Thursday, January 31, 2013

america meets africa? red eagle mining + agriterra ...

not yet, my dears, just an interesting investor lunch today

the canadian gold explorer red eagle mining with projects in colombia and the pan-african agriculture business company agriterra were presented by cm-equity and gianni kovacevic in one of munich's best restaurants käfer today.

red eagle mining
 source: company website
  • colombia, historical gold mines, opportunity because cheap like an unwanted pet 
  • first production targeted for 2015
  • ...

  • mozambique, cattle, maize, macadamia nuts, bananas, fruits,
  • sierra-leone, cocoa,
  • makes profit (let's check that in their finacial reports first ...) or just going to make profits?
  • trades approximatelly at its cash level
  • unfortunately only a AIM london listing, TSX-V listing should come in 2013
  • ...
of course, i've welcomed the chance to get some inside information about the war situation in MALI from gianni, who is one of the major shareholders of one of my portfolio companies legend gold which has 3 properties in southern mali and is 80% since my initial purchase. it is down a lot especially for a company which has no debt and doesn't spend any money on its projects (the joint-venture partners do), isn't it?

... more insights? coming soon or never

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

OccupyWarStreet = let's stop NATO in munich

source: here

next year is over, the north atlantic terror organisation (NATO) has again killed many many thousands of innocent people all over the globe who never ever threatened the NATO territory ... poor afghanistan, iraq, pakistan, yemen, libya, syria, mali, ... R.I.P


of course, you can confirm your commitment via facebook event es well and easily see who of your friends is also taking part in munich's biggest demo for peace, you know?

who are the next victims of our deadly greedy imperialism? palestine or iran or both? you don't know? well, it will be planned at munich's military science conference (wehrkundetagung was the original name ofthis conference) aka security conference (SiKo) aka weapon/military industry meets politics ... what a sad  & dirty event :-( => let's stop SiKo = let's stop wars, dear friends.

anyway, let's fight against it again ON SATURDAY, 1 p.m., MUNICH - STACHUS, my dears ... yes, we have a broad alliance of pro-peace, pro-democracy, pro-nature, pro-fairness organisations & movements ... my dear OccupyWallStreet / RealDemocracyNow movement is also among the official supporters => thus my dears: OccupyWarStreet, OccupyWallStreet, OccupyYourStreet, OccupyTogether, RealDemocracyNow ... #OWS


btw, why all of that? easy, just ask albert einstein‎: "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

just to give you the chance to go through previous protest actions against the SiKo as well, that was the last year's event :-)

20 great (professional) pictures from today's event here

my own and my sister's pictures: here

my video #1

my video #2

and now some anti-war-music ...

rise against ~ hero of war ~ watch the original video on
rise against ~ with lyrics on youtube

no bravery only sadness

let's CREATE a better world :-)
R.I.P john lennon

source: here


Monday, January 28, 2013

political economy

a great presentation by peter boehringer about political economy respectively about politics driven by economy's lobbyists organized by PdV (party of prudence) in munich today. peter is a great libertarian + free market promoter, well known in the gold bugs scene basically via his blog at where he reaches approximately 30,000 readers per article. he is also a money manager, founder of german precious metals association (DEG), public speaker and he recently often appeared as a co-founder of the initiative to repatriate the german gold, which you still can sign up here.

folks, i'm already too tired now and it is also too latte, so let's make just some notes today and give you some more insights tomorrow:
  • market manipulations via subsidies, bailouts, uneconomic policies, laws (energy markets, car industry (electric cars), interest rates, stock markets (PPT), currencies (e.g. CHF/EUR = 1.20 burden decided by the swiss central bank SNB), bonds, gold price, agriculture, many other markets and last but not least the banking system)
  • greece, merkel, bundesbank, financial crisis, system crisis, competitiveness of countries, .... sovereign debt interest rates before the euro system and know ....
  • comparison of socialism and our 'market economy'
  • state's share in germany's economy is approximately 50% and still increasing :-(
  • paper currencies (euro, dollar, yen, ...), wealth redistribution, fractional reserve banking, gold is money, ...
  • ESM, ESFS, eurogenforce, ...
  • lies + fraud all over the political system + mainstream media
  • pessimistic view: we will not stop before our system finally crashes
  • personal rescue idea: buy gold + silver + protect your wealth
  • freedom + free (competing) money systems + free markets
  • ....
  • ... more insights coming soon or never ...
  • ...
friends, after peter's presentation had the most listeners probably similar opinion about 'right and wrong' in economy like john stossel, i think ...

