Friday, June 10, 2022

spis, spisz, zips, scepusia ~ SK + PL

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spis, spisz, zips, cips, zepus, scepus, scepusia => castle niedzica (nedeca, nedec, nisitz) = castle dunajec, dunajec river, ...

since 1918 is a small part (195 km2) of spisz polish as the polish army occupied this part of slovakia 

castle niedzica (nedeca, nedec, nisitz) = castle dunajec
the artificial lake czorsztyn (= zornstein) at dunajec river
two of us 

my emotional home is of course the very southern part op spis (zips) ... einsiedel, göllnitz (gelnica), schmöllnitz (smolnik), levoca, kezmarok,

more pictures here.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

pieniny, PL + SK

what a great weekend with old classmates in the beautiful pieniny mountains at the slovak-polish border dominated by the mountain tri koruny = trzy korony = three crowns. btw, pieniny is the oldest polish national park founded in 1932.

even when my wife was not my class mate, she joined me at the trip, so we have had some family quality time there es well 😄. she enjoyed to see her native poland and also really liked the way how my classmates have comunicated to each other. at least at breakfasts and dinners, which she always joined ... and yes, polish & slovak are similar languages and both nations live in a good neighborhood, so she could also understand almost everything & speak to all of us ...

tri koruny - trzy korony, pieniny. a view from slovakia to poland over the border river dunajec

cerveny klastor (red monastery) of the carthusians order (kartäuser, kartuziani) built 1320 above,
my mobile office in slovakia below 😇

btw, the area around dunajec river is famous for its semi-traditional raft boats [floß + flößer (DE), plt + pltnici (SK), tratwa + flisacy (PL)] and dunajec (beside poprad river) is one of only two slovak rivers which do not enter the black sea via danube (=dunaj) river but the baltics via wisla river, you know?

what a class! 😄

the border village czorsztyn (= zornstein), PL

cerveny klastor (red monastery), SK
no comments 😈😃💕
the pub in the monastery serves some old style beers (romuald), 
but the brewery is not any longer inside the abbey walls.
the border village cerveny klastor (red monastery), SK
hiking tour to the three crowns hill (PL) in the early morning
central slovakia
the high tatras (hohe tatra, vysoke tatry) from the south (SK)
bratislava (SK)
good-bye, pieniny 💖

more pictures here.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

vorderkaiserfeldenhütte 1388m, kufstein AT

what a nice hiking tour in austria with my eldest daughter & my son-in-law. we have been at the cottage vorderkaiserfeldenhütte 1388m, which we arrived after a steep ascent from kufstein (tirol, AT) in 3 hours. we have been lucky that the thunderstorm ☈🌁 came after we arrived at the cottage. but yes, we planned the tour that way and started early 😄

enjoy few pictures, especially:
  • the sunset view to wilder kaiser massif as seen from the cottage in the evening
  • the wonderful inversion with the clouds over the inn river
  • my nice tour to the nearby naunspitze 1633m next morning
all in one
kufstein castle
the pendling hill
finally arrived at the vorderkaiserfeldenhütte 😃
3 of us?
vorderkaiserfeldenhütte 1388m
the naunspitze 1633m (and the vorderkaiserfeldenhütte) are part of the
zahmer kaiser massif in the kaisergebirge
what a nice inversion in the early morning with the clouds over the inn river 😄
the lower naunspitze + the higher petersköpfl above the cottage vorderkaiserfeldenhütte
wilder kaiser

more pictures here.