Saturday, June 24, 2023

STOP u.s. air base RAMSTEIN

well, the peace movement activists protest every year against the u.s. military air base ramstein in southwest germany in the federal state of rheinland-pfalz. why and why not against mocow / putin? because the russian occupying army left germany in 1994, because the u.s. occupying army did not leave germany yet, because this biggest u.s. military base outside usa still exists, because we do not like the u.s. drone wars steered from ramstein & stuttgart (germany), because this base is a real danger for us, because in case of war the opponents would probably attack this huge air base first, because we do not like wars at all, because PEACE is the way towards HAPPY FUTURE 😄

key note speaker at the main event in front of the airbase this year was the popular left party (die linke) politician oskar lafontaine.

peace march from the peace camp to the military air base
is it police or peace in our camp?
there are so many concerns about ukraine 💣
the cartoon above describes my current opinion best 

the dear readers of my blog probably know, when in ramstein, i like especially the peace camp. why? it is between a commune and a small music festival. i was happy to see many fellow activists from the previous years and happy to meet few new, too ... also nice, my favorite peace & truth movement musician, kilez more, was the whole weekend in the camp and performed sooo well at the stage out there ....

anything else?

  • i liked the moment when our march from the peace camp reached the train station in ramstein-miesenbach where we were welcomed by the other protesters who came by train and then we continued together to the air base
  • there was an anti-demo against us, too. all 4 german ruling parties called their youth sections to protest against us. the result? they were 25 people as the police reported the next day
  • beautiful and clean lake bearenlochweiher (bear hole) in kindsbach in the pfälzerwald mountains
  • city of sindelfingen with its timber-framed houses was a really nice place for lunch & sightseeing at our way home to munich
  • (not planned, not soo nice) warmbronn (link same as in the above sindelfingen blog) was our short break at the way to ramstein-miesenbach

peace movement
ramstein peace camp in steinwenden (ramstein-miesenbach)
our fellow peace activists joined us at the train station ramstein-miesenbach
the anti-demo organized by all 4 german ruling parties via their youth organizations.
 alltogether 25 attendees behind this rondel 😀
city festival in ramstein-miesenbach should keep the local citizens, u.s. soldiers
and protesters far away from each other. probably a good idea, if you asked me 😇
back to the peace camp
kilez more on the stage
lake bearenlochweiher (bear hole) in kindsbach in the pfälzerwald mountains
enjoy warmbronn & sindelfingen HERE 😄

see you next year in ramstein if the military air base still operates, okay?

enjoy even more pictures here and the last years' event here.

Friday, June 23, 2023

sindelfingen & warmbronn, swabia

the u.s. military air base ramstein is quite far away from munich (thanks goodness!), so we need some breaks on the road.

the previous times we have visited speyerkirchheim unter teckcastle frankensteinesslingen am neckar. this time we enjoyed the beautiful old timber-framed houses in two small swabian cities warmbronn (on the way to ramstein) and sindelfingen on the way back, both in the federal state of baden-württemberg.

sindelfingen, swabia (schwaben)

why were we so eager to see sindelfingen this time? maybe because of its mercedes (daimler) car factory which i planned to blow up in order to extinguish the main long time competitor of my employer BMW? nope, not at all 😂

a friend of mine, lets call him ingmar here and today, was with us. he was born in sindelfingen and moved to munich at age of 3. we have found his birth house in the warmbronner street .... stop. you know what? warmbronn was that small locality in the middle of nowhere where we stopped by accident on our way to ramstein after we did not catch the right lane at the highway between stuttgart and leonberg => sooo strange ... what about even more crazy? few of the entrances (and all flats there) to his home block building were already empty as the whole houses are going to be demolished and will make place for new soon .... hell, we came 50 years after ingmars childhood back and only few months later there would be nothing left? OMG 😇

warmbronn, swabia (schwaben)
warmbronn, swabia (schwaben)
this is probably the oldest house in warmbronn
warmbronn, swabia (schwaben)
highway parking place. nice colors, true?
ramstein peace camp in steinwenden (ramstein-miesenbach)

now move to sindelfingen, where we have had a tasty lunch in the old timber-framed houses street (kurze gasse) and after that were looking for ingmar's childhood 😉
town house in sindelfingen

sindelfingen, swabia (schwaben)
sindelfingen, swabia (schwaben)
kurze gasse, sindelfingen
sindelfingen, swabia (schwaben)
lunch time in sindelfingen ...
back home 😉💓🍀

more pictures in the whole trip album here.