Friday, October 30, 2020

athens + delphi, greece

we have spent really, really wonderful week in athens + delphi visiting our youngest daughter, who got an erasmus scholarship (=stipendium) and now studies for 1 semester in athens, greece. athens is one of world's oldest cities with over 3,500 years of history and its earliest human presence started somewhere between the 11th and 7th millennium BC, you know? 
thanks to our daugther we could see more than average tourists do, i guess 😉. i liked especially the beaches in alimos we reached by tram, the street bars in the exarchia district, omonia by night, the ski village arachova (on our way to delphi) + the business university which looked inside like a leftist (antifa?) club building 👿
unesco heritage site in delphi, the (remainings of the) athena pronaia temple ~ greece / GR

unfortunatelly, i could not ask the delphic oracle (oracle of apollo) about my and our planet's future. why not? well, it was november, 1st and the museum season switched to winter mode. although we have been only few minutes after 3 p.m. there, the entry to the archeological site was closed and they've just waited till the last tourists leave the site. you know what? it does not really matter as - clever me - i asked already in the athena pronaia temple few minutes earlier => everything will be fine 😋
to give you and me an idea how the main archeological site of old delphi looks like, i've borrowed the nicest picture from google maps:
picture by GEORGE GKIATAS in google maps. source: here

enjoy few pictures from:
  • our airbnb home's nice + safe acropolis district (akropolis) with its archeological attractions acropolis (unesco world heritage site), agora, filopappou hill + the old city districts plaka + monastiraki
  • the wolf hill mount lykavittos (lycabettus, lykabettus, lykavittós, likavitou)
  • beaches + marina in alimos
  • night life in omonia + exarchia districts
  • port of pireas / piraeus / piräus / pirreos + ferries to the (surrounnding) greek islands
  • agistri island (agkistri, angistri) + egina island
  • city of thiva 
  • snow & ski village arachova bellow the parnassos / parnassus massif (mount parnassus / parnass 2457 m)
  • unesco heritage site in delphi
  • cape sounion / sunion / sunium on the southernmost part of attica / attic peninsula and its beautiful poseidon temple
our adventure greece 2020 begins at munich airport with BMW 4 🚗
our 1st view to akropolis (parthenon temple) from our airbnb home's balcony
different countries, different habits 🍺
... the bell tower on mount lykavittos
view to mount lykavittos from acropolis
filopappou hill
the 6 sculptured korai (the caryatids) of the erechtheion temple were my favorite view of acropolis. probably not only mine as there are not many matching parts left. of course, these are just replicas as 5 originals are in the adjacent acropolis museum and the last one in the british museum in london

Saturday, October 24, 2020

autumn in munich

autum in 'our' western part of munich: neuaubing, lochham, gräfelfing, blutenburg, pipping, langwied ... 

there were so many nice pictures my wife and me made at our walks this fall that i've decided to put them 'into' a blog collection => enjoy few 'indian summer' aka 'herbst in münchen' pictures 😄

tipi site at lake lusssee
aubinger einkehr
the würm river at the blutenburg castle
our favorite walk leads to the chapel in the forest in lochham/gräfelfing
DO NOT EAT, especially not the core. 
the fruits (yew berries) of the yew tree (eibe) are sweet and yummy, 
the core is toxic and deadly dangerous. only few of them are enough to kill you
=> do as my youngest daughter taught me: install an app (e.g. PlantNet) which will tell you whether you could/should try the colorful fruits or better leave them for the birds 😂
the base camp for all our walks 😄

few more pictures here.