Sunday, May 30, 2010

too PIG to fail

too big to fail?
too big to bail?
too big to jail?
too pig to fail?

all of that? friends, you decide what you accept, it is as easy as that and so sad ;-( ... thus my dears: #OccupyWallStreet #OccupyYourStreet #OccupyTogether :-)

(source: ive found it in JESSE'S CAFÉ AMÉRICAIN, the source of origin (the miami herald) is visible on the picture itself)

what about too big to jail? lol

too pig 2 fail as well, isnt it?

folks, just in case u havent noticed yet, its GOLD, not GLD or the like :o)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

#jarosells CBH resources, pays taxes, bail-outs own checking account, #jarobuys greystar + rocmec + SQM + halo + amerigo resources and still has 2k left 4 additional investments :-)

folks, u thought if the title is that long, there is no need to write the body of the message, isnt it? well, its not that simple! first of all, good-bye my lovely 5th biggest and 2nd or 3rd most succesful investment ever, good-bye cbh resources (~base metals in australia) ...

pls dont tell me 'ride your winners and sell your losers', selling cbh was hard enough 4 me ... well, the take-over bid is there, the price is fixed @ AUD 0.24 and there is no reason 2 keep that position any longer i think .... of course, that price still 50% below its pre-crash-2008-level and the AUD could rise against the poor €uro a little bit further till july (~ take-over deadline if 90% of shareholder will agree to toho zinc's offer)... i dont think there will be a new (higher!) bid price in the future as the belgian nyrstar and japanese toho increased their offers already 2 or 3 times, u know? i even think, if the take-over doesnt take place in july cbh's share price would collapse badly ...

so, lets take the chance of byuing few new companies cheaper than expected cos the recent micro correction in the golden rally  (the price of gold fell from its recent all-time-high $1,250 to $1,170 and is back to $1,213) and also small correction in the general stock market (DJIA is down approx 10%) in the last 10-15 days caused that many, many, many precious metals explorers and junior producers are down 15 - 30% and few even more (one of my 'heroes', levon resources is 50% down!!! thats prolly cos of its huuuuge gains before, so the investors who dont wanna admit they were wrong (poor gamblers?) sold levon 'taking' a profit i assume :-). thx for that nice buying opportunities, mr. market, thx :-)

btw, wanna know what does faith mean in investor's decision taking? just look at the dates and volumes ive add 2 my initial play which started in march 2007. here few shares and there next few of them if the family budget allowed some new investment funds ... thats what i call value investing, u know?

(i will change the screen shot for a new one with 'my' price €0.16 instead of current €0.158 next week if possible)

did i told u i hate taxes a lot? no? imagine as told right now :). damned hell, all profits on stocks/options/etc bought since january 2009 are subject of approx 28-30% tax in germany. well, now u can understand why ive spent my last 87 €uros on the 30.12.2008, the very last tax-free day of my life :). ok, my gross profit was approx 3,000 €uros, thus approx €700 was tax, i still own the very last 1,500 shares which ive moved 2 a different account last year but the 52% loss (= 250 euros) on them will not reduce my taxes because the purchase date was in 2007 ... im not going to sell that stocks because of the 10 or 15 €uros of commission, ive just agreed to toho's offer and hope they will pay out the money without charging any additional fees/commissions  ...