just in case you still think there is no alternative to the current way of western nations, the icelandic president ragnar grimsson will prove the opposite, my dears:

after peter's presentation and a short break, there was an opportunity to ask questions to peter and oliver janich, the head of the PdV in a familiar atmosphere of the old, old, old bavarian pub in the very historic city centre in the marktwirt inn.

source + more details about this interesting place: here

there will be some pictures and probably also the complete video-recorded presentation (60 - 70 minutes) available soon, so i will update the blog post later :-)

go gold bugs go and let's stop bureaucrats, eurocrats, lobbyist, big governments, central banks, mainstream media and the like :)

not a joke: 
source: here


Sunday, January 27, 2013

skiing @ ehrwalder alm / austria

first skiing of the season in the lower southern part of the zugspitz-massive at the beautiful ehrwalder alm in austria today ...

more pictures from ehrwalder alm? HERE

and yes, don't forget to visit the roof of germany (zugspitze) :)



what do we think about iran? ... and is the stuff  we think true?
syria 2012-2013 missing ... source: here

let's start some research about iran before the mainstream media will tell us how vicious iran is and how dangerous its leader ahmadinedshad (ahmadinejad) for the (western) universe is ... they will easily find some lies like the (in reality not existing) iraqi weapons of mass destruction or ahmadinedshad's plan to erase the state israel from the map (which he never said, it was just translated wrongly) or just start a aggression / terror attack / war against iran like in 1953 as the british an americans eliminated the democratic government of iran and installed the schah regime ...

folks, only to make sure we really know who is the real danger for peace in the world, what about a small comparison? (obama = first black president, good man; ahmadinejad = religious fascist, bad man; wouldn't you say?). let better speak the facts instead of emotions / propaganda:
source: here

source: here

omg, 9/11, so true:

some personal stuff about iranian president:

a very good german language analysis (14 minutes):

zbigniew brzezinski:

one very old piece, 2006, ahmadinedshad's special speak to german + austrian people (3 minutes:

very interesting too, from britain

and yes, the USA, CIA, UK have already a history (or track record if you like it better) of intervening into iranian's internal affairs ~ CIA admits its role in 1953 coup against democratically elected Mohammed Mosaddeq. which has brought the puppet of the west, the shah, to power. why? easy, "to get rid of a nationalist figure who insisted that oil should be nationalized". as the linked article says.

(what about a short visit to the relevant wikipedia page? Mohammad Mosaddegh or Mosaddeq مُحَمَد مُصَدِق‎; 16 June 1882 – 5 March 1967), was the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran from 1951 until 1953, when his government was overthrown in a coup d'état orchestrated by the British MI6 and the American CIA.

An author, administrator, lawyer, prominent parliamentarian, his administration introduced a range of progressive social and political reforms such as social security, rent control, and land reforms. His government's most notable policy, however, was the nationalization of the Iranian oil industry, which had been under British control since 1913 through the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC / AIOC) (later British Petroleum or BP).

Mosaddegh was removed from power in a coup on 19 August 1953, organised and carried out by the CIA at the request of MI6, which chose Iranian General Fazlollah Zahedi to succeed Mosaddegh.

While the coup is commonly referred to as Operation Ajax after its CIA cryptonym, in Iran it is referred to as the 28Mordad 1332 coup, after its date on the Iranian calendar. Mosaddegh was imprisoned for three years, then put under house arrest until his death and was buried in his own home so as to prevent a political furor. ... )

more to come soon or never ...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

siemens AGM

next AGM for the 165 years old lady ...

few topics from CEO peter löscher's speech today:
  • siemens goes mars :) with NASA's mars-rover curiosity (siemens  software included) 
the model exhibited
video recorded success
  • 2nd best year ever, 5 billion €uros profit but 30% below 2011, quite good dividend of approximately 3.6%, etc
  • osram spin-off (light bulbs) + few other M&As
  • few problems in germany with train systems + wind energy project in the north sea
  • cheap money via bonds (coupon at about 1 point something) => no real need for money => share buy back program which saves dividend payments of 3,6% (net win approximately 2%) + supports own stock + trading profits very likely because of great timing during the market decline last year => what a savvy idea,isn't tit?
  • green technology
  • software development (17,000 sw engineers)
F1 car red bull, siemens  software included
  • low global growth expected if any for 2013
  • bright future for usa because of cheap energy supply via shale gas + oil (fracking method)
  • sustainability and especially energy sustainability, siemens was awarded to be the most sustainable company out of the dow jones sustainability index ...
  • most innovations / patents in europe 
  • etc
do you still remember former AGMs? few more pictures

