Thursday, February 26, 2009

an interesting week :-)

folks, i like holidays a lot:
  • skiing
  • ice skating & swimming with children
  • internet
  • traders' club meeting
  • cinema (with the best of all wifes :-)
  • indian restaurant (with the best of all wifes :-)
  • kurdish barber (yep, my beard is away!)
  • 2 nights in würzburg incl. candle light dinner (wedding anniversary celebration starting tomorrow :)
  • new money 4 trading & investing
  • new investing account (just to separate investments made before 2009 for tax related reasons)
  • shopping fever = i'm starting to buy my planned investments

here we go, my new investments:

  • novagold (Au)
  • scorpio mining (Ag + base metals)
  • ...
  • c'mon! my new pretty €uros, where are you sooo long? when will you arrive @my newly created investment account? ...................................................................................................................................... the money came @ 3 p.m., i started buying immediately and nervously as i had to leave for the weekend with my wife (wedding anniversary celebration) ... well, that was the time gold/silver were +1.5% and the optimism for gold/silver stocks at least double as high ... i took most of my positions @ ask price just to continue fast enough (~90 minutes) ... till the end of the day fell gold/silver slightly bellow their yesterday's price and so did the most gold/silver stocks (just bhp billiton out of 14 acquisitions rose significantly after my purchase). i'm not the perfect market timer anyway, i could save about 100 €uros with a little patience, but i had not the time as i REALLY had to leave my home! anyway, my wife spent few tears because of her husband's changed plans in favor of the stocks instead of her :o(

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

armageddon 4 gold bugs ;o((

aua, aua, aua!

gold -2%
silver -3%
my portfolio -4%

well, let's see what are the numbers @ the end of day ... the most of my precious metals stocks fell in canada between 8%-15%, i assume my portfolio will fall much more ;o((

cold comfort: i will get some new money in the next few days! it would be nice to buy all these pretty, shiny gold/silver/commodity stocks cheap :-)

do u now the saying 'plan your trade and trade your plan'?

here we go, my plan 4 the next shopping orgy:
  • silver and/or silver ETF (8K, just to keep some metal instead of paper (money) in case of some unexpected monetary reform)
  • summer holidays (10K, watch out new york! watch out california! WE WILL COME SOON :o)
  • security account with currently 6% interest (4K)
  • my CFD trading account (1K)
  • debt repayment 2 moni & cony (1K)
  • commodity stocks (think big => 10 x 1K, basically big & stable companies without any danger of bankruptcies ;o):
  • -> novagold (1k)
  • -> scorpio mining (1K)
  • -> cardero resources (1K)
  • -> newmont mining, kinross, barrick gold, yamana gold, silver wheaton, goldcorp, bhp billiton, levon resources, minera andes, MAG silver, orko silver, nanostart (5K)
  • -> renewable energy ETF + water ETF (1K)
  • -> oil/africa/vietnam/bric/chile/china/taiwan ETFs + some commodity index ETF/cetrificate (2K)

Friday, February 20, 2009

gold above $1,000 & DAX bellow 4,000 again!

folks, folks, folks!

gold above $1,000 & the german major stock index DAX bellow 4,000 points (the lowest level for 6 years !!!) again ;o)

... and my gold/silver stocks portfolio down 3.23%. does that make any sense??? i don't think so even if a part of that decline is just a reaction to yesterday's drop in precious metals stocks as the german market is (just) adjusting (=converting 2 €uros) the closing price of mining stocks from their native u.s./canadian stock exchanges.

btw, i wouldn't sell gold stocks when gold is rising like crazy, would you?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


it's craaaaazy !!!!

folks, i bet that the people out there on the markets lost their faith in corrupt governments, their small dirty central banks, fiat money, stimulus packages, etc. !!! why? just look at the market data today:

common stocks -4%
eur/usd -1.65%
commodities: between -2% (base metals) and -10% (natural gas, oil)
gold/silver +3%
gold/silver stocks +5%
my portfolio +3%

what are the folks looking for? i bet gold, silver, honesty, security ....


  • cardero resources (Fe)
  • coeur d'alene mines (Ag)
  • ECU silver (Ag)
  • excellon resources (Zn, Pb, Ag)
  • genco resources (Ag)
  • scorpio mining (Ag, Zn, Pb, Au)
  • coral gold (Au)
  • bravo venture (Au)
  • coeur d'alene mines (Ag) - AGAIN !!!
  • bhp billiton (Fe, base metals, coal, rare earths, precious metals)
  • crescent gold (Au)
  • dundee precious metals (Au, Cu - new)
  • microsoft (software - new) - the company with the highest cash reserves in the world! $25 billion?
  • premier gold (Au - new) - wrong timing here as the stock shoot up 100% in the last few weeks. well, i had no free funds earlier. let's enjoy the company development anyway :-)
  • MAG silver (Ag)
  • scorpio mining (Ag, Zn, Pb, Au) - AGAIN !!!
  • ECU silver (Ag) - AGAIN !!! one of the few still very cheap + not bankrupt junior explorers/producers
  • sterling mining (Ag)
  • yamana gold (Au - new)
  • paramount gold & silver (Au, Ag)
  • 1st majestic silver (Ag)
  • goldcorp (Au - new)
  • endeavour silver (Ag)
  • kirkland lake (Au - new)
  • cbh (base metals)
  • 1st quantum minerals (base metals - new)
  • franco-nevada corp. (resource royalty & investment - new)

folks, du u like casinos? no? i don't like them either, but i like to take some bets! well, i did wager 55 to 120 €uros that following highly bankruptcy endangered companies will survive and multiply my stakes:

  • RBS (banking - new! folks, believe me, i do not believe in banking, stimulus packages, nationalization of industries etc. :o). this purchase is to some degree just a carneval joke! as i saw that stock in my seldom opened watchlist #2 today i LOL & couldn't stop laughing! i've invested 111 €uros and bought 400 shares just for the sake to participate in the current financial mess out there ;o)
  • greenshift (clean energy, like RBS also highly bankruptcy endangered, my position and thus my overall risk is really low)
  • sterling mining (Ag - established 1903, bankrupt 2009? well, i've bet €55 on their revival (=2,000 shares incl. commission), but without their yesterday lost sunshine mine it will be very, very hard for them :-)
  • qimonda (semiconductors - new, technology leader + last european producer of some special kind of chips)
  • hy lake gold (Au)

well, why do i have not more money to invest? that's an easy one! because i've bought as much gold/silver/agriculture/energy stocks as i could afford now + in january + december + november :-)

i hope you did the same !!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

next successful week :o)

my precious metals shares are climbing higher & higher week after week! some weeks a lot, some others just a little bit. btw, yesterday rose my portfolio +0.51% even if the global stock markets were quite negative the whole day (approx. -1%) and closed the week neer its bottom price ...

my current balance is -46.38%, two weeks ago (on january 29th) it was -52% and in november about -70%. well, i'm still down a lot from my initial purchase price, but at least the current direction is ok :o))

let's move up further, my lovely commodity stocks :-)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

+2.11% today ...

... and my stocks went in canada (after the german market closed) further up => let's enjoy the arbitrary price movements in germany tomorrow morning :o)

what about the general stock market today? there was not much movement in stocks today, they couldn't really recover after yesterday's -4% drop. the usd didn't change a lot against his paper buddy €uro, but there was a huuuuuge drop in the most commodity prices: oil -4.44%, gas -5.64%, base metals -3%, agriculture -2%

there were just 3 stars on today's commodity heaven:
  • gold +2.39%
  • silver + 2.81%
  • platinum +3.87%

well, i bet the markets expect a recession (commodities down) + destruction of paper money (precious metals up). what's your opinion?

Monday, February 9, 2009

ZEITGEIST - join the movement & change the world

well, at the above website are the 3 zeitgeist movies, if you didn't seen any of them, start with the #2

money, debt, freedom, war, slavery, politics, profit, destruction of the nature, .... watch the movie (2 hours! so 1st of all, plan your spare time accordingly and make sure u can watch the whole movie in a relaxed mood ... the content and the form of presentation is 100% worth every second spent watching it :o)

are u ready to do to improve the world? you could start immediately by implementation of the 6 ideas presented in the very end of that movie ... and u could also join the movement which will HOPEFULLY SOON help to transform our current monetary based economy to a resource based community of all people, plants, animals on EARTH ...

related quotes:

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality". - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"We must become the change we want to see in the world". - Mohandas Gandhi.

addendum june 4, 2011: as far as i can remember, beside peter joseph (the movie author) also jacque fresco and gerald celente contributed a lot to that movie ... and yes, today i have heard a great, great, great audio interview with gerald celente @ king world news. ENJOY :-)

(posted november 2012) zeitgeist 3, moving forward

let's create a resource based economy without any monetary system installed instead of our current (paper) money driven limitless growth meme and accelerating destruction of our planet ... btw, the first 30-40 minutes of the movie a dedicated to the insight that there is very seldom some genetic driven 'bad' behaviour, because in the most cases is the social environment more formative than any genes (just in case you would like to skip that for me not so interesting part of the movie ;-). approximately after the first 1h 30 starts the description of a new  sustainable resource-based economy: a economy which covers our needs (but maybe not all of our greeds). well, there would be no money anyway, that would reduce the greed as wall, wouldn't it?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

security conference? hahahaha ... the next wars planning!!!

folks, folks, folks!

i have been there! well, of course not inside the munich's most luxury hotel 'bayrischer hof' ... i have been with my wife and our youngest daughter among at least 5,000 other demonstrators [closed in by 3,500 heavily armed policemen !!!] in front of munich's city hall. after many speeches for peace, co-operation and disarming in the world + against the shortly heavily increased state terror & prosecution & monitoring of own population (pronounce: 'war on terror') in germany [3,500 heavily armed policemen !!!] continued the demo with a peaceful protest march through city's streets to the odeonsplatz, where the political-war-makers had their luxury culinary reception.

here we go! that's munich's city hall ...