what abt my new involvements?
  • greystar resources - gold in colombia, cheap like an unwanted pet cos of some (major!) environmental/political problems with local colombian authorities
  • SQM or do u like SOC.QUIMICA Y MIN.DE CHILE SA better? -hmmmm, bought straight forward out of my watchlist cos recognized of one of my favorite decision patterns i.e. price approx 20-30% below recent highs + progressive dividend payer (dividend increases every year). well, when i wanted to look-up which metals they produce in the evening, i wondered like crazy when i saw SQM is an iodine + potash (~fertilizer) producer :-). ok, my 'food investments' division [western potash, K+S (kali+salz ~ the huge german potash producer), burcon nutrascience, ADM, KWS saat, nestle ...] welcomes a new member, so what?
  • rocmec mining - gold in canada, a small increase of existing position, investment pattern? collapsed price vs. good news flow 
  • halo resources - gold in canada, a small increase of existing position, investment pattern? collapsed price vs. good news flow (btw, thats not a copy & paste error :o)
  • ?
  • ........................................................
  • .... a loooong weekend in between ....
  • ........................................................
  • ?
  • ??
  • ??? (dont worry, i will resolve that enigma next week :-)
  • ??
  • ?
  • soltoro ltd - silver & gold in mexico, one of my (former!) watch list positions, great pattern (cheap compared 2 previous levels without any negative news), the stock was 19% up today, by accident was my 2nd (smaller) buy order (quoted CAD 0.25) deleted by my broker and i didnt read their corresponding email (i never do from my employer's office), the stock closed 10% higher @ CAD 0.275 ... well, im not sure if i should try 2 get it @ CAD 0.25 tomorrow or prolly buy some other stock?
  • amerigo resources - copper & molybdenum in chile, increased existing portfolio position
  • scorpio mining - silver & zinc & lead in mexico, increased existing portfolio position
  • sued-chemie - special chemistry in munich/germany => my next AGM candidate! a completely crazy stock! there is nearly NO TRADING VOLUME at all!!! 2day there were just 124 shares sold in whole germany! on friday none (my order was not filled as well)! there ist mostly no bid quote (=no possibility 2 buy) out there, there is always a strange ask quote with no relation 2 previous day and even without any relation to general market movement, very strange shareholder structure: JP morgan chase owns 50.4% of the company (hell, what does that mean?!?!?!? hell, is it prolly even some 'strong hands' group of people represented by some JPM's fund?), 3 more groups/families with approx 10%, me with 2 shares, there are 15.8% of free-floating shares => very very strange, isnt it?), IMHO it looks like if some group of folks is baiting the remaining shareholders (lets collect all shares at given level and increase the price the next day 2 collect next available shares ... soooo strange, u know? ... well, the earnings in crashy 2009 were not much lower than company's average but there was no dividend at all (=> the next false trick in order 2 shake the weak hands out?), btw, a former colleague of mine works at sued-chemie and she believes the company is doing well .... last but not least, we are not speaking abt a pennystock right now! sued-chemie is a giant established back in 1857, with 6,500 employees and revenues of €1.2 billion. btw, ive paid 100 €uros per share + commissions on the 1st opportunity where there was an ask quote out there and thus 5 €uros more than a week ago initially intended (~all-time-high @ approx 109 was reached few weeks ago) ... well, lets visit their AGM next year and lets look at these strange folks a little bit closer :-)
  • ?
  • ??
  • ??? (.... a short night in between. hell, its soooo late again :-( . + still some money left for 1 or 2 additional positions :-)
  • ??
  • ?
  • aurizon mines - gold production in queebec / canada. motto? the best place to find in a gold mine. folks, i dont think so ... u know ive been in a gold mine already, its not that easy there! what abt fort knox? sorry 4 that! just a stupid joke. of course, there is no gold in fort knox anymore :-)
  • penn west energy trust - ive increased my stake in that canadian gas + oil producer, steadily monthly dividends, a lean-back-and-enjoy long term investment ...
that investment stuff is sooo easy 

addendum 05/31/2010: greystarrrrrrrr! folks, im both, a lucky alien and stupid idiot, u know? well, my intergalactic stock analysis (see the original blog post above ;-) told me 2 buy greystar resources on friday and 2day (~the very next trading session!) is the stock+44.41% uuuuuuup! of course, a positive decision on that strange colombian environmental issue ... why am i a stupid idiot as well? hell, ive bought only 100 shares (approx 300 €uros) and not 10m instead? any lessons learned? yep, im going 2 study the famous ‘fat finger’ technique, promised! 

btw, how does investor luck look like?

btw, how does bad luck look like? well, it looks the same ... in case you have bought before the crash and sold after cos of some stupid stop-loss-limits or the like ... luck is always just matter of perspective, u know?

eom ;-(   ... end of money
eof :-)   ... end of file

Saturday, May 22, 2010

BMW + wacker = cars + base chemistry?

bmw's electric car 4 the summer olympics 1972

what have cars + base chemistry in common? not much, you think? well, both of them are majoritarian private owned companies (bmw by the quandt family, wacker by the wacker family) even if my employer BMW behaves as a management owned company (~ IMO we have self service mentality for mngmt and all higher employees ranks (i.e. few thousands of employees!), unfortunately not me :-() ...

