Sunday, January 13, 2019

skiing with children in garmisch

what a nice day skiing with daughters in their friends in the garmisch-classic ski area. the weather was really strange this time: we have had both dark fog and sun ...
at osterfelderkopf
good-bye alpspitze (2,628 m), good-bye garmisch
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Saturday, January 5, 2019

oranienbaum-wörlitz /// unesco heritage site

the unesco heritage site castle wörlitz park (in the sachsen-anhalt part of eastern germany) was unfortunately just a short break on our way home to munich from lodz, poznan, tuczno, dziwnow at the baltic sea, kamien pomorski,  ...
why so short? well, we have been really tired after that much travelling and january is not a perfect time to visit any gardens in europe, is it? it was too late and too dark, we have been hungry and our food in one of the very few open restaurants (an asian bistro) was really bad, if you asked me => OMG
castle oranienbaum
 not recommended, if you asked me ... 
good-bye oranienbaum. i hope we will come back in summer time again
good-bye my perfect end of and 2018, let's work for a nice 2019, too :-)
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Friday, January 4, 2019

kamien pomorski, pomerania, PL

our idea how to spend a part of a cold day at the baltic was to visit the museum of stones and gems in kamien pomorski (former german name was cammin) at the arm of the ocean / 'river' dziwna (diewenow) in pomerania (pommern). well, the museum was closed for 3 weeks and would open just in few days again ... this is what i meant telling you our experience about being somewhere completely out of season in my blog about dziwnow / baltic sea, you remember?
the gems museum is located in the old city gate-tower

we have spent a huuuuge amount of time in cammin, anyway. first we have found a toilette in the town hall ;o), touched the dziwna water in the port, had a lunch and with all that gained energy walked all over the historic city center, over the port and over the looooong bridge to the island in the arm of the ocean dziwna. no, it was not the huge island wolin (wollin). we also listened in the church to a mantra sung / prayed by about 20 old women, spent some time shopping for food + clothes + souvenirs ... we left kamien pomorski by night :-)
there have been few nice old buildings too, but also many new ones probably built after the WWII fights in which 60% of the city center was destroyed ...
 the former gate and the fortified tower is a museum today 
town hall 
 let's feed the birds and fishes in the port
 two of us
 bridge over troubled water?
 back to the city center
it was very new and interesting for me to listen (half an hour?) to the mantra 'performance'. thanks goodness was my polish good enough to understand its meaning ...
this church was closed due to reconstruction
all in one
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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

winter at the baltic sea ~ dziwnow, PL

we have finally arrived at the baltic sea in the village of dziwnow (former german name was dievenow) on the island wolin (wollin) in northwest poland (pomerania, pommern)... in winter, you better expect wind, rain and even storm when at the baltic sea, my dears :-)
the baltic sea, all in one collage

well, it is interesting to visit a tourist area completely out of season ... ghost city is probably the best description for what you get. and yes, ghost cities have a specific charm, indeed :o))
dziwnow by google maps
 our hotel stary dziwnow (old dziwnow)
omg, what a big trees do they ram into the sand in order to protect the coast from wind & waves
best of all wives :-)
 what about a short swimming exercise in the ice cold winter sea? YES, YES, YES :-)
two of us
 miedzyzdroje. gruby? do they mean me or some other fat guy? polska :O)
good-bye, baltic ...
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