Saturday, June 25, 2016

lake maisinger see, bavaria

lake maisinger see, our favorite lake + beer garden near munich ~ today we believed that the weather forecast was wrong and we have enough time tp take a bath + 1 beer out there. and yes, we were right :-)
 true, isn't it?
 crazy perspective :-)
 no, it will not rain now ...
more pictures + map here

Sunday, June 5, 2016

blutenburg castle

what about meeting friends at district party (dorffest) and a beneficiary run for africa in/around the blutenburg castle in western munich? a great idea, if you asked me ...
 schloss blutenburg, münchen-west
runners for africa
 the main reason for us to go there was to ask for birthday party reservation
 there is a church (organ concerts), restaurant, library and a lot of arts exhibitions in blutenburg too ~ black & white pictures about island
good-bye blutenburg
more pictures here.

giesing - faith cure in unknown part of munich

what an interesting faith cure mass and what a nice singing in giesing today. well, the monks and nuns from the temple order (templerorden) sung sooo nice and prayed for the needy folks out of the small audience (15 people?) in their beautiful monastery in the riverside part of munich - giesing. i was so surprised about the location, about the event, about the peaceful mood all over the place ... and there was coffee & cake after the mass too, like in an another world ... well, the 13 monks and 13 nuns of the temple order are probably really different from every day people and their website is also different than i would expect. the most important issue at their website? to save the nature (god's creation) ... so clever, so nice :-)

birkenleiten 35 is the address of this beautiful monastery at the auer mühlbach creek built in 1880 originally as a villa by the jeweler karl winterhalter and bought by the order in 1968.
1880, the unknown part of giesing ... temple order (templerorden / templer) ... what about TSV 1860? that's soccer, of course :-)
the orthodox church
the monastery
good-bye, temple order / templerorden, see ya in october again :-)
temple order (source website)
kraemersche kunstmühle, 1863
that's how the most people in munich imagine giesing: blocks, blocks, blocks ...
the nearby district harlaching
more pictures here