the common part of these 2 AGMs? its the ultimate signal/sign that my this year's AGM season is over :-(

well, bmw didnt did well last year, but managed to produce a very small profit, so it could be worse in the very hard year 2009, isnt it? of course, they reduced the most salaries by at least 10% i think (my salary as well) to meet the reduced demand for cars. if you asked me, bmw is still wasting soooo much money on its higher ranks + consultants instead of motivate all its employees through achievement-oriented compensation (at ALL hierarchy stages, of course!) ... i believe, that should also mean they have to downgrade the salaries of folks who are working at positions far below their current salary groups ... for the sake of fairness :-)

what abt wacker, the € 4 billion chemical stuff producer (esp. silicones)? well, i think their earnings were just 15% below the former record marks last year ... i liked the conservative + familiar athmosphere there and the real (~not just spoken) sustainable growth + prosperity orientation :)

there was 1 more thing both companies have in common! the very, very strong financial results in Q1/2010 => lets hope for a better year 2010 even if  i dont think the last years 'financial crisis' is over ...

few pictures, lets start with bmw and lets hope my youngest daughter will help me 2 download the wacker pics from my mobile phone later/tomorrow (via bluethooth + her computer)

rolls royce, bmw, mini

me, test sitting in RR

factory, main administration building, museum

what a color! ... again an 'olympic' 1972 model ... munich applies 4 the next winter olympics, u know?

what a colors out there! me, looking outside of my office room instead of programming ... lol

what abt the last year's events? its easy, just follow these links: wacker + bmw.

addendum 05/24/2010: WHos bigger and better? Audi (VW) or BMW?
well, at the moment seems audi to have much more success (esp. in terms of $$), in 2010 could bmw catch up a little bit as there are new models on the market (x1, 5, ...) and the fuel efficiency of the bmw fleet is better than its competitor's, but in the middle term will IMHO decide which brand will be able 2 produce environmentaly friendly cars (electric cars with battery/hydrogen power?) and as far as i know the former SAP director shai agassi in israel (in co-operation with renault) is going to win that race :-)

Friday, May 14, 2010

gold above 1,000 €uros for the very 1st time !!!!

folks, folks, folks :-)

usd/eur = 1.2438
gold $1,244.3

=> OMG! OMG! OMG! => go gold bugs go! 

folks, thats 1,000 such things :-)

wanna learn greek?
kali nichta fiat money, kali mera gold/silver standard 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

help 2 greece? not at all, just 2 greece's creditors :-(

german chancellor angela merkel (facebook profile picture)

folks, ive posted my thoughts abt the 'help' to greece and other financially weak european countries via the 750billion-€uros-fund agreed by european leaders on the weekend to chancellor merkel's facebook link abt that issue. btw, i do think they didnt help greece or greek people! theyve just rescued all that banks, insurancies, hedge funds and other creditors who will get paid in full on greek government bonds :-(. do you think there are folks (employees?) out there who'll read that stuff and tell her anything abt my sooooo great ideas? LOL! hmmmm, im not sure, but i think its important 2 tell the polititians our feelings abt their sad decisions anyway! well, lets do it in the streets, on facebook, on twitter, by our electoral votes, by phone, directly (hell, that would be great!) and the like. whats your opinion?

post #1:

folks, what abt the 'rescue' fund for weak european states like greece? is it a real help for greece? i dont think so. why? a real help for greece would be e.g. the reduction of its debts (i.e. a default or a partial default of greek bonds. what abt 80% of the nominal values?) or the like ...

so what does such a rescue fund mean? well, 1st of all, greece becomes money to pay its creditors ... once again ... greece gets money to pay the current (double digit?) interest rates to its creditors ... and the creditors (mostly european + u.s. banks and worldwide operating hedge funds, pension funds etc) gets 'their' nominals and 'their' crazy interest rates paid in full ...

will it help greece 2 restructure its public spending orgy and 2 become competitive again? will it help the greek people? any opinion out there?

last but not least, who is gonna pay 4 that rescue package? we can read in the mainstream media that this package will be 'carried' by germany, france, austria ... folks, there is a small problem out there! germany, france, austria ... do not have any money to lend. they need themselves (every day!) new credits to continue their current operations ... they have to borrow the money they will lend 2 PIGS and PIIGS (portugal, irland, italy, greece, spain).

well, once again have our so genial politicians managed to take the money from the main street (~taxpayers like me) and give it to wall street (~banks, insurances, hedge funds, ...)

