Saturday, July 22, 2017

ritten (renon) ~ rittner horn ~ würzjoch ~ dolomiti ~ south tirol

we have spent really nice time visiting friends and hiking in the ritten (renon) area in south tirol (südtirol, alto adige) close to bozen (bolzano)
we didn't have such a nice weather like in july 2016, but still nice enough to hike + swim + enjoy the beauty of south tirol's landscape. our stops this time were:
  • oberinn - gasthof mesnerwirt: really quiet place, tasty pizzas + nice service people, just my bed was too soft, hmmm ...
  • rittner horn (2260 m)
  • lake wolfsgrubnersee
  • klobenstein
  • st. pauls
  • earth pyramids (erdpyramiden) in lengmoos
  • mythical + mystical kob church / chapel (kobenkirchlein) in lengstein was very difficult to find. we had huge luck as there was one soul to ask (a really old local guy)
  • lake völser weiher below the schlern massive 
  • würzjoch (1987 m) below the petelkofel peak (2875 m) in the dolomites area (dolomiten, dolomiti)
and yes, there is no bad weather out there, just bad clothes, you know? well, i spent big part of today's rainy sunday uploading pictures => enjoy south tirol's beautiful landscape:
hikers house @ rittner horn, 2261 m
my sweety
good-bye, rittner horn ...
 lengmoos (longomoso)
 earth pyramids, lengmoos
wolfsgrubnersee close to klobenstein
st. pauls
tasty flowers + vegatarian dinner
good-bye, st.pauls
kobenkirchlein, lengstein
best of all wives + me
good-bye, kobenkirchlein
schlern, my favorite massif in the area. right now is the valley + river between us, but we will come over to you, dear mr. schlern

there are so many nice castles in south tirol
völser weiher
völser weiher with the schlern massif
würzjoch pass, 1987 m
in wooden sticks we trust?
dolomites ~ dolomiten ~ dolomiti
peitlerkofel, 2875 m
good-bye, würzjoch
good-bye south tirol, we hope to see you again soon
two of us
more pictures here.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

hinteres hörnle, 1548 m

next nice hiking trip (1.5 - 2 hours) to the bavarian alps -> we walked up to the hinteres hörnle (1548 m) mountain from bad kohlgrub. after that we have enjoyed the nearby swamp lake bayersoien. it is a really warm lake because it is on average only 2m deep, the deepest point is 2.5 meters.
 bad kohlgrub
 fallow deer compound
 bavarian forest cows :-)
 our first stop in an alm (restaurant) at the (lower) hörnle mountain, 1390 m
 old german stone meteorological station, so funny 😊
 hinteres hörnle (hoernle), 1548 m above sea level
good-bye, hörnle + bad kohlgrub ...
swamp lake soier see in bad bayersoien:
more pictures here
more bavarian lakes? here :-)