Friday, May 25, 2012


spending holidays where my tax money already is .... in greece :-)

well, after visiting rhodes / crete / chalkidiki some time ago, we are at the peloponnese peninsula this time. i can't tell you now if we will see olympia, sparta, mycenae / mykene, corinth, athens or if we ask the delphi oracle about our future ... of course there are some PICTURES and my blah-blah aka 'insights' as comment below the pictures => enjoy :-)

as for now, our hotel seems to be very fine and its free wifi connection works fine as well. the water in the see is damned cold but i was inside anyway, the service people in the hotel are very friendly (it was reported by the mainstream media that greeks hate us germans because of all that financial / debt crisis issues. OMG, as if we german folks would be responsible for that and as if i wasn't in the streets at any possible occasion in order to protest against the current financial-military complex => friends, let's  OccupyWallStreet + OccupyYourStreet + OccupyTogether = let's install a real 'direct' democracy now ... damn, how the hell can the 1% and its small dirty mainstream media divide all the nations & groups apart and conquer all of us so easily?

is there any euro currency crisis out there? hell, i can't say by now, maybe later ....

a greek quote? a soul that is kind and intends justice discovers more than any sophist. ~ sophocles (496 BC-406 BC)

next one? In a democracy the poor will have more power than the rich, because there are more of them, and the will of the majority is supreme. ~ Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC)

folks, what about the upcoming greek election? there are only 2 choices, aren't they? lol
source: facebook

well, any final thoughts / opinions? yep, we liked the greeks, greece, the small earthquake (hopefully not the offshoot of the deadly north italian earthquake), our hotel + its great service (especially the food ... yummy!) and the soooo nice sandy beach where we could walk for hours without any annoying stuff-selling folks, play beach volleyball, enjoy the warm water (maybe because so shallow for approximately 200 meters) ... what about a link? ok, it is a hotel i really can recommend to you especially in terms of value-for-money ratio, my dears: kyllini beach resort

and yes, the greeks have been very kind + friendly to us .... all greeks we have met and not only the 200 hotel employees and 10 ukrainian trainees making their living directly with us 700 tourists or folks making their living indirectly like taxi drivers + local farmers + tavern owners + gas stations employees and the like ... and yes, i still can speak some basic russian, at least the trainees understood what i have said ;-)
ferry to kefalonia island from kyllini port
the corinth canal

antio peloponnese, antio kyllini beach resort and see you some next holidays for sure ... there is still a lot to do / to see next time we didn't managed yet ~ e.g. the stinky sulfur bath which was approximately 1.5 hours walk from our hotel, the mountain villages + monasteries in the mountain stone walls close to olympia, delphi, athens, the east + middle + south peloponnese and the like :-)
our sea front tavern in peloponnese

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

blockupy ~ #JaroOccupies ECB / Bankfurt / Krankfurt / Frankfurt

addendum november 21, 2014: thanks commrades for taking action again :-) ... german police used pepper spray and clashed with anti-EU protesters, who stormed and vandalized the new European Central Bank building, which is under construction now in central frankfurt.

friends, i had to do some 'business' in frankfurt at the thailand consulate, so of course i have welcomed the chance to visit the #OccupyWallStreet camp in front of the ECB, talk to fellow protesters, give them the business card of the our (OccupyMunich) movement, liked their facebook action page, spent some time there, made a ton of pictures ... wanna see few of them? here we go, enjoy my corresponding picasa album 

go gold bugs go and let's crash the fraudulent fiat money system and thus the current military-financial-complex => #OccuppyWallStreet, #OccupyYourStreet, #OccupyTogether + #RealDemocracyNow :-)
me in the blockupy camp in front of the occupied ECB, going to crash its fraudulent fiat money game ~ go gold bugs go 

justitia? justice? just us? what about honest society concepts, my dear?

well, here is a short 2 minutes video from the forbidden #blockupy frankfurt event 16th-19th may 2012) ... the (allowed) demo with 30,000 protesters from whole germany on saturday ...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

slovakia, the ice-hockey world vice-champion 2012

happy heroes, my dear slovak team :-) source? here at facebook

2002 + 2012, slovakia against russia in the finals. in 2002 was our (=slovak) team the winner, could history repeat itself? no, unfortunately, not. in a really nice + fast game with the fewest fouls i've ever seen (only 3 harmless issues) won the little bit better russian team 6 : 2.

