Wednesday, September 28, 2011

commodity conference

the 7th commodity conference organized by cm-equity took place in munich's best hotel bayerischer hof 2day as the commodity markets collapsed again ... silver -7%, copper -6%, oil -3%, gold -3%, tin -5%, coffee -3%, ... OMG :-(

well, there were few companies and 2 presentations, few old friends, some new folks and yes, only very very few of all these folks were shocked or concerned abt the disastrous development of commodities and mining stocks in the last week (my stocks on average more than 30% down i guess). u know what does it mean, dont u? of course, these folks are not (significantly) invested in the commodity markets ... how the hell can the commodity & mining stock markets go up if noone invest in them? hmmmmm .... the crashy 2008 is knocking on hells door, isnt it? so, who showed up?
  • energold drilling ~ the well known shovel sellers who make money even if the miner doesnt ... of course, they didnt forget 2 mention their partner impact silver ... it didnt help much: energold is -3% and impact is -13% today, my poor portfolio, OMG!
  • st. elias mines ~ what a drunken CEO! she was prolly at the oktoberfest before her speach, i cant tell ya if their inka gold property in peru is worth a closer look 
  • gianni kovacevic ~ a great presentation abt cop-copp-copper and cycles in the business & financial world ~ im gonna learn more abt gianni + abt his (and my!) mali based gold explorer legend gold + etc etc ... well, his website doesnt tell much
  • zimtu capital ~ holding company in mining sector ~ in my portfolio since april 2009
  • south boulder ~ my struggling potash explorer in eritrea
  • CuOro resources ~ interersting colombian early stage copper story ... if i had any money i would prolly buy few shares, but i havent ;-(
  • ronald stoeferle ~ in gold we trust ~ presentation

anything else? coming soon or never :-)

Monday, September 19, 2011

charlie chaplin

(source: wikipedia)

i think the speech is from the movie the great dictator (1940), the video is a creative idea of an unknown youtube user .... what a message!

what a speech! thx, charlie ....

btw, who wants 2 hear a speech from the latest nobel prize winner 4 peace, barrack hussein obama? my dear, dont listen 2 obamas words, better watch his actions ;-(

anyway, let's save the world

Sunday, September 18, 2011

learning from children how 2 make sushi + how 2 SAVE the WORLD

what a day with family & friends! cozy breakfast, bowling, learning 2 make sushi, playing darts, all day with family + our children friends ... it has rained all day but nobody cared, nice! btw, i've also uploaded few pics :-)

you know what? the really strange part of that 4 me? well, the best ideas came from our children ... hmmmmm, we really can learn a lot from our children:

OMG+OMG+OMG! even 13 year old children are much smarter + much more awoke than all the adults running the world ... shame on us adults for not making the world better :-( ... it wouldn't be difficult or costly or whatever else we fear that much ;-(

of course, i've already collected and linked together more of this kind of stuff ~ enjoy😄

Saturday, September 17, 2011

lake maisinger see

addendum june, 16th 2013: the bathing season for this year opened, finally :-)
what a nice day at maisinger see, my favorite bavarian lake + beergarden :-)

well, the most folks in munich went to the oktoberfest which just started 2day, we have prefered to spent a day at  a nearby moor lake (marsh lake?). it was warm like a bathtub, my dear ... it is difficult 2 believe we have passed the middle of september yet :-)

water, sun, beer, food ... we do not really need much more, do we? btw, the beer garden at maisinger see  is a real insiders' tip when you are looking for tasty food (yummy, yummy chars! [~saibling]) and different types of bavarian beer from small nearby breweries which u cant get in the mass market addicted  grocery shop chains. 

well, after the long winters i do always forget how is that small lake called/written and where to find it, so lets be more clever this time and lets post a google map as well => just go to 'red A' between the two munich's big lakes close 2 pöcking:

of course, there are even more pictures (10) in my google album ... and 20 additional pics from our visit a week later, enjoy them as well :-)

