resistance / mental / whatever barrier broken! can anyone tell me, why i have been such a stupid idiot in december 2008 and bought just one single google share (below $300, i think) instead of 10 million shares? my sweet portfolio position is up +72.8% (in €uros, of course).

what abt google's software buddy + its current neighbor in my by decreasing volume sorted portfolio list, microsoft? well, these bill gates guys are up +44,19% since february 2009. pls do not ask, why did i not buy 10m or 5m shares here, i can't remember that either :o)

good luck, my two lovely american software fighters, good luck ;-)

why google + why microsoft? even if there prolly is a bubble in u.s. equities (stocks + bonds!) and even if for €uropeans like me is the weak usd concerning our u.s. investments a huuuuge nightmare as well, there always will be many u.s. companies which are able to compete (and to win) on the international markets, i think ...

i've bought google because i like them a lot + the stock price was IMO cheap + because i use sooo many of their products (picasa, blogger, youtube, adsense, chrome, text&tables, gmail ... + their search engine, of course) + because i like their philosophy of sharing data (pictures, videos, documents, ...) all over the world instead of forcing people to use/own their own 'licensed' stuff. you still remember the discussion in one of demolition man's threads abt advantages in sharing knowledge for free instead of patents & copy rights & private knowledge? that's the age of aquarius, in my opinion :-)

what abt microsoft? well, they are not sexy at all, nobody likes them, and of course, they are still in the age of pisces as their 'licensing' strategy is a complete opposite of google's sharing-for-free principles, but in time i bought it, microsoft was IMO soooo cheap + it was the company with the biggest $$ reserves worldwide! they had more than $20 billion cash in that time, i think ... so i just thought, bill gates will distribute all that cash among the shareholders within the next few days, unfortunately, he didn't

both stocks are up a lot, so from my investing perspective is everything going fine so long :-)
(source: here) let me google that for you! source

folks, now i'm really surprised abt google! why? hmmmm, the Let me google that for you site really exists! aaaand is soooooo cooool for/against lazy folks out there. you just insert the key word they've been asked for and get back a link with slow motion keybord entries + the 'click' on the search button + the results. next time they will prolly google their stuff themselves ;o)

ps: have just tried out with 'gold silver' => ..... hmmm, my website is not the #1 search result yet :-)
... let's try it again with 'gold direct info' to see, if my newly reserved and as an advertisement space or/and domain name 2 sell planned/designed domain will come on the 1st search results page => ohh, ohhh, nothing reasonable again :-)

microsoft is boring? really? enjoy ;o)

direct link:

Friday, December 18, 2009


addendum may 2014: friends, forget my dream below ... as for now, the western europe turned fascist as its leading institutions like EC / NATO, its leading countries germany, france, poland ... supports the fascism in ukraine (the fascist temporary and unelected government in kiev led by the svoboda / swoboda party) ... the EC, what a peace nobel prize winner, almost as good as obama few years earlier :-( ... well, at least the femen activists protest against that european fascist epidemic ...
source: here

no? not yet? WHY NOT?

hi folks, there was/is a great discussion abt why is €uro/europe not the leader in the financial markets, kylefoley76's original question was: "if the us and the euro's economies are equally strong then why is it that the dollar seems to dictate the price ... i might be wrong but it seems that the dollar dictates the price in eur/usd ... why?"
my opinion? because europe is just europe and not UNITED STATES of EUROPE yet ... it is as easy as that!

just imagine an european soccer team of 11 guys fighting against each other instead of fighting against their competitors! which competitors/enemies could such an european team defeat? well, you are right, NONE :o(

we europeans are so brain dead and so fearful, you know? ... it is as easy and as sad as that :-(. hell, i hope at least our children will be smarter than we are!

ps: just imagine an united €urope with all that western, northern, mid, southern and eastern (with russia, of course!) countries, with all that industry, oil, gas, commodities, education, culture ... and of course, i'm thinking about an europe created bottom-up by the people and not by any bureaucrats, governments, powers that be, 'elites', fat cats style NWO, central banks aka financial mafia and the like :-)

well, let's hope again that at least our children will be smarter than we are :-)


addendum 09.05.2010:
folks, what abt the 'rescue' fund for weak european states like greece? is it a real help for greece? i dont think so. why? a real help for greece would be e.g. the reduction of its debts (i.e. a default or a partial default of greek bonds. what abt 80% of the nominal values?) or the like ...

