Sunday, September 26, 2010

40 seconds ~ eckhart tolle

folks, the prolly shortest and BEST eckhart tolle video ever, 40 seconds, 1 single message which could help u 2 really enjoy your life ... i did really browse my 500 youtube favorites in order 2 find it ... enjoy :-)

any ideas 4 improvement yet? ...

well, even if there is too many to mention we prolly could(should?) start learning 2 enjoy the present moment in order to reach deep satisfaction ... just dont miss your own life (saint lu :-)

czech president klaus speaking :-)

the president of the czech republic, vaclav klaus, speaking abt economy, big governments, global government, freedom, €uro, deregulation, free markets ... enjoy!


btw, do u know that vaclav klaus is a member of the mont pelerin society?

few funny quotes of vaclav klaus?
  • brussels is the new moscow :-)
  • difference between socialism and capitalism? in socialism are companies nationalized and then they go bankrupt. in capitalism go the companies bankrupt 1st and are nationalized afterwards ... so true! just remember the 'rescue' of the bankrupt financial sector with taxpayers money in 2008, 2009, 2010, ...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

investor lunch with altona mining? #jarobuys altona mining :-)

folks, there was a next event from the famous 'investor lunch' series yesterday ... and a project milestone party in the evening ... or till early morning hours, to be honest ... btw, i hate alcohol, especially aperol ... will not drink more than 10 of these crazy bitter italian aperitifs next time, promised! ... shudda recap the investment related part of yesterday? pls dont ask my wife 2 recap the project party part, lol
  • australian micro cap explorer company which took advantage of the 2008 financial mess and bought assets of bankrupt competitors vulcan res + universal res
  • near-term copper producer in finland (outokumpu mine) => a fat cash cow or a thinny calf ... who knows?
  • IMO is the most of the mine financing already done (incl. support / credit lines from finnish government, etc.)
  • huuuge early stage copper project in australia (xstrata has an option 2 buy 51%)
  • in case u hate copper, there are still few more things out there: real estate, mine equipment, Au, Ag, Zn, Pb, Ni, Co, U (btw, i hate uranium, nuclear power, nuclear bombs, ... thx goodness, the australian government doesnt allow mining of uranium in that part of the country )
  • their website is far from done, there are still links 2 universal, navigation uncomfortable (esp. the mining projects sites) ... wanna do that job 4 the altona guys?
  • ...
well there was much more interesting stuff the simpatico CEO alistair cowden mentioned  (my own recording, so watch out as he could mean the opposite as well :-) ... economy in australia (perth!) is booming and in asia as well, copper sales in germany are rising like crazy (is even german economy stronger than i think it is?), u better have the chinese as customers 4 your copper shipments than as majority shareholders, ... what abt 3 more great alistairs quotes?
    1. what kills a mine is never the capital costs, its the operating costs
    2. u cant get 4 nothing, u have 2 give in exchange (... like 51% of your project 2 xstrata or all money u earn 2 your wife and the like. u see?)
    3. good assets will get their reward, market timing is always unpredictable
    u know me already, dont u? of course ive opened a small initial position yesterday, subscribed for companys newsletter, gonna watch its development and maybe increase my holdings in the future ... u know what? the stock price is 20.3% up in germany 2day => altona seems 2 be a serious candidate for my 10-bagger club, hehehe :-)

    good luck, my lovely australian-finnish copper play, good luck!

    addendum 11/02/2010: #jarobuys more altona shares 2day ... folks, i feel this company is going 2 have success and so does mr. market if the stock is priced 'correctly' => lets buy more shares :o)

    btw, when on the buyers side, i hate altonas current stock price ... it is 90% above my initial purchase 6 weeks ago ... ohhhhh :-( .... anyway, good luck my red hot copper play, good luck ;-)

    Sunday, September 19, 2010

    #jarobeats cmc markets!

    my broker's logo ...

    yabbadabbadooooo! ive won my fight against cmc which ive boosted/accelerated in june! finally ive made more money out of my (mini) trading account as ive ever paid in :-). well, ive withdrawn 5k €uros in august and 1,600 last thursday, which is already few hundred euros more than i have put in the last 3-4 years in order 2 learn to trade and of course 2 learn sooo much abt myself ... i even plan 2 withdraw next 400 euros on monday cause there is still more margin coverage than i really need ... => ....

