Saturday, November 9, 2019

edelmetallmesse 2019 (gold silver show - munich)

this year's gold, silver and natural resources show / convention in munich is over ... let's look foward to 2020 :-)

as every year, there were many familiar faces, gold bugs, libertarians, conspiracy theorists, friends, bullion dealers so all the folks could buy physical gold + silver, analysts, fund managers, mining companies, newsletter writers, book sellers, speakers & co.

the following picture represents the financial markets at least since 2008 so well, if you asked me ­čśä
the central banks and especially the FED decide in which direction are the markets heading, isn't it? but probably not for ever ~ by markus blaschzok (blaschzok research, solit)

i've listened to many lectures on both days of this convention, my favorites were markus miller, markus blaschzok, gianni kovacevic, frank hellmeyer and peter denk.

so let show you few pictures and write my insights in between ­čśĆ
 the crowd waiting for the MVG public transportation museum to open its doors
 friedrich & weik, the crash prophets
 is the brexit good for great britain in the long run? (friedrich lange, oxford club)
with christine lagarde as head of ECB stays the zero interest rate and the financial manipulation on the agenda

Saturday, October 5, 2019

walking through munich ~ m├╝nchen

our children motivated us to visit a couch shop with an interesting concept in the eastern part of the city (m├╝nchen ost), in the so called creative district 'werksviertel'. even if the east railway station (ostbahnhof) area is not known as a nice part of munich, i like it somehow because here was my first 'real' stay in munich, in a refugee camp in the gammelsdorfer str. more than 31 years ago ... i would not call the waiting room in the central railway station (hauptbahnhof / HBf) my 'real' home for the first 3 weeks in germany, would you?

i haven't here been walking here at ostbahnhof for years and yes, the area changed dramatically. you wouldn't believe it, it changed for better ­čśä.
of course, we enjoyed the possibility to see the history of the areal from pfanni's dumplings factory to a creative district /// pfanni werk 1949 => kunstpark ost 1996 => kultfabrik 2003 => werksviertel 2012.
pfanni werk 1949 => kunstpark ost 1996 => kultfabrik 2003 => werksviertel 2012
eckart's family bussinesses

well, when i've already written a blog about m├╝nchen-ost, let's add few pictures from munich / munchen i've made the last few weeks, too ...
fountain close to m├╝llersches volksbad. btw, the volksbad bath was the place i could wash/bath once a week as our refugee camp had no showers (for about 200 people). crazy, isn't it?
streets close to isartor
 the roofs of the viktualienmarkt
marienplatz and the town hall
 falun dafa protesters in munich, here you can sign a petition, support the group and learn a lot about their suffering in china
i've just got this 7 years old picture by accident. who is me? ­čśä (copyright: sabine mairiedl)
#OWS #occupywallstreet #occupyallstreets #occupytogether
1803 augustinerbr├Ąu ausschank in the neuhauser str.
hackerbr├╝cke, let's walk to the oktoberfest
 theresienwiese - oktoberfest
two of us
don't stop laughing ~ source

the tipi site at the lake lusssee is also a creative site, you know?
 el diablo, gilching
el diablo, gilching

big brother is watching you? nope, just big pharma's pills advertising
lochham, the place where i plant trees (almost) every year
more pictures here.