Saturday, July 23, 2016

wedding in SK => smolenice castle + sightseeing in bratislava

what about a long weekend in slovakia? well, we have visited the capital bratislava and the nearby village smolenice, where my sister got married => good luck, dear sister + dear brother-in-law :-)
 wedding card
 my no. 1 building in bratislava
michael's gate
 1993 ?
 river morava and yes, i swum (illegally?) to austria and back :-)
 ruins of the devin castle (destroyed 1809 on instruction of napoleon bonaparte)
smolenice castle ... 
... in the small carpathians (male karpaty) mountains
marriage in the church in smolenice
back to the smolenice castle for the wedding celebration:
 the is a museum of historic buggies in the castle tower today
the cloud over the nearby nuclear power plant jaslovske bohunice was always there. strange :-(
two of us
lunch in one wine restaurant in modra (slovakia) ...
... coffee at the highway in austria ... and dinner in the small cute city of haag in bavaria (germany) below the castle
more pictures here.
my old blog about smolenice here.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

CETA TTIP TISA TPP - freedom, why do you die away?

folks, our freedom disappears in slices: capital controls, upcoming cash prohibition, thanks edward snowden we know that NSA & Co. monitor everything, GMO (monsanto &co.) poison our food ... and then there is this ugly dictatorship of multinational corporations over nations and democracy called TTIP / TAFTA / CETA / TISA / TPP and the like ... so sad :-(

well, in munich we have been about 1,000 - 2,000 activists protesting against the CETA, the recently worded trade agreement between the EU and canada
what trade agreements are about
what our planet needs
at least we protest with our feet (and i hope also with our money when buying stuff we need)
fuck GMO ...
the sun came out in the very evening, nice :-)
munich is a nice place to live, you know?
my dear lions, what do you think about the direction our society is moving in?

few more pictures HERE

people, pls awake and stop the 1%, please (= occupyallstreets?)... let's save the world :-)

Saturday, July 9, 2016

frasdorf ~ crazy birthday party :-)

what a nice birthday party in the bavarian alps ~ 3 of my friends decided to celebrate their birthdays together ~ enjoy few pictures
happy birthday, dear andre :-)
the DAV hut in frasdorf (GPS address: soilach 3)
what a scenery :-)
a small hiking trip to frasdorfer hütte
what a strange door patent ... i couldn't open it at night :-)
coat of arms of bavaria ~ freistaat bayern
fire and the fire-protector st. florian
crazy kids ...
more pictures here
and yes, 4 years age we have been there too.