Sunday, November 18, 2018

women ice-hockey in ingolstadt? nice :-)

what about the women ice-hockey in ingolstadt? well, the daughter (heidi strompf) of my school-mate from einsiedel played this season ice-hockey for the ERC ingolstadt team. so i have seen her match against the girls from planegg in grafing ... and spontaneously stayed the night in ingolstadt.

what an interesting experience to sleep in the youth hostel in a former fort close to the kreuztor old city gate from 1389 :-)

enjoy few pictures
the match in the half-open stadium in grafing, fraueneishockey
the game was not the only pleasure in grafing, the local beer was fine too
this fortress accommodates an youth hostel
the kreuztor gate to the old medieval city of ingolstadt
the dome
in the city center
more pictures here

Friday, November 9, 2018

edelmetallmesse münchen ~ precious metals convention

enjoy few pictures and insights from the edelmetallmesse münchen (munich's precious metals convention) ~ november 9-10, 2018.

this time i could convince my youngest daughter to come with me, chakka :-). i think she liked the premises in city's transportation museum (MVG museum), listening to few interesting presentations, the many small gifts the exhibitors prepared for the customers, talking to few of my friends ... and yes, i hope she could also grab a view at our financial system and geopolitics outside the mainstream media ...

the fair takes place in the city's transportation museum (MVG museum)
one of the many overcrowded presentations / speeches

as always, all the gold bugs, gold promoters, newsletter and book sellers, mining companies (mostly gold, silver & copper), conspiracy theorists, bullion dealers and many old friends were here :-)

my favourite speakers were martin siegel, thorsten schulte alias silberjunge, claus vogt (with interesting view on cryptocurrencies & bitcoin), erich hambach and especially frank hellmeyer
source: claus vogt, krisensicher investieren
historical financial bubbles ~ source: claus vogt, krisensicher investieren
source: xetra-gold
politik ist nicht die lösung, sondern das problem ~ source: ef magazine (eigentümlich frei)
source: frank hellmeyer, solvecon
source: frank hellmeyer, solvecon
source: erich hambach
source: erich hambach
source: Egon von Greyerz, Matterhorn Asset Management,
 source: Egon von Greyerz, Matterhorn Asset Management,
source: Egon von Greyerz, Matterhorn Asset Management,
'my' zimbabwe note ~ source: martin siegel, westgold, stabilitas fonds
source: martin siegel, westgold, stabilitas fonds
source: thorsten schulte aka silberjunge
source: thorsten schulte aka silberjunge
more pictures here

i do usually visit the event every year, only 2017 i was not in germany in the early november, so enjoy few pictures from edelmetallmesse 2016

Thursday, November 1, 2018

eastern slovakia

as almost every year at all hollows time, i visit the family (dead and alive) in eastern slovakia. einsiedel an der göllnitz (mnisek nad hnilcom) and kaschau (kosice) are the usual stops out there.

the life in the villages in eastern slovakia is much, much different than in germany ... and yes, there is always something to explore for me. this time was the most exciting experience to help to prepare the wood for the (next) winter.
enjoy few more pictures😄
our work is finished => let's drink a beer in the local pub 😇
of course it's cheap here when the most young people leave the region in the order to find jobs in bigger slovakian cities or abroad ...
carpathian mountains [part slovenske rudohorie (slovak ore mountains)]
cemetery in einsiedel ('totengarten' as the locals say)
R.I.P dear grandparents
the hymn of the (carpathian) germans in slovakia
we wish you all the best, dear mother

göllnitz - gelnica
castle krasna horka
small carpatians (male karpaty) massif near smolenice, western slovakia
karpatenblatt = the monthly journal of the german minority in slovakia

btw, einsiedel is an interesting example how can the culture and demographics change over time. the village was created by german settlers in 1230. that was the time after the mongols / tatars killed that many people in eastern europe that the local kings / rulers invited germans into today's slovakia, czech republic, romania, ....
einsiedel stayed german till WWII with more than 95% of population still german. the remaining inhabitants were slovaks, hungarians, gypsies and jews. after WWII were many germans forced to leave their native region and the village was inhabited mostly by slovaks and germans. after the fall of the socialist system and missing job opportunities in the region left the most (especially young) slovaks and germans the village and today einsiedel become a mostly gypsy village .... hmmmm, i'm curious if the face of western europe will also change that significantly in my lifetime. who knows?

more pictures here