so what does such a rescue fund mean? well, 1st of all, greece becomes money to pay its creditors ... once again ... greece becomes money to pay the current (double digit?) interest rates to its creditors ... and the creditors (mostly european + u.s. banks and worldwide operating hedge funds, pension funds etc) becomes 'their' nominals and 'their' crazy interest rates paid in full ...

will it help greece 2 restructure its public spending orgy and 2 become competitive again? will it help the greek people? any opinion out there?

last but not least, who is gonna pay 4 that rescue package? we can read in the mainstream media that this package will be 'carried' by germany, france, austria ... folks, there is a small problem out there! germany, france, austria ... do not have any money to lend. they need themselves (every day!) new credits to continue their current operations ... they have to borrow the money they will lend 2 PIGS and PIIGS (portugal, irland, italy, greece, spain).

well, once again have our so genial politicians managed to take the money from the main street (~taxpayers like me) and give it to wall street (~banks, insurances, hedge funds, ...)

OMG, why is homo sapiens that stupid?

my dear gold/silver standard, pls pls pls come back to planet earth soon and end all that fiat money malinvestments and unfairness ...

anyway, folks, take care and do not invest in government bonds :-)

addendum 10.05.2010:
unfortunately, my opinion was right :-(

folks, mr. market shares my opinion abt the outcome of the 'greece issue' on the weekend, just look at the top 3 german stocks 2day morning:

deutsche bank +11.90%
commerzbank +9.13%
allianz +7.86%

btw, im not against gains for financial institutes in general, im just against taxpayer financed gains for politicians' buddies, of course ...

what a great day 2day! of course, especially 4 the banks, not at all for the taxpayer :o(

S&P500 +4.40%
dax +5.30%
nasdaq100 +5.04%

btw, the deutsche bank stayed the best stock in germany's dax for the whole day. closing quote? +12.86% => no additional comments needed :-(

Friday, December 11, 2009

is there any silver in silver valley (idaho/usa) ???

folks, i'm such a stupid idiot! why did i bought the bankrupt sterling mining clunker stocks 2day? and why not just once but twice? am i completely brain dead? let's hope i'm only a little bit confused and let's try 2 sort my thoughts! if u promise u will not laugh too loud abt me, i will tell u abt my 'stellar' move ... ok, here we go:

do u still know i've bought stocks of 3 silver companies sterling + sns + minco few months ago? well, they still fight in various legal issues on the idaho's sunshine silver mine (opened 1884, fire in 1972 with 91 dead miners, ...) and there are some other (financial) groups trying 2 take over that historic mine also ...

yesterday i got the investor's newsletter from minco telling that minco is the winner and that they will get 100% of sterling's stock for approx $12m. i just checked the sterling's current market capitalization and saw that they are going 2 pay approx 3 to 4 times the current bankruptcy-adjusted stock price ... hmmmmm, u now me already, don't u? yep, i just saw the $$ signs instead any danger and placed a limit order at €0.07 even if the last u.s. price was $0.08 (and €1 = $1.49) just 2 make sure i will get some stocks. well, there was no other buying in germany so i've ordered the next tranche @ €0.06 and seconds later it was in my portfolio as well ... i didn't get suspect at that time as i know the homo sapiens financialis is soooo damned stupid so i just relaxed and dreamt on even more $$ when the u.s. + canadian market opened. i couldn't believe my eyes! sterling fell intraday -18% there and -25% in germany after my initial purchase. later on the u.s. exchange sterling closed fraudulently at break even thx 2 a micro order moving the closing quote from -18% level directly 2 yesterday's closing price. minco? don't ask either ... they are -5.85% today. hell, does nobody understand that they've got the sunshine mine approx for free? well, the time will show if i'm right this time or mr. market instead ... prolly is the sunshine legal case far from the final firm decision now and the folks out there do know that and just me didn't :-(

what is so special abt the silver valley? silver, silver, silver! you know? if u want to, so skip to wikipedia (and come back :), i liked the short information on hecla mining's website much better:

...The Coeur d’Alene Mining District, where Hecla was born 117 years ago, is located in North Idaho’s Silver Valley along US-90, providing very convenient access and infrastructure. This district has produced 1.2 billion ounces of silver in its history - one of the most prolific silver districts in the world. Hecla has a tremendous land position here… about 25 square miles, which is an area roughly the size of Manhattan. On this land position are many historic mines, which in the aggregate have produced about 300 million ounces of silver, or about 25% of the entire historic production of the Silver Valley....

