Saturday, June 26, 2021

ljubljana - slovenia

the small slovenia with only 2 million inhabitants has a lot to offer for tourists. its beautiful capital ljubljana, the alps, caves, rivers, lakes, .... 

  • ljubljana = laibach, leibach, laybach ... habsburg monarchy ... slovene inhabited province carniola ... till approx. 1848 were the most inhabitants of ljubljana german speaking ... in the antique there was the roman city ebona ... after 1918 part of yugoslavia ... a really dark chapter was the WWII and mussolini's concentration camps where the italians have captured 1/4 or 1/5 of the (slovenian) population of ljubljana ... since 1991 capital of independent slovenia
  • slovenian = (SLO) slovenski = slovensky (SVK) = slovakian 😄
 one of the dragons from the dragon bridge (zmajski most)
the dragon and the castle represents ljubljana (slovenia, slowenien) at coat of arms
historical overview (and even before there was the roman city ebona) - source wikipedia
what a stupid 2+ hours traffic jam at the croatian border 😫
this airfield in postojna was our first break in slovenia and first possibility to enjoy the country
our city hotel in ljubljana
ljubljanica river
preseren square
 historic city center
what a nice historical hotel

 ljubljanica river again

union beer? fine 🍺
 weliked ljubljana a lot and thus came after the first visit in june back to the city in august. it is only a 4-5h drive from munich, anyway. you know?
the radisson hotel is far away from the city center, but by taxi still fine enough. anyway, they should have a swimming pool / spa, if you asked me. unfortunatelly, they didn't 😈
ljubljana castle (laibacher schloss) above the city

there is still so much to explore in slovenia: the gruber canal (gruberkanal) at ljubljanica river and gruber mansion (gruberpalast) 😄 in ljubljana, the lake bled + bled castle (feb 2022), the postojna (adelsberg) cave and castle inside the cave, kranj (krain) + kranjska gora, triglav NP + lake jasna + lake bohinjsko jezero ... dear slovenia, we will come back if your and german corona regulations (aka hystery) allows free movement for not vaccinated people again.

more pictures here.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

trieste, IT

trieste (IT, EN), triest (DE), tergeste (latin), trst (SLO, CRO) ist the old historic city at our way between south tirol and istria (croatia) and was for almost 1.000 years part of german & austrian empires (e.g. from 1382 - 1918 part of the austrian-hungarian habsburg monarchy). after the WW II it was also 9 years part of yugoslavia. today it is a pure italian city, if you asked me 😏. similarly is istria today also almost pure croatian with some italian influence and huge italian history + significant mostly roman & venetian monuments (e.g. the colosseum in pula). 

comparing to croatia and even to germany seem the italian be more anxious about corona and thus you see much more people wearing face masks as otherwhere.

 town hall square (Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia => triest was not italian for a long time, you see? 😃)

to the left triest (italy), to the right castle miramare
castle miramare / schloss miramar / castello miramare  (= sea view) was build between 1856 and 1860 for the brother of the austrian emperor franz joseph I, the austrian navy headman maximilian von habsburg. ~ source of the picture is wikipedia commons (author Tiesse) as my own picture was taken from too far away and is by far not that nice as Tiesse's 😄
a government building at the main square 
lloyd triestino (former Österreichischer Lloyd) => information service & insurance for ships
generali insurance headquarters and in its ground-floor the Caffè degli Specchi at the main square (= Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia)
austrian krondorf coffee? 
square piazza della borsa. on the very left the palace tergesteo, the stock exchange of trieste in 1844
town hall
back to the harbour ... and to our parking car 🚗
 source wikipedia common (author Pukpuzzoli)  ~ a collage of Trieste showing the Piazza Unità d'Italia, the Canal Grande, the Serbian Orthodox church, a narrow street of the Old City, the Castello Miramare and the city seafront

more pictures here.