Friday, February 28, 2020

ruda-bugaj /// poland 02-2020

my father-in-law was 90 years old and his granddaughter (not daughters!) organized his probably first bigger birthday party ever. in poland used the people to celebrate name days rather than birthdays, you know? it was somehow strange and at same time interesting for me to see how the family lead moved from my mother-in-law to her grandchildren. well, the strong old lady was overwhelming for many, many years and gave no chance her daughters to participate reasonable, wasn't she? today is the eldest granddaughter in duty to inherit her role 😉
my polish family is somehow similar to the english royal family, wouldn't you say? the queen also will supposedly forward her crown to her eldest grandchild prince william instead of her son prince charles, won't she? 😄
all in one collage 

well, we have been in poland for 4 days and our stops were wroclaw (breslau) / ruda-bugaj / ustronie / grotniki / alexandrow lodzki / lodz (lodsch) / legnica ➤➤➤ enjoy few pictures (of course no faces involved, as the most family members probably don't want to appear on the internet) 😍

highway bridge in wroclaw / breslau
abandoned brickyard (ziegelfabrik) in ruda-bugaj
still in ruda bugaj
the forest in ustronie + grotniki
empty, to sell and to enter at own risk ...
the former poznanski's textile factory and now shopping center manufaktura (manufa) in lodz
residential suburbs in lodz-baluty
alexandrow lodzki
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our former visit to lodz here.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

bautzen (budyšin) ~ saxony

bautzen (= budyšin in serbian language) was our stop over on our way to poland. what a stop over! well, this time it really made sense not to eat in a highway restaurant but to visit this small, beautiful, medieval, mustard city of bautzen in saxony / saxonia 😄.
bautzen ~ budyšin ~ budysin ~ budissin
a serbian restaurant. the lusatian sorbs / serbs (lausitzer sorben, lausitzer serben) were the one and only flagship national minority in the former DDR. today there are still approximately 60,000 serbian people, but mostly completely assimilated, if you asked me ... enjoy few lusatia / lausitz / luzice pictures from our visit in this area two years ago
hauptmarkt ~ main square 
 town hall (rathaus)
dome st. petri
bautzen is about mustard (senf) today, you know?
mustard manufacture
few pictures from posters
reichenturm ~ rich tower
nicolaiturm ~ st. nicholas tower from 1522
an another tourist restaurant ~ the historical guest house mönchshof
all in one collage
more pictures here.