OMG, why is homo sapiens that stupid?

my dear gold/silver standard, pls pls pls come back to planet earth soon and end all that fiat money malinvestments and unfairness ...

anyway, folks, take care and do not invest in government bonds :-)


unfortunately, my opinion was right :-(
folks, mr. market shares my opinion abt the outcome of the 'greece issue' on the weekend, just look at the top 3 german stocks 2day morning:

deutsche bank +11.90%
commerzbank +9.13%
allianz +7.86%

btw, im not against gains for financial institutes in general, im just against taxpayer financed gains for politicians' buddies, of course ...

what a great day 2day! of course, especially 4 the banks, not at all for the taxpayer :-(

S&P500 +4.40%
dax +5.30%
nasdaq100 +5.04%

btw, the deutsche bank stayed the best stock in germany's dax for the whole day. closing quote? +12.86% => no additional comments needed :-(

folks, there were many interesting ideas posted to that facebook link, one very special from a greek reader:

Please help us! Send us 300 German technocrats to make this mess a state again! And to send in jail our politicians who stole our (German and Greek people) money!!!
This is the only solution....
Believe me, Greeks will support you!
Bad things are coming and more people will loose they lifes!
People are extremely angry this time... Help us!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

double top ... all-time-high in gold ($1,234.85) + in my portfolio :-)

golden pig :-)

folks, thats what i call DOUBLE TOP! of course, the chartists use that term differently, but who cares abt charts on a day like that?
  • gold +2.46%
  • silver +4.42%
  • scorpio mining +2.61%
  • novagold +10.47%
  • u.s. gold +14.37%
  • orko silver +7.26%
  • cbh resources -0,63%
  • amerigo resources +15.22%
  • ...
hell, hell, hell! that investment stuff is soooooo damned easy! i knew that, you know? 

addendum may 12th, 2010: OMG! gold price +1% today => my portfolio +3.5% => btw, is that the leverage effect of gold/silver mines in terms of $$, isnt it? 

Friday, May 7, 2010

financial markets? paper game casino! (DJIA -9% within few minutes!)

just 3 monkeys? LOL (source:

its just crazy, isnt it? DJIA -9% intraday, than closed at -3% and gold is up like crazy  ... hmmm, is the end of the financial ponzi scheme of paper currencies coming closer and closer and closer to its end? well, we will see it soon 

the prices of wheat, corn, oil, gas, etc are falling down like if there were no need 4 food + commodities 2morrow => ???

... just gold is up ... hell, if there would be more money on my margin account i would go much much more LONG COMMODITIES ... well, the current financial markets are IMHO to a degree of 90% just a paper casino without any relation 2 real value out there ... just imagine, one of the biggest companies on earth, procter & gamble (its all abt GAMBLING, u see?) with current market capitalization of $176,45 billion was down 40% intraday [folks, thats more than 72 billion usd!] due 2 one citibank's trader's error ~ he prolly inserted sell 16b instead of 16m ~ it was a selling of billions instead of millions ~ btw, that guy will become famous soon ... still remember the at that time 28 years old nick leeson who has broken the 100+ years old english barings bank (UK's oldest investment bank) few years ago? and what abt jérôme kerviel (societe generale) or abt the LTCM or amaranth defaults? well, procter & gamble closed later without any major change as the 4th best stock in DJIA at -2.27% (the best stock today was down -1.6%)

hell, we are freaking doomed! lets dump paper money ASAP and lets install a relationship between money and real value again!! welcome, gold & silver backed currency ...

as always,
just my 2 golden cents 

btw, got enough gold + silver already?

folks, there was such a great discussion on the InformedTrades website abt this topic, pls feel free 2 read the comments or even better participate there :-)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

speaking in front of thousands of folks @AGM of allianz + attended AGM of linde

OMG! ive been speaking in front of thousands of folks @AGM of allianz 2day ... hell, i was not as nervous at the beginning of my speach as i thought i would be ... its strange + unbelievable, isnt it?

