Tuesday, May 1, 2018

may, 1st ~ let's stand up for a better world

as every year, the labor day celebration (tag der arbeit) is a nice opportunity to stand up for a better world and to meet some fellow activists. well, many of the munich's activist and democratic powers have been here: trade unionists, communists, leftist political parties, environmental activists, peace activists ... and this time also groups of kurds, catalans (free catalonia) and iranians, i.e. nations who seek independence or protest against current arrangements of USA/NATO aggression wars against their countries ...

if you asked me, we are still much too few activists and people who care about our community/planet out there in order to actually reach any impact. unlike the OccupyWallStreet (#OWS) slogan 'we are the 99%', the today's world is probably more like this:
  • 1% are the really ugly greedy people (sometimes called 'elites') who try to destroy the world for power and profit
  • 1% activists protest/fight against the above group
  • 98% are ignorants who do not want to see + hear what happens around them and are not willing to say/do anything against the grievances. bread and circuses is everything what counts to them 
and yes, the elites know what destruction and what a death toll their actions / wars / laws / policies cause around the world. just listen what the opposition leader gregor gysi from the party 'die linke' told in german parliament 'bundestag' few days ago (in german, of course) to to german puppet government officials about current geopolitics, U.S. and NATOs aggression wars (= not self defense AND against international law):

here few pictures from today:
marienplatz in munich, the square in front of the town hall has already seen many protests and celebrations
the good old karl marx comes to save the planet :-)
the next big thing in munich's activists' calendar is the protest against the new planned bavarian  police laws which will give the police all the power to spy out / ban/ jail / ban citizens without legal trial. the suspicion by police is already enough
source facebook-event here
more pictures here.
pictures from my last labor day event (2016) here.
anything else? yes, let's save the world :-)

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

South India

enjoy few insights + pictures :-)
our journey through india this time.

one of google's movie trials on our pictures here

few pictures first, my insights second? ok, why not ;-)
salt extraction
temple feast
on the road in tamil nadu
rivers without water
rice field
we have left tamil nadu, first night in kerala
periyar, kerala ~ finally forests + nature
best of all wives
kalaripayattu show
this should be a wild safari. it was a villages and tee plantations tour instead :-(
backwaters, kerala
chinese fisher nets + tons of indian waste
what a colorful hindu temple :o)
there are also many christians in kerala ...
... and many muslims too and yes, ....
... the communist government in kerala rules them all
northwest border area between kerala + karnataka:
huge ficus tree in karnataka
indian monkey :-)

did i say 'insights' or did i only wanted to copy my google keep notes here?
  • even if south india is much, much more green than the morocco-like rajasthan we have visited two years ago, it was also here much to dry if you asked me. there were water reservoirs and rivers without water (e.g. the kaveri river) and also the soil was really dry. we haven't seen a single forest in the state of tamil nadu the first 6 days on our way from chennai via puducherry (pondicherry) and madurai to periyar in kerala. at least in the hills around periyar on the tamil nadu - kerala - borderline were the first forests and wildlife. my dear indians, it was probably not the best idea to burn / cut most of your forests down, was it? well, maybe the monsoon will bring enough rain in 2 months, we will see. what about sadhguru's campaign save our (indian) rivers, would someone like to support it a little bit?
  • really colorful, manifold and tolerant society with all these different skin colors, nations, languages, scriptures, religions ... it is very interesting to see hindu temples, jain temples, churches, synagogues (in cochin) and muslim mosques close to each other in a peaceful co-existence. at least it looked peaceful and tolerant to me even if the muslims seem to expand quite a bit through all these in construction mosques, women wearing burkas ... we haven't seen a sikh or a buddhist temple this time.
  • very friendly and satisfied people except few really poor, homeless and obviously struggling fellows. in germany we seem to be more in a hurry and look less happy most of the time as the most people we have met in south india. and yes, often have been we tourists an attraction and the locals asked if they can make a picture of us or a selfie with us. the children at an almost empty small beach in kerala even played guess games with us and tried to teach us malayalam language :o)
  • our travel guide was by far not that good as kamalesh in rajasthan, so please switch to my rajasthan-2016 blog if you are interested in indian culture, history, castes, school + education system, religion + gods, marriage and other traditions and customs 
  • anyway, what our pragmatic, organizationally skilled travel guide with heart for the poor & weak really emphasized were food and health issues. so remember: curcuma, ginger, garlic, rum, tee without milk and a glass of water every morning before breakfast are really important for your health :-)
  • sex sells: ice cream, coffee, mobile phones, newspapers, candle sticks, sarees, banking, cameras, eye clinics, education academies, movies & co. ~ everything sells better with pictures of beautiful light skinned ladies. only cement seems to be a pure men's affair :-)
  • english methods to conquer the subcontinent? 
  1. divide + rule (use cultural, religious + national differences and the rivalry between the different indian kings and sultans) 
  2. taxation
  • waste, waste, waste almost everywhere where homo sapiens appeared, even in temples. only our hotels and private shops were really clean. but you know what? the same indians will not spoon on the floor and dump waste on the ground when in singapore. why? the fines in singapore are much too high to undergo that risk :-D 
  • we have seen many, many temples, UNESCO heritage sites, palaces in mysore and the summer residence of tipu sultan (resistance fighter against the englishmen) on a 5 km long island in the kaveri river in srirangapattana, spent some time in an ashram, enjoyed ayurveda, tried kerala's cheap palm wine toddy, suffered traffic noise in all big cities, swum in the indian ocean from both sites of the indian peninsula the bay of bengal and the arabian sea, have seen many outsized catholic church symbols and many communist symbols which the remaining world has long forgotten in communist ruled kerala. of course is kerala's system different from the soviet union era socialism and yes, the folks in kerala like their government. maybe because kerala is probably the state with highest living and education standards among all indian states. the absolute highlight for me was the 2 days stay on a houseboat in kerala's sweet water canal system called backwaters, maybe because it was the only silent place beside the ashram we have encountered in two weeks.
  • we have visited the three southern states tamil nadu (= land of the tamils), kerala (= land of the coconut palm trees), karnataka (= probably land of the black earth. the name of karnataka's main language? kannada) and the clean city state / district with quite cheap alcohol pondicherry (puducherry), where its former french colonial history is still present, not only because of its french street names. did you know that in 1973 they've changed the inner state borders in india according to language borders? if we really have to divide people / states / cultures by borders, so language is probably the best category which we could take into account, isn't it?
  • last but not least, i have met a friend and former colleague in bangalore, whom i didn't see for 15 years or more. he is a kerala native and works in bangalore (bengaluru) now, so he of course provided a lot of useful + interesting information to me during our journey.
two of us
many, many more pictures here. (i will reduce, sort + comment them soon, promised. probably the long weekend end of april)