Saturday, January 28, 2012

EnWave = next level of dehydration

the future of dehydration technology? who knows, but ive spent a nice investor lunch event in munich yesterday :-)

well, despite temporary ups and downs, on balance my investment didnt move an inch since early 2010 (in €uro terms), but i somehow feel its gonna be good what these guys create so i bought few more shares on market opening, u know? of course, if u asked me i prefer natural blueberries, strawberries, ananas, women to dehydrated ones ... and i dont like bacteria, vaccines and the like at all (no matter if natural or dehydrated), but there are for sure applications esp in the food and medicine industries which use all that dehydrated stuff, so what?

why do i think this technology and enwaves royalty model will succeed? it is simply the fastest and cheapest technology ... and yes, you only need a microwave and some vacuum. easy, isnt it? there was some slide in the presentation which tells ya anything but enwaves 'REV' dehydration approach is rubbish, but it is designed rather 4 technical people not homo sapiens financialis like me :-)

of course, the CEO john mcnicol told like it is not that easy to reproduce this technology that every competitor and every useless creature like myself could do it by themselves at no costs and no know-how and then sell the idea 2 nestle, danone, novartis, roche, merck ... and become rich over night ...

anyway, that brings me to next brilliant jaro gruber concept, my dear! i gonna dehydrate my investment ideas, thus keep them fresh for loooong periods of time and sell them 2 FED, ECB, goldman sachs, JPM, RBS, BoE, BoJ, pboc, deutsche bank and all other financial mafia institutes which have enough money 2 pay 4 that or have access 2 taxpayers money or both.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

#unitedforglobalchange, january 15

copyright: sabine mairiedl 

next #OccupyWallStreet event in munich ... occupy all streets? no, 2day just the city square in front of the town hall in the very centre of munich

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btw, here is the link to the previous events and esp to my main blog post concerning real democracy + OccupyWallStreet movement  ;-)