what is my part of silver valley? well, i've accumulated few stocks of:
  • hecla mining - established 1891, announced 2 pay dividends again next year :o), nice website with ticker-like commodity news [current: Every day 400 acres of asphalt roofing are nailed down. (silica, borate, limestone, trona, feldspar, talc, silica sand)]
  • coeur d’alene mines - all silver production outside the silver valley (bolivia, mexico, australia, argentina, ...)
  • u.s. silver - operates the galena + coeur mines, cash costs per 1oz silver in Q3 were $13. folks, they've lost money on balance even at silver price at record highs. oh my dear! my mexican and peruvian producers have cash costs of approx $3 - $6, my base metals producers with silver as by-product abt $1 (e.g. @ scorpio mining ~ my single biggest stock position at the moment) and there was also a company which has reported cash costs for silver of MINUS $5. silver for -5 usd? folks, got it? that's much, much, much better than silver for free! if they sold all their zinc, led, copper, they've made a profit above $5 and still have all that shiny silver on top! ... well, i didn't remember the name of that company, i think it was prolly one from the trio endeavor silver, 1st majestic silver, fortuna silver ... but i could be wrong on that ... you know, i have more than 30 silver companies in my portfolio as i can't store all of them in a single watch list @ tsx website. hell, let's hope the metal prices in Q4 will support u.s. silver a lot + their stock price will skyrocket soon + i will reach the winning zone again (btw, even if the last purchase shows a profit of abt 13% i'm still abt 15% down on u.s. silver)
  • sterling mining - est. 1903, chapter 11 in 2008, bankrupt in 2009
  • sns silver - explorer company, trying 2 bring the historical crescent mine into production
  • minco silver - cayman island based; huuuge fuwan project in china, next sunshine mine owner?
  • formation metals - explorer/junior producer of cobalt in the valley + the Sunshine Precious Metals Refinery owner
  • mines management (amex: MGN) - silver explorer, added on january 4th, 2010 => good luck my lovely portfolio newbie :-). ps: their mines are not directly in silver valley, but (as far as i could recognize @ wikipedia) just a minor step over the hills to northwest montana (montanore silver copper project). btw, their headquarters is in spokane, washington ...
  • united mining group (bought in december 2010)
  • shoshone silver/gold mining company (bought in february 2011)
  • ??? + many others ???
my conclusions:
  1. the silver valley has still a long way 2 go to reach some extraordinary production + profitability again!
  2. mexico + peru + bolivia seem 2 be a much better silver bet than usa
  3. there will be some significant consolidation of properties / companies / resources in silver valley in the near future
  4. let's visit that historical piece of earth sometime :)
ps: i will update the final status abt the sunshine mine / sterling mining later
pps: do not forget what u have promised above :)
addendum, 1 day later ;o(
oh, my dear! sterling mining is -37.50 % right now ... and has closed at -18.75% with 4 times the usual volume! a huge loss on the 2nd day of my so_sure-$$-investment, isn't it? well, this time was mr. market right and i was wrong :-(

FAQ#1: how does the silver valley looks like? hmmmmm, i will show u how it was 100 years ago, so please use your imagination (or e.g. the google search engine) to find out how it could looks like 2day, ok?

source/copyright: clayton/deer park historical society. btw, the oginal picture was/is here.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

greenpeace action 4 climate

copenhagen, nyhavn (new haven), 2005

folks, today (= 5.12.) at 5 before 12 there started a greenpeace action for climate ´through' twitter in 80 german cities. all the tweets the folks have posted have been projected on a special wall in the centre of berlin to make the german government aware abt the importance of the copenhagen conference ...

well, i came abt 1 hour later and my tweet was approx the #5,555 ... just now there are abt 13,000 tweets out there ... not sooo many as i have hoped and many of them came later directly from the internet, abt 3 or 4 from myself, of course i'm dissapointed a lot that the people in the streets do not make more preasure on the politicians, i think it is soooooo important this time ....

my message? rettet das klima, nicht die banken! (that means: save the climate, not the banks!)

well, i've posted that message to my twitter followers after coming home as well :-)

rettet das klima, nicht die banken! #savetheclimate not the banks! #copenhagen #greenpeace #thinkgreen

my #3: have a good weekend all! hopefully politicians in copenhagen will make our future a lot better! #savetheclimate #eco #earth #greenaction

my #4: RT @greenpeace_de: take action #savetheclimate be part of a global movement!!!

folks, do u think it will help a little?