btw, have you got your mars vehicle yet? 
anything else? coming soon or never

Sunday, January 20, 2013


the next chapter in my loose save yourself + save the world series :-)

let's present david mcalvany, a great libertarian 'austrian' economist, gold + silver coin dealer, money manager, investor and freedom tutor who will join his power + energy with jim rogers, marc faber, peter schiff, ron paul and others via my link library :)

1897 when gold was money and money was stable, $20 liberty
(source: mcalvany main website)

i have subscribed for david's weekly commentary long time ago, their basic information brochure (+DVDs?) which you can easily order via the company website linked above was also a very good stuff to go through as far as i remember ...

a) let's start with a short trailer (3 minutes @youtube):

b) next enjoy the main reason for my today's blog post, the following interview. of course, i would appreciate to get any feedback about your opinion on that subject, so just drop a comment below ;-)

c) an extra piece for investors / traders among my dear readers, the mcalvany investment strategy:


Saturday, January 19, 2013


what the hell is going on in mali?

source: here

gold, uranium, oil, bauxite, strategic minerals ... the WWlll aka world war 3 aka "Military States against the Resource States" continues, wouldn't you say? 

well, this 'resource story' is also which was written in a message from a guy from mali i've  got 'over two corners' at facebook ... and that reminds me of the rebellion in oil rich nigeria few years ago after the western oil industry destroyed the basis of existence of the local people by spoiling all the environment in the niger delta ... and yes, it also makes sense if we consider the 'track record' of the North Atlantic Terror Organisation (NATO): iraq, libya, sudan, somalia, afghanistan, iran, ... on top the indirect aggression (via its well paid + well supported (mostly foreign!) 'rebells') against syria which killed ten thousands innocent syrians till now ... of course, the human rights or liberty was seldom a real reason for intervention ... more likely reasons are strategic political or military reasons (location) and natural resources, aren't they? the next 'crisis' just started in algeria ... hmmmm, not really a suprise ... does algeria has oil or gas or both and a government which didn't hand over all of algerian's resource wealth to the west yet?

btw, i also have a (really small) direct investment in (southern) mali, the canadian gold exploration company legend gold. well, after the civil war started and the probability to bring at least one of the 3 assets into a producing gold mine has fallen significantly, my investment is 86% down, i.e. almost completely lost. lost are not only investors' money spent in mali but also the most local jobs created there as the work is basically on hold and the plans are postponed to the time after the war. who knows whether my company survives or which mining rights / laws / corruption will be implemented then?

a few months old video ... it does not seem the islamist fighters have big support from the local population (mostly tuaregs?) and it does not looks like these 'rebells' do any good either ... but if you asked me, i start to think that only radical (islamist, jihadist) groups like al-qaeda, mujaheddin, taliban and the like are able to fight against (foreign) aggressors ... people like university professors, celebrities, bureaucrats and others will most likely not fight against any armed opponent, will they?

more terrorists who could be used in any country you wish to? here:

source: here

one belgian politician is against NATO war (france, germany, belgium,...) in MALI and speaks in front of the belgian parliament about the reasons for this war and recapitulates the western effort in libya, syria, iraq, afghanistan ... very important to hear

few interesting links:
  • france, mali, algeria
  • 9 questions ~ do you agree?
  • great analysis for western interventions in africa ~ by Jean-Paul Pougala, Cameroonian writer
  • back to 1324, king Mansa Musa l ~ richest person on earth ~ the link contains also the next 25 richest folks on earth, all time perspective, of course
  • WWlll ~ Military States against the Resource States ~ ... with IMF loans replacing direct occupation ... All of the G20 countries have favoured corporations over people to the extent that surviving in a collapsed economy is difficult to impossible without rewriting many property ownership and usage laws ... The corporations control the money and therefore the military and the NATO countries ... What is the power of the people over the corporations? On the NATO side, very little to none ... How can we create real governance by the people out of this conflict? ...
  • mali @ wikipedia
  • ron paul on mali
  • etc
  • crisis all over the world? lets learn from a good survival video (btw, i didn't buy these promoted 5 books yet, maybe because of that over-aggressive sales strategy, but i liked the content and i'm still completely shocked ... let's speak about that to the best of all wives tomorrow)

kosice ~ the EUROpean capital of culture 2013

omg, my birth city kosice (kaschau, kassa, cassovia) is the european capital of culture 2013? ... friends, let's visit kosice, let's visit slovakia :-)

more pictures? just visit my old google album

and yes, the city has some commercial video(s) as well ...