go slovakia go for gold in the ice-hockey world championship finals against russia in helsinki / finland tomorrow ... david against goliath, isn't it? 
source: facebook

do you speak finnish? no? it doesnt matter, you will understand how slovakia made it into the finals against czech republic today and see all goals as well, anyway :-) ... game score? 3 : 1. best players? imho miroslav satan, scorer of 2 goals today and the slovak goalkeeper jan laco

it is such a nice feeling, my dear ... me, happy ... at least for one day :-)

well, the slovak ice-hockey didn't had much luck recently ... just remember the winter olympic games in vancouver / canada 2 years ago as the team lost in semifinals against canada 2 : 3 and the poor slovak captain, top scorer and hero pavol demitra didn't succeed to score the game equalizer in the last seconds as canadian keeper roberto luongo made a great, great save on his shot ... in the bronze medal game then they have lost against finland ...

a year later in the championship held in slovakia they didn't make it in the play-offs despite good ice-hockey played but lack of luck ... and the real catastrophe happened in september 2011 as the YAK-42 airplane with the russian team lokomotiv jaroslavl crashed in the volga river ... pavol demitra + 3 czech national players + many russian and other nations players died as well ... R.I.P ice-hockey heroes, we will never forget you, promised ...

Friday, May 18, 2012

BMW AGM + wacker AGM + bayern münchen + UEFA champions league CUP

bayern münchen's UEFA champions league cup

sooo much to say ... hmmm, lets try to say it with the pictures :-)

a) bayern münchen's UEFA champions league cup? lets hope so, than the finals take place tomorrow in munich, bayern münchen against chelsea london => go bayern go :-)

paul breitner + giovane elber with the UEFA champions league cup

b) BMW AGM on wednesday ~ my employer lives in the best of all world, you know? 2011 was the year of records for BMW: most cars sold, highest revenues, highest profit, highest dividend ... and yes, 2012 seems to became the year with highest salary for me as well ... hell, i like that bonus payments, so i can afford vacation + to buy some additional mining stocks :-)

rolls royce also belongs to the BMW group, you know?

c) wacker AGM 
on wednesday ~ 2011 was not a nice year for wacker chemistry ~ the blood bath in the photovoltaic sector hit the producer of wafers, polysilicon, base chemistry quite hard ... especially the margins crumbled due to the recent oversupply (especially from china) ... but remember, the solar energy is not death (in fact, it is rising steadily), only few solar energy equipment producers are death and few others trying to survive :-(

my dear sun, where are you?

anything else? yes, pictures, pictures, pictures:  UEFA champions league cup + BMW AGM ~ enjoy ;-)

unfortunately, bayern lost against chelsea in penalty shooting after the regular game and the overtime ended 1 : 1 ... soooooo sad that they have not utilized their many chances in the game (even 1 penalty failed approx 10 minutes before the end of the overtime) ... poor bayern münchen, they have been a better team today and so close to the success ... anyway, congratulations to chelsea london ...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

trading again ;-)

folks, i have restarted trading again, you know?

well, i had a great luck on DAY #1 and yes, all of my positions are protected by stop loss orders, you see?
day #1

i have started with 1,000 euros, so i have made 12% today, OMG :-)

what about day #2? a great luck & success again, my dear ... thanks to WHEAT, like yesterday ... so my current profit sums up to over 30%, let's try to be happy about that despite the two bad luck issues today (my stop loss order for silver fired close to absolute daily low and silver raised like crazy after that .... and i have exited my wheat position intraday and re-entered much higher and then exited too soon again), otherwise would my profit be 200 euros higher and thus a crazy performance of 50% as a result ... of course, performance numbers with such small accounts like mine are a joke, i know :-) yes, it is more an issue of good or bad luck with the initial trades because in this early all-in phase there is no real risk management or money management possible :-) .... but still better than to loose money, isn't it?

day #2

just to make sure, i didn't trade the facebook IPO today ... first of all because my european brokers didn't provide that opportunity on-time and second because i think FB is at its current P/E ratio by far overvalued, overvalued, overvalued ...

