Monday, December 31, 2018

poznan, PL

enjoy few pictures from poznan (posen), where we have made a nice break on our trip from lodz to the baltic.
poznan, old square (stary rynek)
of course, the was not only the old city center in poznan. there are old socialism era blocks, too
good-bye, poznan 😊
more pictures here

Sunday, December 30, 2018

lodz, PL, 2018 and 1993

we have been already many, many, many, many times to lodz visiting my wife's family... look what an album created google automatically here
the former poznanski's factory site is the beautiful shopping & leisure center manufaktura 'manufa' today

this time we have dared to jump into the city's historical museum in the poznanski palace. yes, it was a really nice experience. it was so crazy to learn that in 1820 had lodz only 767 inhabitants and thanks to rapid development of the textile industry (especially under russian administration) in 1914 almost half a million and before WWII already 670,00 ... unbelievable. there were poles, germans, jews and russian folks (+ few french and english industrialists too) living close to each other and in peace ...
that was probably also the time when in germany arised the folk song 'theo, we go to lodz' (theo, wir fahren nach lodsch)
lodz 💓

our last (longer) visit to lodz was at all hollows, so have have concentrated our attention on the cemeteries. enjoy especially the pictures from the combined catholic / protestant / orthodox cemetery close to the manufactura site here. this time i've visited the jewish cemetery in the northern part of the lodz. beside really old graves there are also many commemorative plaques for the victims of the litzmannstadt ghetto from WWII. so sad :-((
izrael poznanski's mausoleum
 city history musuem in the poznanski palace:
 the rooms inside the poznanski palace 
what about going 26 years back? well, the best of all wives and myself have been at the sylvester party 1993 in the poznanski palace :o)
1993 💕

 good-bye, poznanski's palace
back to 2018. poznanski's manufactura
plac wolnosci, the main city square and begin of the piotrkowska street
piotrkowska street 

looking for piece of land in alexandrow, a village next to lodz
enjoy more pictures here.

what about the mosaic of our whole journey?

btw, enjoy our former winter visit to lodz with some snow here