btw, the guy on the picture speaking out there is not me, of course ... its the very, very rational CEO michael diekmann (source:

what abt my topics?
  • ive appreciated the great financial result (esp. the much higher dividend, LOL) despite the soooo difficult year 2009 (~the year of the well known financial crisis, u know?)
  • pros & cons of share buy-back programs
  • possible defaults of governments, government bonds + physical GOLD & SILVER as the ultimate no-default-currencies chosen by free markets over thousands of years of human civilization => i'm not going 2 change my attitude any time soon, u see?
  • ive asked the AGM leader (=Chairman of the Supervisory Board Dr. Henning Schulte-Noelle) to stop speakers who asked stupid questions abt topics which are not on the agenda + not related 2 allianz + not related 2 economy (e.g. gender balance, iran, legal disputes concerning former allianz's subsidiaries) in order not 2 waste all other people's time (e.g. my time :-)
  • a little bit more...
what abt the directors' answers? well, they are concerned abt the debt orgy out there and prolly even worried abt the possible defaults of governments, thus they are much less invested in government bonds than their competitors... why does allianz not invest in physical gold + silver? well, the 1st reason is the not existent interest yield, the 2nd explained reason is IMHO even more suspect: they are not allowed to! well, the german financial supervisory authority BaFin does not allow insurance companies like allianz 2 protect themselves and their customers with gold investments currently ... of course, who would buy government bonds otherwise?

good luck, my dear allianz group, good luck!

AGM @ linde group (may 4th, 2010)

well, there is everything fine @ linde, one of the leading suppliers of industrial gases + gas business technology, i think ;o). high profit + high dividend + lower debt + great Q1/2010 results + soooo optimistic outlook for remaining 3 quarters of 2010 that the great CEO wolfgang reitzle (~former 'just few weeks' CEO @BMW) expects even higher earnings + profits in 2010 than in the record year 2008 ...

the most interesting topic? well, the still very car industry affine reitzle answering a question abt electric cars told that the hydrogen car is not dead! he explained that there are 2 kinds of an electric car: the one with battery drive (~the current hype in the main stream media) and the hydrogen driven electric car => therefore the 'green' developments in the car industry support both technologies ... of course, linde is going to sell the hydrogen needed :o)

treasures of the kitchen ...

good luck, my dear linde group as well :-)

Saturday, May 1, 2010


burning the witch

folks, what a dilemma 2day! there are 5 topics i would like 2 write about, but cant choose the most interesting one :-(. well, lets make a list 1st and decide later, ok?
  • nevado resources ~ company presentation from the well known category investor lunch/dinner ~ the company's name is nevado venture as 4 now, but its gonna 2 change as they explore two properties in queebec, canda for iron ore and for gold respectively ~ very, very early stage projects, but it sounds like an easy going buy & hold for few years investement .... the stock was more than 20% up the next day (road show bonus?), so i didnt buy my initial position yet and hope there will be some better price soon ... when 2 sell? IMO its wise 2 sell when the projects advance a little bit and thus the company will prolly be taken over by a major gold & iron ore producer :-)
  • queen revival band ~ concert in circus krone, munich ~ an evening from the category 'do my wife likes 2 do' and do not complain too loud abt missed evening on the internet :-) 
  • munich re ~ AGM ~ new company name (münchner rück was the old one), profit despite hard economic conditions out there, higher dividend than last year, great food, ... still remember last year's event? no? dont worry, its still there ...
  • walpurgis night ~ old european tradition! burning the witches + dance in the may ~ well, met some  old friends again + thought abt the next year's witch. is there any we could sacrifice? hmmmm, lets think abt that a little bit longer :-). motto of the evening? dont drink and fly :-)
  • demo for peace, work, social fairness ~ may, 1st ~ many, many folks at the old city hall square; some prominent speakers like the munich's current mayor christian ude; workers unions; cheap beer + mojito + cuba libre; some former colleagues; some folks from the demo against war+security conferencemuch more :-)
what abt these 2 witches? we dont gonna burn them  .... this year :-)

you know what? im not going 2 write anything, will prolly post a link 2 some pictures later/2morrow instead ...

life is good 

addendum: few censored pictures uploaded HERE + enjoy :-)

last but not least, michael's all-in-one message ~ we want peace! no war, no nuclear energy, no taxpayers' money 4 banks, no additional mobile radiation ... GREAT!
addendum 05/05/2010:
folks, just 2 or 3 weak days on the global stock markets and nevado's share price is down again => bought few shares 2day (~my initial position, lets watch company's developments a little bit closer now) => thx, mr. market, thx