Sunday, March 27, 2016


well, the war in mid east (syria, iraq & co.) is the main issue in egypt as well. especially the failed to appear tourists from russia after the russian passenger airplane was shut down over sinai/egypt few months ago are hardly missing by egyptian tourist businesses ...
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well, it was nice + really warm air + water temperatures here even when we have only march, my dears. we enjoyed a rich sports program with volleyball, table tennis + swimming, so it was really nice for us from the tourist perspective. there was even not so much police/army controls as in sinai 3 years ago .... but yes, the folks out there i speak to were quite afraid that even massive protest against the system does not help as the police / army would always crash it down :( ...
well, there is a huge difference between bottom-up protests like the OccupyWallStreet movement 2011-2012 and between top-down organized 'color revolutions' like in ukraine 2014 (maidan), ukraine 2004 (orange revolution) or the capitulation of the whole east european socialists countries soviet union, poland, hungary, czechoslovakia, east germany, romania, bulgaria, etc. in 1989-1990, isn't it?
 hurghada, the young tourist city at the red sea
sahara desert
our hotel fort arabesque at makadi beach south to hurghada
 mr. bird
back to hurghada
a new church (approx. 4 years old)
a new mosque
 meat sellers in the street

there is no old hurghada, but there are still few original 80 years old floor houses near the port
the hindu god of gods ganesha in sand city, hurghada
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Monday, March 21, 2016

skiing ~ garmisch classic vs. zugspitze

skiing 1 week ago in total fog and on saturday at best possible weather conditions ~ garmisch classic ski area vs. zugspitze
my favorite part of the garmisch classic ski area, saturday 12.03.2016
mr. bird
my employer ~ mr. BMW on the top (of germany)
 alpspitze (2628m ASL) as seen from zugspitze (2963m ASL)
 the view at wetterstein massif from lake eibsee
 view down to garmisch-partenkirchen from kreuzeck
alpspitze (2628m ASL) as seen from kreuzeck / osterfelderkopf