Sunday, October 31, 2010

soooo sad :-( reptil leather & destroeyd tiger's habitat ;o( LETS BOYCOTT SUCH PRODUCTS!

 OMG! sooo many killed wild animals each year ;-(  ... FOLKS, LETS BOYCOTT SUCH PRODUCTS!

anyway, pls watch the 15 min documentary video (swiss television, german language)

gonna support the animals or the reckless profit seeking industry? it is YOUR CHOICE, you know?

what abt sumatra's tigers? as sad as the previous story :-( ... pls watch the 2 min WWF video:

people who are happy with themselves dont need dead animals or more money to make them happier, do they? well, lets become happy and satisfied with a peaceful mind, with stuff we already possess, there is no need for more nature destructing 'achievements' i think ...

"There is enough for everybody's need, but not enough for anybody's greed" ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Saturday, October 30, 2010


OMG! whos crazy and whos not? ENJOY :-)

alexco resource? SILVER!

next investor lunch event, the #337 i think ... just kidding, of course :)

well, i like these events ... i like 2 talk 2 company representatives, to meet few old faces i know already 4 years and there is always to learn abt the stocks, commodities, industry insights, markets, metals & more

and its profitable as well! just imagine, its just 2 weeks ago when ive really noticed alexco for the 1st time as it was mentioned by euroscandic's daniel at the encanto potash presentation. ive bought few shares at that time and the stock quotes 27% higher 2day!!! well, i liked what ive heard from both the CEO and largest alexcos shareholder clynton nauman, so ive prompt decided 2 buy few more shares ... by some fortunate coincidence i came 2 my wife's notebook when the price was CAD 6.12 and thus before the major portion of 2days +5.67% increase ... last quote? CAD 6.34

any special issues?
  • yukon / canada
  • historic production of many millions ounces of silver in the district
  • there is also zinc, lead, indium out there ... how much? well, if they hedged their Zn/Pb production at current prices they would get all that shiny silver for free + make a huuuge profit + could unload all leftover indium in my garden ;-). hell! i woudda know what 2 do with this stuff, u know?
  • high high high grades! unbelievable high grades! ive never heard abt average silver grades above 40 ounces per ton before ... prolly only the silver mountain in potosi / bolivia had such grades hundreds years ago :)
  • even the historical tailings have higher silver grades than most silver producers encounter currently (sorry, forgot the precise number, not going 2 search that at alexcos website cos it smells like work, u see?)
  • an own environmental division which already generates some cash flow and is prolly going to clean up the whole mining district after all mining is done few years from now
  • a strong partnership with silver wheaton which funded CAD 50m in order 2 build up the 1st mine in exchange of some part of silver produced. got it? SLW guys DO NOT invest in shity properties or shity companies, so its going 2 be a great success here, i believe ;-)
  • well financed
  • relatively low number of shares outstanding and no additional dilution planned (u still remember that the CEO is also a major shareholder, dont u?)
  • any risks? of course, mining is risky! ive told u that already, didnt i? what abt much lower metal prices, bad luck, some technical problems within the mine and/or mill, the current quite high stock price level, no luck at all in order 2 increase their low proven/inferred/indicated mineral reserves  ... or all of that? who knows?
  • anything more? yes, yes, yes! the production is going 2 start within the Q4/2010. wanna know how 'far' away is that? yes? damn! where is my calendar gone? 

any pictures out there? well, there is no current mining production @ alexco, thus lets look at the old one. how? dont worry, 2day i had both a day off and also my most creative day of the week and thought i coudda steal some pictures out of alexcos video presentation from their website => enjoy:

good luck, my lovely alexco resource, good luck 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

nicolas darvas: how i made $2,000,000 in the stock market

hell! was there a famous world class dancer of hungarian origin who has made $2,000,000 out of thiny $10,000 in 18 months in 1958-1959? wanna look up the official u.s. inflation calculator in order 2 see how much have $2m in 2days inflationary dollars 'grown'? pls do yourself a favor and DONT TRY 2 compute the corresponding amount using not official, not doctored, not hedonic, pre-clinton, real inflation numbers ('price 2day - price before' => real inflation is really as simple as that!)  ... wanna visit john williams' shadow statistics?

ok, lets think abt the stuff i could remember after finishing that thinny booklet, where many issues were simplified in order to make it easier to understand ...