(watch on youtube)

friedenskrieg, friedensnobelpreis & Co.

text + bild gefunden (=quelle): HIER, bäääähhhh :o)

liebe leute, ein kumpelblogger hat gestern einen tollen beitrag geschrieben, den besten denn ich in der letzten zeit gelesen habe. zwecks schnellzugriff für mich + damit es auch paar meiner follower lesen können, habe ich es hier re-posted, also so eine art blogvorstellung für unser liebes wetterschaf gemacht :-)


Es gibt so viele Sachen zu machen, um an einen Friedensnobelpreis ranzukommen. Vorwiegend sind es der Export von Waffen, denn für Frieden dürfen sie ja nicht mitten in der EU lagern, und auch ganz wichtig, das Einmarschieren in andere Länder. Diese werden dann Friedenskriege genannt, zumindest manchmal von mir, da es zwar Krieg ist, aber eigentlich keiner ist und öffentlich wird der Name Friedenseinsatz genutzt. Lang lebe der Frieden. Zumindest in der EU, abgesehen von den gewalttätigen Erscheinungen in Irland (bemerkung jaro gruber: plus spanien, griechenland, italien, frankreich). Außerhalb Europas wird der Frieden erkämpft, mit Sturmtruppen, Bombenteppichen und Friedenspanzern.

Seit neustem befindet sich Deutschland in drei Kriegen, also Friedensmissionen, in Afghanistan, an der türkisch-syrischen Grenze und jetzt auch in Mali. In Afghanistan müssen sie böse islamische Terroristen töten, aber dürfen auch gute Leute ausbilden. Das meiste was uns erreicht, beinhaltet Anschläge auf unsere Stützpunkte, Anschläge von uns werden selten genannt, nur wenn ein großer Haufen böser Menschen darunter war. Erst letztens wurde von der ISAF eine Moschee zerbombt und viele gläubige Zivilisten mussten ihr Leben lassen. Und es war kein Bösewicht dabei. Fehler passieren, manchmal, aber auch nicht zu selten. Zwölf Jahre lang herrscht in dem Land Unruhe, seit dem die USA ihren einstigen Verbündeten den Rücken zugekehrt haben und dort einmarschierten.

Sehr lange dauerte es, bis sie den Herr bin Laden fanden und ihn entfernten. Und das Wort „entfernen“ trifft es sehr gut, schließlich kam nur eine Meldung, dass er ins Meer geworfen wurde. Bei Saddam Hussein konnte man live mit beobachten, wie ihm der Prozess gemacht wurde. Viele Fragen wirft das über Osama auf. Ich habe insgesamt vier Theorien dazu. 1. Es ist die Wahrheit. Er wurde getötet und dann ins Wasser geworfen. 2. Er ist schon länger tot und die Amerikaner wollten einen Erfolg verbuchen. 3. Er lebt noch und sie haben keine Lust mehr nach ihm zu suchen und wollten ein Erfolgserlebnis. Oder 4. Er hat nie existiert. Es war nur immer ein Schauspieler auf den Videos zu sehen, der von größeren Mächten engagiert wurde. Die Tatsache, dass er nie auf der Most-Wanted-Liste war, spricht für 4.