ADDENDUM july 1st, 2012: folks, do you like to see also some other lakes? easy, just follow the link to my blog post about the (ugly) lake germering (germeringer see) where i have started a link library to interesting lakes in the munich area: here we go ~ enjoy

Thursday, September 15, 2011

excelsior mining

an interesting investor lunch 2day ...
(stolen from aka source of this heaven & hell picture:

why interesting? well, ive finally understood what in-situ recovery means. on top i could even understand how it works as the excelsior CEO explained that well how they are gonna 2 get all that damned copper out of the desert in arizona that even the dumbest idiot in place (~me) got it, u see? they simply wash it out with water. it is as easy as that, my dear ... btw, thats also the 1st idea i would think of when in the middle of a freaking desert, u2? well, there is also some more sophisticated explanation on their website abt that in-situ stuff, but dont waste your time on that, i will repeat it for u again:
  1. make some holes in the ground
  2. put some water + acid into that holes
  3. wash copper out
  4. separate the copper from water and sell it as expensive as possible. amen!
u wanna know what to do with all that water left? who cares? u can water the desert, flood the hell, drink it, use it again in order 2 wash out additional copper, make beer + whiskey + tasty cocktails out of it, whatever u like ;-). damn, dont bother me with stupid questions like that! ask better when are they going to make a bunch of money for their shareholders and make me rich  ...

folks, u still remember my beautiful copper coin, dont u? well, thats the coin ive won in a bet at excelsior's booth @ PDAC in toronto, u know?

OMG, im just thinking abt how many copper explorers / producers i do already have in my portfolio ... excelsior mining, catalyst copper, baja mining, novagold, andover ventures, donner metals, altona mining, rio alto mining, tiger resources, 1st quantum minerals, amerigo resources, xstrata, vale, rio tinto, bhp billiton, ... and guess what? all of them performed badly this year. shame on them! of course, im both 2 stupid + 2 lazy in order 2 make a YTD performance table out of these funny names, but u guys could do it + send it 2 me, couldnt u?

well, there was also some stuff like ....
  • how much copper in the ground they have
  • how cheap are they gonna 2 produce it cos of that in-situ processing (below $1 per pound as they dont have 2 move any rock out of the ground)
  • environmental issues
  • when are they going 2 do all that permitting, financing, building of processing facilities (im not going 2 call that a mine), how long the mine life could be, ...
  • when theyll start production (in 2014)
  • etc
anything else? coming soon or never ;=)

go copper go!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

robert betz ~ wanna be normal or happy?


just attended a presentation by robert betz with my esoteric wife + eldest daughter ... afterwards we spent some time talking abt our family in a nearby bar ....

do u think this guy was happy in his lifetime? at least he seems to be happy to stay in the hall in front of the herkules hall in munich's residenz, where the event took place ... 

well, ive fallen asleep in the first few minutes (while hearing the first of 3 meditation songs), but wake up short afterwards as a visitor wanted to pass forward through my place ... well, robert mentioned some interesting ideas/concepts ...  LOVE is the major principle + solution 4 the future :-)
  • the current awakening of consciousness all over the world
  • doomsday 2012 ~ a new beginning for happier + honest + conscious world
  • everyone is responsible for his/her own health + happiness, not the world or the others
  • are you happy if you wake up in the morning and have to go 2 your work?
  • dont carry a backpack of problems from your life (childhood, school, work, ...) with you into the presence and future
  • add quality 2 your life (food, clothes, spare time, ...)
  • love yourself + your body
  • sex ~ of course, sex is important ... but it was too much + too stupid 4 my taste
  • olive oil ~ he sells not only his books + videos, but also olive oil from his greek farm
  • LOVE is the major principle + solution 4 the future (both in private and business life :-)
    more insights? .... coming soon or never :-)

    the 2nd relaxation song was from secret garden, but a different one :-)

    is there also a call 4 awakening from the musicians all over the world?