btw, that's the story why i have quit a year ago:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

ludwig beck ~ AGM

folks, ludwig beck is completely different than all my other portfolio positions, you know? to be honest, i have invested few €uros 2 years ago only because a friend of mine told me that i should not invest all of my money into the mining business and should look at local bavarian companies as well, especially those with such a great food at their AGMs :-) .... of course, the hilton hotel service is quite fine ... anyway, i don't like these (old people) storm in order to be the first or at least the second at the buffet table and yes, for me it is a really expensive lunch as i have to invest approximately 3 hours of my working time to attend, hmmmm ... so lets tell ya few investment issues from the AGM on last tuesday:
  • fashion, fashion, fashion retailer in the very centre of munich, next to the town hall
  • 2011 was both the year of the 150 anniversary and most successful year ever:
  • ~ 100m sales, ~ 10 m profit, ~ 500 employees, ~ 2,100 shareholders, better stock price performance than german prime index DAX in the last 5 years or so, increased dividend, succeed to purchase next 17% of their prime location realty for 10m and now owning 67% of the whole building .... and yes, the two 70 years old owners of the remaining stake agreed to donate all of that to the company after their deaths => what a year, isn't it?
  • as usuall, all shareholders got a 10% bonus card (and a bus service from AGM to the shop) as a smart giveaway  => lets hope many shareholders utilized the chance to visit and shop at their company ;-)
  • did you know that even fashion / cosmetics / music retail business in heart of munich is a real globalization issue? why? foreigners account for 22% of ludwig beck's revenues and still increase their share (especially russians and arabic countries customers)
  • don't expect any real growth besides the newly re-commenced online business as they have sold even the last shop which was not inside or 'next door' the main building and thus finally ended their burdensome expansion period 
  • etc
my dear, lets show ya the best numbers out of the whole annual report ... just kidding, lets see the best picture instead ;-)
(found also in the internet here / source)

what about the last year's event? here we go ;-)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

12M ~ united for global change

what a rainy demo today ... well, we didn't care ;-)

peace, freedom, no war (esp. not against syria + iran), fairness, direct democracy ~ easy, isn't it? few pictures?
#1 the beginning at wittelsbacher platz
#3 well, thanks to police we have had all the way through the streets of munich 'green light' as they have stopped all the traffic as we moved forward .... and yes, there have been many folks looking from their windows ...lets hope they will join us sooooon ~ awake, arise, or be forever fallen! john milton (1608-1674)
#6 the final manifestation at the münchener freiheit

few more pictures? here we go, my corresponding google+ album ~ enjoy :-)

some music? yes, of course ... the bankrott song ('bankruptcy') by munich's songwriter markus nagy:

#OccupyWallStreet, #OccupyYourStreet, #OccupyMunich, #OccupyTogether => what about a link to  Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N
btw, wanna join us in your city / area next time? peace :-)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

cadan resources ~ investor lunch 2day

that was an easy investment issue, my dear! if they'll get the badly needed mine permit then everything is going to be fine ... if not? imho the company would be worthless ...
  • gold exploration company
  • cheap like an unwanted pet
  • philippines
  • mine permit outstanding
  • small scale production (15,000 oz a year) ready to start immediately
  • ...
well, i own few shares, so lets hope the stupid mine permit will come soon ... and the 'big scale operation permit' later on ... hell, why don't they bribe some local politicians in order to get such a stupid peace of paper like a mine permit? anything else? coming soon or never :-)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

may day ~ 1st of may ~ demo for peace & fairness

well, the title says it all :-)

i've just spent a nice afternoon in the streets of munich, fighting for peace & fairness + talking to friends from our OccupyMunich / real democracy now movement + drinking beer + wetting my feet in the rindermarkt fountain + listening to music & speeches ...
#3 i love peace? what a message ;-)

a link to Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N

addendum 05/05/2012: well, after the demo i went in the evening to the libertarian toberaum club, where the so great band with the unpronounceable name nathan und die hochzeitsgesellschaft which played in the afternoon at the demo has actually played for us 15-20 revolutionary minded folks out there ... hmmmm, i like private concerts a lot, u know? OMG, was that a nice feeling to listen to great songs and think abt touching lyrics (all or at least the most of them are poems from Hofmannsthal, Heine, Hauptmann, Rilke, Brecht, Wedekind, Bernhard, Nietzsche + others), drinking a cold dark beer, speaking to like-minded friends ... 

btw, i've got to records and promised to make some advertisement for them (of course, i didn't miss the chance to drop few €uros into their sponsorship piggy bank ... and im listening to the 1st of this CDs right now :-)

a picture? ok ... btw, the bass guitarist didn't came. don't worry, the singer played also great :-)

a youtube video? here we go: