Thursday, December 30, 2010

my performance 2010 + outlook 2011

folks, a great great year is over, the stock-exchanges in germany closed @ 2 pm ...

already 2009 was a great (after-crash) year, but 2010 was a mere frenzy for my accounts! guys, ive made more in the markets than in my office job :-) ... much much more ... ie approx 1.5 times more ... pls dont think abt the term 'trading 4 living' cos im not going 2 do that in the near future as it is a big big difference between having to earn money and to withdraw money 4 living each month out of the accounts on the one hand and just playing with surplus money in the markets on the other hand, u know? ... OMG! i still cant believe my success in the markets ... well, cos of my perspective of the financial/economical world out there and my outlook 2011 im not going 2 sell (m)any of my hero-performer-stocks any time soon, so the most profits are still fictive right now :-)

so what happened 2010? my market outlook a year ago was right and so was my strategy! yep, we had an inflationary hard assets rally as commodities and commodity stocks rallied like crazy. imho it is no wonder facing all that stupid bailouts, stimulus packages, quantitative easing and other similar fraudulent interventions ... it doesnt looks like if there is a major change for better to the current investment environment out there, so despite the much higher commodity prices i dont have to adjust/change my old market outlook a lot if at all [wanna read part c) in last years blog?]. its amazing 2 read old stuff after the time has proven what was right and what not, isnt it?
  • my micro trading account: commodity CFDs (natural gas, silver, wheat, orange juice, coffee, sugar, corn, rice) ... ive often managed to increase my positions on dips in the huge uptrend ... of course, ive sometimes exited the markets too soon cos the prices went after a short correction much higher without my involvement (eg. sugar, coffee) ... what abt performance in numbers? my account is up 344% as ive withdrawn 12k out of an 4.3k account during the year and there is still 7k left ... i will update the 'final' numbers when the u.s. market closes 2night ... => +347.80% in 2010 :-)
  • my investing account: mining stocks (approx 95% of all funds i think), energy stocks, agriculture/food stocks, call options 4 oil, water + new energy ETFs and few technology stocks. well, i was lucky 2 increase my holdings many times this year, especially in august before the gold/silver rally started. i hope those of you who followed my opinions/ideas and have chosen few of my picks for yourselves dont complain too loud, there are not many mining stocks among them which increased less than 100% in 2010, so it was not too difficult to grab a big portion of their moves i think :-). well, lets mention few of my top performers: rio alto mining (a 33-bagger since december 2008), novagold (21-bagger since december 2008), 1st majestic silver, orko silver, silver wheaton, us gold, us silver, megastar development, andover ventures, western potash, commerce resources, aquila res, zimtu capital, xstrata, rio tinto, endeavor silver, fortuna silver, source res, vg gold, cardero res, amerigo res, levon res (19-bagger since february 2009), sabina gold + silver, minera andes, alderon res, mirasol res, rubicon minerals, dundee precious metals, hecla mining, paramount gold + silver, bhp billiton, great panther silver, adamus res, 1st quantum minerals, source exploration, energold drilling, altona mining, premier gold, scorpio mining, ... btw, what abt my performance in numbers? hmmmm, its 2 difficult 2 compute it as i hold my positions usually longer than a year and i continuous increase my positions if there is some fresh money available like recently in august + november ... the current balance of all open positions is +86.56% ... well, my portfolio is posted on my website anyway, so if u are really interested in it shouldnt take u more than 3 minutes 2 find it :-)
lets look forward 2 the year of the rabbit, lets look forward to 2011 ... and ...

... lets create a happy new year :-)

final update after the market closed: well, the commodity markets were up a lot yesterday, all my trading positions were 'green', one of my top 10 days ever i think, highest gains with gas + rice for a daily profit of 13.39% => the performance of my micro trading account in 2010 was +347.80%

ps: its just crazy that after my stocks on thursday closed the year at highest level ever, even my CFDs rallied on friday on the very last trading session in 2010 to my personal all-time-high

pps: there were many reasons for my success in 2010, see the prolly most important in the chart below:
silver in 2010 (source:

(my favorite markets rallied like crazy ;-)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

ron paul 4 president!

addendum october 5th, 2012: ron paul on war in middle east, enjoy his insights in this short 50 seconds video from june 2011...

... one more speech on gaza / israel / middle east  (may 2011)


addendum september 17th, 2012: The attack on the US consulate in Libya and the killing of the US Ambassador and several aides is another tragic example of how our interventionist foreign policy undermines our national security. The more the US tries to control the rest of the world, either by democracy promotion, aid to foreign governments, or by bombs, the more events spin out of control into chaos, unintended consequences, and blowback. (ron paul's weekly newsletter)


addendum january 6th, 2012: what a clear agenda to change the current destructive course to freedom & peace & prosperity! hell, why do only soooo few folks listen + support the ideas of freedom?

ron paul on WikiLeaks, freedom, wars, government, government's lies, thomas jefferson, ...

wanna watch more abt FREEDOM? well, its 1 hour and 14 minutes of tough stuff ... enjoy anyway and of course, folks lets fight for freedom and against corrupt politicians and their small dirty regulators whenever and whereever we can! will you?

last but not least, what abt government spending, stimulus packages and re-distribution of taxpayers money? its not going 2 do much good either, is it?

last but not least a great great great interview (40 minutes) ... so if u have the time 2 watch it, make sure you will ... enjoy :-)

ron paul on NWO:


and yes, let's add also a picture of ron paul (in case all these youtube previews doesn't work properly)
source: taken as a screenshot from here

addendum november 14th, 2012: Congressman Ron Paul's Farewell Speech to Congress  ... ode to freedom + peace + prosperity ... of, course, this 48 minutes video is presented for hard core fans of both ron paul + liberty ~ enjoy ... and yes, good-bye, ron and thanks for your huge contribution to peace + freedom :-)

addendum july 2014: ron paul on MH17, the malaysian civil airplane shot down over eastern ukraine .. so wise, my dears


Saturday, December 4, 2010

life cycle of the typical mining stock

source: Zimtu Capital Corp. = one of my portfolio companies. btw, zimtu's strategy is to enter the opportunity before the IPO ;-)

folks, mining is soooo exciting, u know? wanna read abt my investment approach?

1.) how 2 choose stocks 2 buy? 

a) well, i follow the markets daily and i also attend a lot of commodity oriented events like the precious metals fair, other (smaller) commodity shows, investor lunch events for few (approx 10 - 20) invited folks and the like. leftovers is easy, i buy stocks i liked most  ... my decisions are based basically on my impression or personal criteria like e.g. company's partners & investors [when folks like rob mcewen, eric sprott, paulson, soros, silver wheaton, pan american silver, xstrata and the like are also invested i believe its almost risk free 2 get involved myself ] ... i dont look-up the company website, financial news, earnings reports and the like at that stage ... of course, im easy 2 impress i think ... after the 1st small 'pilot' buy i subscribe companies newsletters, start following their development and if appropriate i increase my positions 

b) my 2nd decision method: i scroll down my portfolio sorted descending by current position value and where my eyes 'stops' thats the stock i increase my holdings in ~ ie intuition again 

2.) most potential for long term gains?
i think its the explorers & junior mining stocks

3.) why explorers & junior mining stocks?

well, this one is the easiest one! its based on the 'life cycle of the typical mining stock' [~ idea => IPO => discovery => a looooong development period i.e. the 2nd chance 2 buy these stocks cheap => production & cash-flow & dividends = the boring fat cat phase of stock's life] 

btw, wanna look-up the mining ABC issues?

ps: ist there any risk involved? yep, of course there is a huuuuge risk involved: the discovery isnt good enough (too low metal grades, too small overall amonunt of the commodity contained, etc), mngmt not able 2 raise enough money 2 build-up a mine, legal/environmental issues, political risk (congo, ecuador, venezuela, russia, ...), management failure, sometimes even pure fraud (eg the only 'asset' is an advertising/promotion campaign), drop in commodity prices so that the production isnt economical anymore and a lot of similar stuff ... well, thats why i own 100+ mining companies and tend rather 2 increase my existing positions in the good ones than 2 buy a new strongly promoted company, u know?

anything else? hmmm, probably one famous quote about the gold mining industry / stocks:

gold mine is a hole in the ground with a liar at the top ~ mark twain

xmas salary => xmas shopping

folks, the headline is the program this time => lets buy few new mining stocks 4 my portfolio and/or lets increase the existing positions => #jarobuys:
  • arafura resources
  • bravo gold
  • century mining
  • cequence energy - partner of donnybrook energy
  • colossus minerals
  • donner metals
  • donnybrook energy - my latest investor lunch series involvement :-)
  • EnWave corp
  • evolving gold
  • 1st majestic silver
  • gossan resources
  • guyana goldfields
  • jaguar mining
  • lara exploration
  • lynas corp.
  • quantum rare earth development
  • revett minerals
  • southern silver
  • talon metals
  • united mining group
  • western potash
btw, im going 2 buy 3 australian mining stocks on monday, u can look-up the companies monday evening :-)
  • morning star gold
  • matsa resources
  • #3 (limit order not fulfilled :-) ... few days later ... bought 100,000 shares of gold explorer sultan corp @ AUD 0.006 ... well, they explore some properties in montenegro and some in australia ... btw, will the company survive (and the stock price multiply many times) or will it go bankrupt? whats your bet?
#jarobuys few more stocks on monday:
  • nanostart ag ~ nanotechnology
  • sgl carbon ~ graphite!!!
  • uc resources ~ silver
=> hell, this investing stuff is sooooo easy !!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Donnybrook Energy


next investor lunch event 2day ~ Donnybrook Energy Inc ~
well, the donnybrook story was presented by both the donnybrook and donner metals director dave patterson => #jarobuys few more donner shares 2day cos they are still cheap like an unwanted pet => that investment stuff is as easy as that 

btw, what do these irish sounding guys do? also easy! theyve acquired a big land package in alberta / canada and now they look for some major gas & oil discovery.

folks, i didnt buy any initial position in donnybrook yet cos the stock tripled since august and thus appears somehow 2 expensive 4 me, u know? well, was prolly a mistake cos the donnybrook rallied +9.76% 2day 

... just came back from a short walk through snowy streets .... u know what? no experiments this time! lets stick 2 strategy which guided me soooo well this year => lets make some small pilot buy 2morrow (gonna place a buy order at 2days closing quote CAD 0.45) + apply 4 companys newsletter + start 2 follow donnybrooks development .... and yes, lets buy few shares of their drilling partner cequence energy as well ;o))