Wednesday, May 29, 2019

sicily ~ syracuse

the 2,700+ years old unesco heritage aka the city of syracuse (siracusa, syrakus) was our first day trip started from our base camp in fanusa / terrauzza in southeast sicily (sicila, sizilien). the city was formed by greek settlers from corinth (today we would probably call them refugees and hate them). the historic part of the city sits on the island called ortigia in the south part of the city. the most famous son of syracuse is probably the greek mathematician archimedes (archimede). unfortunately, we have been already too tired to visit the technical museum or the exhibition about him ... so i just remember a painting from our airport hotel in catania which documents his usage of parabolic mirrors which directed the sun light / energy to roman war ships and set them in fire ... what a clever idea, isn't it?
the beautiful cathedral in syracuse
enjoy few pictures:
the island ortigia carries the old greek and roman part of syracuse
love boat
aretusa fontain
the castello maniace palace
the main old town square
the beautiful cathedral, top floor
the beautiful cathedral, top floor
inside the cathedral
when standing here, there was some magic energy noticeable (at least for sensible people)
best of all wives
some other church with exhibition about african refugees risking their lives while fleeing from poverty in their home countries and seeking some luck in europe
this few stones are the remaining of old greek dionysus palace
sunset dinner
love boat again 😇💓😉
more pictures here

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

southeast sicily (syracuse) => fanusa + terrauzza

we have had a wonderful 12-days-holidays in southeastern part of sicily (sicilia, sizilien). let's share few insights and pictures 😃

we have landed on the catania airport in the early morning, after 1,5 - 2 hours got our already booked & reserved rental car and immediately moved to our agriturismo (i.e. a farm / bauernhof) accommodation in fanusa / terrauzza south of syracuse (siracusa, syrakus) at the ionian sea. there was so much to see and to do in the area that we decided to stay there 7 nights instead of the planned 3 nights.
this bay and this ruins in fanusa + the ionian sea were our favorite place for bathing. we enjoyed the clean water, the quiet place, the view at syracuse and the nearby parking place ...

what about the most lasting experiences? hmmmmm, sicily is beautiful and somehow special ... there were so many cultural unesco heritage sites; wonderful nature, but also so much waste in the nature (the recycling [in fanusa] with new nice containers for plastic/metal/glass started jut 2 years ago as we were told by our hosts); the many destroyed / broken things & processes (toilets, showers, gas oven, fences, roads, road signs, no diesel at petrol station, etc. & etc.) reminded us on eastern europe where also many things do not function 100% correctly but the people find a way how all stuff needed can be done anyway ... and above all we liked the remarkable friendliness and serenity (gelassenheit) of the local people. let's hope we have taken some of this serenity home to munich and will keep it forever 😄

our stops were:
  • fanusa + terrauzza = our base camp & swimming camp for the first 7 days
  • syracuse (siracusa, syrakus)
  • noto
  • canyon cavagrande di cassibile
  • ragusa
  • modica + lido di modica at the mediterranean sea
  • vendicari natural reserve 
  • marzamemi
  • san marco
  • taormina
  • isola bella
  • etna volcano (ätna)
  • canyon gole dell’alcantara (gola dell'alcantara / gole alcantara / gola d'alcantara)
  • aci castello
  • catania

enjoy few pictures from fanusa + terrauzza + fontane bianche:
ruins, ruins everywhere ...
ceramics was the hobby of our hosts
our bedroom
hey, this pullover is mine, not hers :-)
the way to beach from our hotel
the beach close to our hotel at terrauzza, but we liked more the fanusa/syracuse side anyway
syracusa as seen from fanusa
mosque, lighthouse, cruise ship, syracuse ...
village fontaine bianche
very tasty fruits ... and the tree carrying them

more coming soon or never 😇

more pictures here