    ... thx my lovely silver, wheat, gas, coffee, sugar, rice, corn, orange juice ... well, now ive left only 4.4k of profits at my cmc account so there is no way i can ever lose (unlike stocks + currencies, commodities cant become worthless overnight, u know?).

    thats victory, isnt it? what is so special at this? well, cmc markets is the CFD-broker with the worst reputation, i think ... its really a bad guy broker with sooooo aggressive advertisement, many inexperienced customers, the cmc guys as a 'market maker' make even their own quotes so they very often overshoot the ranges of underlying assets (e.g. commodity futures) and thus take out many stops near the real price curve, ive already complained many times abt wrong order executions and even few times got some money back ... btw, just in case u would like to ask why didnt i take my money out and move to a better broker, heres the answer: at that time i had no appetite, no time, no mood and especially no money to open a next trading account with a much much higher initial account backing needed (usually 5k or 10k instead of 1k @ cmc markets) ... and after all, i have already 5 different trading accounts ... and yes, i like the cmc trading software much better than e.g. its lynx brokers equivalent [lynx is my current low fee canadian mining stocks broker ... and since 2 months also a CFD broker ... but i dont wanna 2 mix up my CFD and stock activities in a single account (that allows me a much much better risk control i believe)]

    what 2 do with my new funds? thats easy! #jarobuys aquila resources, bravo gold, tara gold, andover ventures, ... (will continue buying on monday ;-) ...

    addendum sept 20, 2010: #jarosells sugar @ 24.24 today morning .... was the daily low realy that deep? why tells nymex it was just 24.26

    well, thats karma isnt it? shudda not write abt my dear broker, wudda not get stopped out below the real daily low, is it?

    Nymex No. 11 Sugar (hell, 2day's low is 24.26 and not 24.24)

    btw, ive entered the sugar market in may, still have 1 contract open, im too tired & too lazy now to bother my calculator in order to compute the gains in terms of percentage, the cash difference per CFD contract is slightly above 1,000 bucks in both cases which is really great, i think:
    • 10.05.2010: 14.21 u.s. cents 
    • 14.05.2010: 13.93 u.s. cents

      btw, as for now, my next stop limit is 23.23 but still hope sugar will go up further 

      addendum 09/21/2010: shopping finished, #jarobuys altona mining, formation metals, enwave corp

      go microcaps go!

      Friday, September 17, 2010

      go andover go!

      folks, thats the 2nd visit of andover (TSX-V: AOX) in munich so far (welcome, rob + thx 4 coming again). if u wanna u can see some pictures of the nice käfer`s palace from the 1st event here.

      what happened since the last visit? IMO are the things changing from good to better, which leads me 2 the question of the day: what 2 do in a situation like that? that was an easy one, wasnt it? of course, #jarobuys more andover shares 2day!

      lets try 2 sum up few investment related issues:
      • the prospects are great: 3 different Au/Ag/Zn/Pb/Cu properties, geothermal energy, limestone, rare earths, huge land package, ...
      • the mngmt owns approx 35% of all outstanding shares, so the guys in charge of the company are going 2 work like crazy in order 2 make that story a success  => lets take part in that ;-)
      • few legal issues concerning genco/chief are solved in andovers favor
      • ...
      • any risks? of course, exploration/mining is a risky business and there will be a lot of capital and/or a strong partner (like rio tinto in one of the properties) needed till all assets become cash generating mines ... gonna wait that long?
      hell! lets tell mr. market andover's share price should respond accordingly SOON :-)

      btw, if u wanna philosophize abt that issue u can also move 2 the discussion page @ InformedTrades ...

      Tuesday, September 14, 2010

      triple top 2day

      gold + my trading account + my investing account reached altogether all-time-highs 2day :-)

      gold, right now, usd 1,271.80 per ounce . hell, that commodity-uptrend is soooo delightful 

      of course, u think an all-time-high triple top is easy: just load your trading account up to the hilt with gold and your investing account as well aaaaaand here u have your triple top , but i can tell u, its damned hard, indeed :-)

      btw, there is no gold in my trading account, just the gold of the little (poor?) guy (=SILVER) which is currently my biggest position + there is also some wheat, corn, gas, o-juice, sugar, rice ... u see, thats only stuff what mankind really needs, no mumbo-jumbo and the like ... 

      go gold bugs go 

      euphoria, pls never leave me ...

