Sunday, May 30, 2021

spieser in allgäu :o)

well, last weekend we have been visiting kaufbeuren with my father and today we are in allgäu again 😃. this time hiking to the top of the spieser montain (1651m) in the beautiful allgäuer alps. the tour was choosen by my eldest daughter who accompanied us as well. you will not find her at any picture as she likes to keep her privacy unpresented in social media and/or on the internet, my dears ...

my father challenged by the probably last snow at spieser (1651m) this year

oberjoch 1140-1200m, the highest (real) village in germany (close to bad hindelang) was 
the starting point for our today's hiking tour in allgau
iseler mountain (1876m) was my wifes + my destination in august last year
allgäuer alpen
the sunny (=south) side of the mountain
ornach 1572m, a smaller mountain on our path
jochschrofen 1625m

the 3rd summit cross today, spieser 1651m + a nice break at the top 💕 😄🍵🍎

ifenblick panorama
guest house hirschalpe (1495m) ~ a beautiful place for 2 wheat beers 🍺 today. due to corona measures in germany my first restaurant visit to stay since november last year.
crazy corona plandemic, isn't it?
all in one
more pictures here.

Monday, May 24, 2021

kaufbeuren in allgäu

despite the worst spring weather i can remember my father visits bavaria again. we have rain almost every day for at least 1 month. there were only two or three sunny days and only one of them we got the chance to stay longer at a lake, to sunbathe + swimm ...

 so what to do? let's visit some nearby cities when there are few hours wihout rain ⛅⛆

enjoy few pictures from kaufbeuren in allgäu. of course we liked its landmark, the fünfknopfturm tower from 1420. but our highlight today was something completely different: the unexpected visit in the bell tower of the biggest church as the priest came all the 150 steps up with us and explained a lot about his church, the bells and the city ... 👍😀😍

due to crazy corona lockdown measures were the restaurants closed even in their outside areas, so there were only few possibilities to grab some food to go and all the city looked and behaved like died out...

rosenbrauerei brewery
father + son /// vater + sohn
town square + town hall
coat of arms

holy crescentia monastery ~ heilige crescentia
bell tower ...
more pictures here.