    Sunday, September 11, 2011

    fohnsee ~ lake fohnsee

    if 2day was our last sunny day at a nearby lake this season then it was a really nice one! the best of all wives and me have visited for the 1st time the small but quite cold fohnsee, maybe only 35-40 minutes away from munich. it was imo colder than the much much bigger kochelsee yesterday or was just the outside temperature much higher then yesterday's late evening? anyway, it was really nice there :-)

    wanna see few pics? well, 11 of them are here

    Saturday, September 10, 2011

    bad tölz & lake kochel (kochelsee) / bavaria

    old city centre in bad tölz, bavaria (bayern)
    two of us

    just spent a nice evening with the best of all wives in bad tölz + kochelsee, great! bdw, why bad tölz? well, i just thought there will be a time in the future i can live from my investing returns, google ads, publishing, etc ... and then i only need a stable internet connection and do not have to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world (which munich without any doubt is). well, bad tölz is by car less than a hour away from munich and much closer to the nature and green fields. on top u can really touch the first alp mountains there ... yep, we liked to see the city before we would start any serious planning concerning our future move :-)

    wanna see more pictures? just move 2 my google album

    instead of having a dinner there, we have chosen to take a bath in the nearby lake kochel (kochelsee)
    can u see me in the water, my dears?

    Monday, September 5, 2011

    doug casey / casey research

    doug casey (source: the daily bell)

    a great, great, great interview with libertarian perspective on gold, money, economy, politics, corruption, 9/11, osama bin laden, freedom, liberty, prosperity, ron paul, investing, mankind, ...

    done & published by the daily bell on september 4, 2011 (~a really hard stuff, takes some time 2 read it, but its soooooo important 2 know => enjoy it anyway :-)

    and yes, doug also invests in junior mining companies, like me  ;-)

    I didn’t coin the phrase “Greater Depression,” that was Doug Casey, my partner; and I think Doug had it exactly right. I think, you know, there has been so much of a, as I’ve said, this sort of rising tide of bad policy and extreme spending and a takeover of the economy – and not just the US economy, but all of the economies by these governments, the nation-states – that things have reached the point, people tend to think that things are going to stay the same and continue as they are, but they don’t. Sooner or later, history shows over and over again, things break, systems break, and I think we are very close to that. There is never a good time to fix this kind of a problem. So politicians will always make the choice to not actually address the problem, but rather to leave it to the next person’s watch. This isn’t – this would be a horrible time, absolutely a horrible time to fix the problems that face the American economy. Slashing the deficit, slashing the debt, slashing the government spending at this point would have catastrophic consequences to the average person. There would be riots in the street; but if you don’t fix it now, when do you fix it? Okay, well, do you fix it in the next year? No. Do you fix it the year after? The government will do whatever it can to keep pushing this down the road, but they can’t push it down the road much further. ~ david galland, managing director @

    addendum january 4th, 2012: doug casey on north korea's baby kim ...
    hi friends, ive subscribed for casey research newsletter some time ago and of course dont have enough time to read it, but 2day ive just opened the current copy and couldnt stop reading it until finished 

    what does it mean? easy, if u are a hard core fan of econopolitics just open this link and read abt north korea's baby kim, iran, ron paul, education, freedom, prosperity, danger for peace coming out of u.s. army / u.s. government, gold, gold stocks, etc

    all other folks just skip the issue 

    addendum january 5th, 2012: when is the right time to leave the USA?

    folks, before i share a link to doug's next nice2read + really interesting econopolitics interview, i will tell ya his views are not 100% my perspective. why not? well, instead of leaving the sinking ship i would rather repair & fix it, u know? imho is the current almost worldwide #OccupyWallStreet movement the best possible outcry for real democracy and a sustainable life in peace, we shouldnt miss that chance ... and yes, there is still that ron paul 4 president 2012 chance #2 issue

    motto: love it, change it or leave it

    Doug Casey Addresses Getting Out of Dodge - Casey Research

    last but not least, an interesting interview with dough casey (even if i didn't like the noisy place he was interviewed in and completely disliked dough's opinion on uranium which is IMHO really really dangerous and expensive if all costs were billed to the electric power companies instead of taxpayers):

    go gold bugs go and lets crash the fraudulent paper money system NOW