... and that's me + my youngest daughter (on the right side:)
From Blogger Pictures

Demo Sicherheitskonferenz München 7.2.09


what's your bet about the next seat of war just planned and approved by that conference? iran, pakistan, afghanistan, palestine, syria, saudi arabia, ... all of them? just in case you are still not 100% sure they really had planned WAR instead of freedom and security, please read the official list of attendees bellow, it is full of military advisers + commanders and their small dirty political marionettes:

the 45th annual Munich Security Conference. Here is a list of some of the attendees (found @ the 'official' conference website which is not worth the web space occupied! read better, siko 2009, ... )
a nice anti-war-motto found @ wir-stellen-uns-quer: "Wir werden dort sein. Wir werden den Kriegsplanern, den Kriegstrommlern und Kriegsprofiteuren lautstark und unmissverständlich klarmachen: Ihr seid die größte Bedrohung für die Menschen auf diesem Planeten. Ihr seid hier und überall auf der Welt unerwünscht. Wir wollen keine Kriegstreiber und Massenmörder in München. Krieg ist Terror."

here we go, the list of this year's conference warmongers + war profiteers:
_ U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden
_ German Chancellor Angela Merkel
_ French President Nicholas Sarkozy
_ Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov
_ Afghan President Hamid Karzai
_ U.S. Central Command commander Gen. David Petraeus
_ U.S. special envoy to Afghanistan/Pakistan Richard Holbrooke
_ Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk
_ Ukraine Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko
_ International Atomic Energy Agency Director Mohamed Elbaradei
_ Iranian spokesman Ali Larijani
_ British Foreign Secretary David Miliband
_ British Defense Secretary John Hutton
_ U.S. Senators John McCain, John Kerry and Joseph Lieberman
_ World Bank President Robert Zoellick
_ NATO General Secretary Jaap de Hoop Scheffer
_ EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana
_ Japanese Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada
_ Human Rights Watch Director Kenneth Roth
_ U.S. national security adviser Gen. James Jones
_ Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay
- ...
- various industry leaders (esp. military industry, of course)
- ...
that's about war! not security, isn't it? question of the day: what could be done with all the public money wasted on weapons, wars, security budgets + bail-outs on banks, car makers and other billionaires? i'm sure a lot!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

new funds invested :-)

folks, even if i do not really have additional money for investing at the moment, i couldn't overcome a temptation and bought few shares in following IMHO soooo cheap & valuable companies this week:

  • cardero resources
  • coeur d'alene mines
  • ECU silver
  • excellon resources
  • genco resources
  • scorpio mining

well, why do i have no money to invest? that's an easy one! because i've bought as much gold/silver/agriculture/oil/energy (stocks) as i could afford in november + december + january :-)

i hope you did the same !!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

-4.02% today :o((

well, after few good days is today a really baaaadddd day for me! gold/silver approx. 2% down, my portfolio double that rate ... it is like the curve of the sinus function, like the kondratieff-business-cycle, like the good and bad days with your spouse or like all of that! that's trading, that's life :o))

cold comfort: my CFD portfolio increased a little bit as natural gas rose 2.47% today. anyway, my micro-trading-account is still highly endangered by forced liquidation :-)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

current CFD account size €206

damned hell, that's sad!

i have nothing to add concerning my trading style :o((. i do know i should ALWAYS use stops when trading highly leveraged CFDs and if reasonable re-enter my winning positions again, but i can't :o(. why? well, i do probably trade my believes about the markets (e.g. gas is cheap => let's buy it) and not the markets instead (e.g. gas is falling deeper and deeper => do not buy it!) ... my goodness, i just copied my thoughts about my trading from a posting earlier this month, it's still true ... ;o(( ... :

what about my posititions? well, after my lovely, pretty, bonny silver was stopped out @ 11.06 and fell later to 10.55 and is $11.28 now ... and closed @12.62 on friday ;o(( ..., i had no silver-CFDs to profit from yesterday's huge increase. nevertheless i have to use stop limits in my CFD account, because all positions where i had stops like silver, sugar, coffee were stopped out after nice profits and just the 2 without stop limits (natural gas + orange juice) lost money, so i had not enough margin coverage on my account to re-enter some of my winning positions ... sugar + coffee made also double digit gains since then ;o(( ... => CONCLUSION: my mistake was not to place stop limit orders for silver + coffee + sugar, but not having stops for gas + o-juice !!!!!

my remaining positions:
  • 2 x natural gas
  • 1x orange juice

folks, i have to organize more funds for my trading account! why? with a small account is the chance to increase my account significantly much, much, much, much lower than the probability to lose all my money again and again :o). why? well, i do get wiped out easily on smallest market movement in 'opposite' direction :o((. are there any fans of larry williams? yes? great! listen to his opinion:

wanna more about larry? hmmmmm, what about some great trader's advice? yeaaaah? here we go :-)