Friday, April 30, 2021

marriage in murnau am staffelsee

what a nice day in murnau am staffelsee in the bavarian alps. despite the harsh corona measures we have spent a beautiful marriage ceremony in murnau. the wedding celebration was forbidden (silly corona-measures), so the young couple decided to hike on a nearby mountain grosser illing (1330 m). my wife and me enjoyed the sightseeing and lunch 2 go on a bank in the old city center and then we went to the lake staffelsee. enjoy few pictures 😃

marriage / wedding in bavaria 💗
murnau am staffelsee
the lone fighter for peace in murnau's pedestrian zone (fußgängerzone)
the registry office (standesamt) is inside the town hall
well, my eldest daughter does not like any of her pictures in the internet, so
enjoy a picture from some other bavarian marriage in murnau today 😇
murnau castle ~ schloss murnau
gold or bitcoin? hmmmm ...
 city center of murnau + church in rieden
lake staffelsee at murnau. cold, but good enough to swim 10 minutes inside 🌊
castle schloss rieden
lake staffelsee at rieden
good-bye, beautiful bavarian alps 😍
wheat beer brewery karg 🍺 ~ weißbier karg, murnau
=> my murnau retrospection at home 😄

my own wedding 30+ years ago? here we go. we are still together and love each other of course different than then, but stronger than ever before  💕

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