Der Sinn für den Einsatz von Abwehr-Raketen in der Türkei ist mir immer noch rätselhaft, auch vielen Politikern, die sich mit der Sache beschäftigt haben, wie man in diesem Blog sieht. Denn das einzige, was von Syrien zur Türkei fliegt, sind Granaten und Mörser aus NATO-Beständen und keine Raketen, die man abschießen könnte. Aber die Türken haben uns lieb gefragt und da sagen wir nicht nein. Wie auch bei den anderen Sachen. Wollten wir eigentlich nach Mali? Ist das Bauxit, was im umkämpften Gebiet lagert, so wichtig? Anscheinend ja, also müssen mal wieder die bösen Islamisten weg, anders als in Syrien, wo es die guten Islamisten sind, die in die Regierung wollen. Frei nach dem Motto, der Feind unseres Feindes ist unser Freund, auch wenn er unser Feind ist. Da die bösen in Mali sich auch noch in anderen Ländern aufhalten, wird demnächst Algerien auch noch dran glauben müssen, denn die hatten noch keinen arabischen Frühling, der wie auch in den andern Ländern nach wenigen Wochen die ganzen Jahreszeiten durchnahm und als Winter endete. Wird Zeit, dass es hier mal richtig schneit, nur kalt ist nicht das Wahre.

Friday, January 11, 2013

R.I.P aaron swartz ... so sad :-(

source: wikipedia

do you know aaron swartz? well, aaron schwartz (1986 – 2013) was an american computer programmer, writer, political organizer, entrepreneur, millionaire, Internet activist and much more.

most people will probably know him as the co-owner of reddit or as the the founder of Demand Progress, which launched the campaign against the Internet censorship bills (SOPA/PIPA) and now has over a million members.

let's listen to his speech about education, free and open Internet, freedom and a better society and yes, also about the way how we could achieve it. thus don't sit in front of your mainstream media fed TV + newspaper, better take action in order to improve the world :-)

so true:
source: here

addendum january 2014
source here

Sunday, January 6, 2013

kurt tucholsky, 1930

Vom Kurt Tucholsky, veröffentlicht in "Die Weltbühne" 1930, treffend wie 2008 2012 zusammen :-)

bildquelle: wikipedia

Wenn die Börsenkurse fallen,
regt sich Kummer fast bei allen,
aber manche blühen auf:
Ihr Rezept heißt Leerverkauf.

Keck verhökern diese Knaben
Dinge, die sie gar nicht haben,
treten selbst den Absturz los,
den sie brauchen - echt famos!

Leichter noch bei solchen Taten
tun sie sich mit Derivaten:
Wenn Papier den Wert frisiert,
wird die Wirkung potenziert.

Wenn in Folge Banken krachen,
haben Sparer nichts zu lachen,
und die Hypothek aufs Haus
heißt, Bewohner müssen raus.

Trifft's hingegen große Banken,
kommt die ganze Welt ins Wanken -
auch die Spekulantenbrut
zittert jetzt um Hab und Gut!

Soll man das System gefährden?
Da muss eingeschritten werden:
Der Gewinn, der bleibt privat,
die Verluste kauft der Staat.

Dazu braucht der Staat Kredite,
und das bringt erneut Profite,
hat man doch in jenem Land
die Regierung in der Hand.

Für die Zechen dieser Frechen
hat der Kleine Mann zu blechen
und - das ist das Feine ja -
nicht nur in Amerika!

Und wenn Kurse wieder steigen,
fängt von vorne an der Reigen -
ist halt Umverteilung pur,
stets in eine Richtung nur.

Aber sollten sich die Massen
das mal nimmer bieten lassen,
ist der Ausweg längst bedacht:
Dann wird bisschen Krieg gemacht.

das alles noch einmal vom nemo babelfish vertont: HIER (audio song)

hmmm, was könnte man dagegen tun, meine lieben? klar doch, Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N ♥

Und hier noch paar Kurt Tucholsky Zitate:
  • Toleranz ist der Verdacht, dass der andere Recht hat.
  • Die Basis einer gesunden Ordnung ist ein großer Papierkorb.
  • Der Vorteil der Klugheit besteht darin, dass man sich dumm stellen kann. Das Gegenteil ist schon schwieriger.
  • Die meisten Antisemiten sagen viel mehr über sich selbst aus als über ihren Gegner, den sie nicht kennen.

man(n) möchte fast nicht glauben, daß dies 1930 und nicht 2008 oder 2012 entstanden ist, stimmt's? am mittwoch findet in münchen im toberaum eine kleine (private) veranstaltung anlässlich seines geburtstags mit vorlesen seiner gedichte + äthiopischem essen statt, kommt jemand mit? omg, ich habe bei der lesung erfahren, daß das obere bankengedicht gar nicht von tucholsky stammt (sondern vom friedhelm greis), sondern nur als solches im internet kursiert .... na ja, egal, das gedicht ist spitze trotzdem :-)