      Sunday, September 12, 2010

      peter lynch - beating the street

      Beating the Street

      the famous fidelity magellan fund manager peter lynch explains how 2 beat the street ... the wall street, of course :-)

      there is soooo much interesting stuff abt investing, stockpicking, stockpicking by heart, hard work (= study the company esp. its balance sheet before u invest money in it!), fun, great advice, common sense, ignoring the herd, positive thinking, funny jokes/quotes, sense of responsibility, rules of thumb (e.g. a growth stock with higher growth rate than its P/E ratio is a BUY), experience, good vs. bad companies, good vs. bad management behaviour, ...

      already the very 1st page in the preface chapter caught my attention cos ive found an issue whereabouts im really concerned myself and later on there were more passages where i saw that my attitude is somehow similar to peters ... just read these snippets from page #1:
      when u remember 2,000 stock symbols but forget the childrens birthdays, there is a good chance youve become too wrapped up in your work ... u  start 2 recognize that youre only going 2 exists 4 a little while, whereas youre going 2 be dead 4 a long time ... nobody on his deathbed ever said: "i wish id spent more time @ the office." ...

      well, there were also passages i didnt like sooo much (too boring for me, e.g. all the details abt the single S&L companies) and prolly were larry williams' or jim rogers' books even more fun, anyway IMHO is peter lynch is a MUST READ for investors! btw, traders will also find few smart / relevant issues i think :)

      few more things before i put away this book in my bookshelf? hmmm, lets try 2 find one of the passages abt good vs. bad companies: ... the greatest companies (in lousy industries) share certain characteristics. they are low-cost operators, and penny-pinchers in the executive suite. they avoid going into debt. they reject the corporate caste system that creates white-collar brahmins and blue-collar untouchables ... pompous boardrooms, overblown executive salaries, demoralized rank and file, excessive indebtedness, and mediocre performance go hand in hand. this also works in reverse. modest boardrooms, reasonable executive salaries, a motivated rank and file, and small debt equals superior performance most of the time ... what abt the car industry?

      my dear readers, last but not least, ive a special bonus 4 u! i hope u will like it ... why? well, it has cost me 3 €uros 2 bribe my youngest daughter 2 typewrite all  21 peter's principles (ehhhm, 2 motivate her, of course ... lets hope she improved both her school english and her investor's mind):

      #1 when the operas outnumber the football games three to zero, you know there is something wrong with your life.

      #2 gentleman who prefer bonds don’t know what they’re missing.

      #3 never invest in any idea you can’t illustrate with a crayon.

      #4 you can’t see the future through a rearview mirror.

      #5 there’s no point paying yo-yo ma to play a radio. (~ dont overpay fund managers!)

      #6 as long as you’re picking a fund, you might as well pick a good one.

      #7 the extravagance of any corporate office is directly proportional to management’s reluctance to reward the shareholders. ... what abt my employer, BMW? a really nice head office, isnt it?

      #8 when yields on long-term government bonds exceed the dividend yield  of the s&p 500 by 6 percent or more, sell your stocks and buy bonds.

      #9 not all common stocks are equally common. 

      #10 never look back when you’re driving on the autobahn.

      #11 the best stocks to buy may be the one you already own. 

      #12 a sure cure for taking a stock for granted is a big drop in the price. 

      #13 never bet on a comeback while they’re playing “taps”. (~ dont keep adding 2 the losers as they are headed 4 chapter 11)

      #14 if you like the store, chances are you’ll love the stock.

      #15 when insider are buying, it’s a good sign – unless they happen to be new england bankers. 

      #16 in business, competition is never as healthy as total domination.

      #17 all else being equal, invest in the company with the fewest color photographs in the annual report. 

      #18 when even the analysts are bored, it’s time to start buying.

      #19 unless you’re a short seller or a poet looking for a wealthy spouse, it never pays to be pessimistic.

      #20 corporations, like people, change their names for one of two reasons: either they've gotten married, or they’ve been involved in some fiasco that they hope the public will forget.

      #21 whatever the queen is selling, buy it. 


      wanna purchase peters book @ amazon? here we go: Beating the Street


      Saturday, September 11, 2010

      lucky me :-) my growing 10-bagger family

      folks, lets welcome the next family member, levon resources (gold in nevada/usa):

      of course, thats the sexy part of my portfolio ... pls dont ask me 2 show u the unsexy one :-)

      go gold bugs go 

      btw, the current price for novagold shares @nyse equates approx 6.03 €uros, so the stock should go up in germany on monday morning ...

      OMG! levon increased 2day by 9.9% and its closing quote CAD 1.11 (what a number!) equals approx 0.84 €uros , so it also should go up in germany on monday morning ...