Monday, February 23, 2015

wendelstein, BY

after kufstein + lake thiersee was the bavarian massif of wendelstein (1838m) above the village of bayrischzell our last stop of this year's wedding anniversary trip.
there is a small church up there
can you see munich? hmmm, we neither ūüėĄ
a view to tirol, austria
two of us
dinner in an old restaurant (since 1646) in weyarn
monastery kloster weyarn / weyer, 1133
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

lake thiersee + pendling + längsee, AT

next stop at our wedding anniversary trip in tirol were the lakes thiersee, längsee and the pendling hill (= a day trip from kufstein).
 frozen lake thiersee
 105 kg activist save on ice :-)
 hinterthiersee, grub, hintergrub ~ many, many dead grubers ...  R.I.P
good-bye, thiersee
hello dear pendling hill, we will try its the loooong sledge track
lake längsee ... längensee?
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

kufstein, tirol, AT

i've finally found time to upload few pictures from our wedding anniversary aka eherettungsma√ünahme aka 3-day holiday in tirol (√∂sterreich - austria) ... just the the best of all wives + me, you know?

our stops this time were:

'our' hotel auracher löchl between the castle and river inn
goethe, dichter, lol
river inn + the pendling hill ~ the view from castle kufstein
castle kufstein - festung kufstein, österreich
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

sparta 300 = zaporizhia 300 ... heroes, heroes, heroes

heroes, heroes, heroes ... 300 heroes in ancient sparta in 480 b.c. and 300 heroes in saporoshje in 2014 (zaporizhia) .... sparta300 ...

source here

better to die staying than to live kneeing
 the truth isn't on TV, the truth is on the pillar (income vs. expenses)

no war, no fascism ... peace for all 


Saturday, February 14, 2015

ehrwalder alm ~ skiing with friends

we activists tend to focus on the dark side of life. but there is a bright side too :-)

skiing with friends at ehrwalderalm / tirol / zugspitze + laughing + enjoying the sun
two of us
 two of us too ~ that's logic, isn't it?
you got it by now?
good-bye, zugspitze, good-bye tyrol
good-bye ehrwald? no, no, no ... hello garmisch-partenkirchen, hello bavaria :-)

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

SiKo - occupy 'security' conference = occupy war street :-)

pictures and insights from the protest2015 against the 'security' conference aka SiKo aka sicherheitskonferenz aka wehrkundetagung = former name and yes, that's what the conference is all about = the place where the war industry meets the war management (= politics + 'security' advisers). the best example is ukraine's putch president poroshenko, who has no money but buys weapons en masse to kill own citizens with u.s. + european borrowed money :-(
stop north atlantic terror organization (NATO), stop WAR
... and in the world
 go novo-russia go, wow wow :-)
NATO = WWW = world wide WAR

more insights, speech of a survivor of the odessa massacre, peace song and much more below => click

Sunday, February 1, 2015

tipi ~ open access + open source + open place

my  dears, do you remember the tipi platz from my old, old, old blog post about open access + open source + open place? well, welcome to the lake lusssee in munich langwied :-)
 tipi platz (teepee site)
 free-range hens
sweet pigs
this small board remembers us about => je suis charlie ~ charlie hebdo
the best things in life aren't things
 sooooo true ~ money-happiness-both.html
the heaven over munich
addendum february 2020:

 Am Grabstein des Kapitalismus wird stehen: Zuviel war nicht genug. => so true, so sad ūüėü
free running chickens

 mr. peacock chases ms. peacock ūüėć
 lake lusssee
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