Wednesday, August 23, 2017

sadhguru on mother earth

my friends, you probably know that i subscribed to the daily quotes/newsletter of sadhguru some time ago. yes, gurus provide newsletters nowadays :-)

the interesting fact for me is that sadhguru's message turns from the spiritual advice more and more to the appeal to save the nature. you still remember his campaign to save india's rivers (#saveourrivers?) basically by trial to build a 1 km stripe of protective forest from both sides of a big rivers (i have also contributed for few trees few months ago)
6 August 2017: If you use more of anything than you need, on the overall scale of things, you are committing a crime against all life.

20 August 2017: Mother Earth is so generous. If only we give her the chance, she will restore everything in absolute abundance and beauty.

and here comes the 5 factors which threaten mother earth (most):
  • Loss of Biodiversity
  • Unsustainable Agriculture
  • Population Growth
  • Deforestation
  • Overuse of Non-renewable Energy
the full story about these 5 factors in original newsletter by sadhguru / isha foundation will you find here: 5 Factors That Threaten Mother Earth

more on sadhguru / sad guru / sadguru / SADHGURU here
enjoy also few quotations from his daily newsletter

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

hands off north korea!

USA, put your hands of north korea (and off venezuela and off any other country in the world). you have destroyed enough, if anyone asked me .... especially in north korea during the so called korean war in 1953, when through coward carpet bombing the americans killed about 25% of north korean population and destroyed almost everything there :-(

we people are so stupid. why do we allow the so called 'elites' and governments to spend billions of our (taxpayers) money to bomb, inflame, poison and otherwise destroy our mother earth? there is no planet B out there, we have to protect this one as our highest effort, i believe.
friends, let's stop wars, particularly the burgeoning WW3 ...
source: here

here is a list of countries which have been militarily attacked by the USA or in which the USA tried to change their governments since 1945 ... and the author even forgot to put e.g. georgia and especially ukraine on that list, where the USA spent 5 billion dollars to support the regime change in 2014 according to the 'fuck the EU' victoria nuland's public statement when she was assistant secretary of state for european and eurasian affairs at the united states department of state...
source: here

just to make the sure, north korea did not attack a single country since its establishment, you know? and it is USA who carries out its military exercises in front of north koreas borders for years, not otherwise, my dears ...
  • today, august 21th, at the solar eclipse day in the usa, the military operation 'Ulchi-Freedom Guardian' just started with 80,000 soldiers (approx. 30,000 american + 50,000 south korean) in front of north korean borders. what a provocation! btw, my native slovakia has only about 12,000 - 14,000 soldiers to protect its 5 million inhabitants. the population of north korea is not much bigger (maybe only 4 to 5 times bigger). do you understand what a danger 80,000 foreign soldiers represent? and yes, north korea would need their soldiers to help with harvest ... is this also a part of the american calculation? you ugly imperialist bastards, shame on you ...

let's listen 2 minutes to rachel blevins explanations about the north korean - american relationship => soooo sad, soooo interesting
source: rachel's blog post here

source: here

at the above cartoon linked hampton institute site i have read one travel blog about north korea which explains the western propaganda against north korea and its leader kim yong is simply a lie (e.g. kim's uncle + girl friend were not killed/executed as the western mainstream media reported), but unfortunately couldn't find this report today. so read + watch some other (positive) travel report about north korea here

one more media information in german about the role of china in the korean conflict here

btw, what is the reason why USA wants to attack north korea? well, there will be more than one reason, so let think together what the main issues or 'advantages' for the USA (or the 'elites' ruling its particular governments) could be:
  • economical: i believe this is the main reason for the most u.s. wars. already in the WW2 they have bombed the industrial sites in my native czechoslovakia just days/weeks before the war ended as they knew czechoslovakia will stay under soviet influence after the war. in yugoslavia (today's serbia) they also bombed mainly factories, power plants, bridges, pipelines, roads and railroads and not really harmed the military. well, unlike soldiers, a factory can't hide itself against airplanes. the same picture in syria: the u.s. bombing did not harm assad's army or ISIS much, but the syrian industry and infrastructure is mostly destroyed ... ===> but there is no competition for american industry in north korea, is there? well, a (nuclear) conflict on the korean peninsula would probably destroy south korean industrial giants like samsung, LG, kia, hyundai / huyndai & co for decades ...
  • strategic: northkorea  is so close to u.s. competitors/enemies russia + china ...
  • military: probably a good opportunity to 'dispose' old weaponry and to test and order new one (the taxpayer will not be asked whether they like such stupid 'investment' for their money or not)
  • other: to move the attention from domestic problems to abroad actions (beginning civil war as the alt-right and alt-left start to fight against each other? the traditional divide at conquer pattern instead of united class fight against the real enemies of american people)
  • etc.

hands off venezuela, too ~ watch this short (40 seconds) video
... and this reminds me on the u.s. funded regime change in ukraine in 2014: a short report about the u.s. funded protesters in venezuela here

psychopath 'elites', listen: we want peace (please) ...

Saturday, August 19, 2017

hölle, höllbachhof, falkenstein

we have visited friends in the smooth hills of bavarian forest (bayerischer wald) in the village postfelden, who try to live on and to promote sustainable organic farming and a life which supports the nature ... would you like to visit their farm höllbachhof and learn about their motivation online? here we go: höllbachhof

well, we have seen beautiful 250 years old farm houses, organic permaculture farming, chicks + ducks + geese running around, sheep + goats + 1 donkey + 2 cats and many, many bees too ... and yes, we should not forget their friend + traditional guard, their big dog, wow, wow :-)
free running geese
sheep, goats, donkey
curly kale + tobacco (grünkohl + tabak)
so true :-)

on the way we enjoyed to walk in the adjacent nature park hölle (hell) and the nearby city and castle of falkenstein

hölle (hell):
let's go to hell :-)
 höllbach creek
 the best of all wives :-)

falkenstein (falcon stone):
 falkenstein castle
 city of falkenstein
 vorderer bayerischer wald (bavarian forest)
town hall
 taxes make the life of  other people nice? so true even today ...
good-bye, falkenstein
more pictures here