well, i liked it! why? 1st because it was really easy 2 digest and 2nd cos it was funny and interesting anyway. damn! already in the first 10 or 15 pages listed nicolas darvas that many mistakes he did in the beginning of his investor carreer that i asked myself why didnt i read this book before ive started my investor carreer ... it would cost me less than 10 euros instead of many thousands ive lost myself on following strange rumours, overtrading, commissions, subscribing financial services, newsletters, having pet stocks, throwing all money available in the markets, forecasting instead of following mr. market, my ego, not having an exit strategy and the like ... just kidding, of course i do know that we have 2 do the most mistakes by ourselves, otherwise we dont really remember them :-)

there was at least one big difference between darvas and me! he sold his stocks if he was wrong and didnt carried too heavy losses on single positions ... of course i didnt and there are still 'dead' stocks in my portfolio they are 95% or more below my original purchase price and there were also stocks which are no longer listed cos of bankruptcies etc.

what abt his BOX theory and abt his market approach? buy high, sell higher! is it really as easy as that? nope! watch also the volume (rising price + high volume!), cos there are already insiders who know more than mr. market + the general public at that time abt companys affairs. ignore all news/rumours abt a stock and take your decisions only based on your stocks behaviour ... make small pilot buys and follow your stocks closely in order to 'feel' them ... increase your position as long as the trend continues ... use automatic buy + sell orders ... always use stop-loss-orders! they will protect your capital ... buy if a stock moves into a higher box (we would prolly say ranges instead of boxes 2day) ... sell if the stocks fells below the box or on some other unexpected/unwanted behaviour ...

darvas considered himself as investor + trend follower + techno-fundamentalist and he didnt advocated short-term trading ... as for me, he was a trader who didnt paid too much attention to the fundamentals of his companies and only reacted 2 rising price & volume ....

any additional comments? yep, i could motivate my youngest daugther again and she typewrited few interesting rules 4u:

  1. I should not follow advisory services. They are not infallible, either in canada or on wall street
  2. I should be cautious with brokers' advice. They can be wrong.
  3. I should ignore wall street sayings, no matter how ancient and revered.
  4. I should not trade “over the counter” -only in listed stocks where there is always a buyer when I want to sell.
  5. I should not listen to rumors, no matter how founded they may appear. (btw, that was 4 him easier 2 arrange when he was touring the world as a night club dancer and only got his daily stock quotes telegrams than when he lived in NY :-)
  6. The fundamental approach worked better for me than gambling. I should study it.
  7. I should rather hold on to one rising stock for a longer period than juggle with a dozen stocks for a short period at a time.
  1. stocks with quality rating
  2. stocks the experts like
  3. stocks selling below book value
  4. stocks with strong cash position
  5. stocks that have never cut their dividend
  6. the strongest industry group
  7. the strongest company within that industry group
how 2 act (re-defined objectives in the stock market):
  1. right stocks
  2. right timing
  3. small losses
  4. big profits
weapons 2 use:
  1. price and volume
  2. box theory
  3. automatic buy-order
  4. stop-loss sell-order

Monday, October 18, 2010

what causes more death than war?

This summer, the United Nations voted to make access to clean water a recognized human right. This was welcome news to those fighting the disturbing reality that more people die each year from contaminated water than all forms of violence and war combined.|Start Petition

Sunday, October 17, 2010

golden bubble?

is there a bubble in gold already? eric sprott says NO. hmmm, who knows that 4 sure?

psl dont ask me what global assets are cos ive no clue ... but i can tell ya, in the internet era steals/uses one author the stuff from some other and all of us are proud of our 'independent' research/information 

... silberjunge steals from erste group, sprott from silberjunge, jesse (JESSE'S CAFÉ AMÉRICAIN) from sprott, me from jesse ... btw, gonna use this stuff in your own articles as well?

btw, wanna read more on gold? just follow the link 2 my most often read article @   informedtrades

Friday, October 15, 2010

#jarobuys tiger resources ... cop-copp-COPPER!

next investor lunch event in munich! well, the donner metals guys (zinc/copper in queebec/canada) were introduced by fortuna capital + euroscandic last week, this time there was an axino presents event in a new location near main station. the location itself was fine, the conference room even much better than the old facility, the food great as usual, only the waiters were completely different! unlike the old bavarian mum in the former restaurant they were polite and friendly on the one side but slow like snails on the other => OMG!). what were the most important issues abt tiger? here we go, but watch out since its my own recording + interpretation of david young's (managing director) matter-of-fact tone:
  • copper, copper, copper, copper, silver, cobalt
  • located in the high grade copper belt congo/zambia
  • damned high grades! above 8% Cu ... folks, there are explorers/junior miners in north america out there who try 2 develop projects with copper grades of approx 1% right now => ??? ... ohhh, just looked-up the donner guys ... highest grade? 1.7% Cu ;-( ... gonna hope there is a lot of zinc!
  • congo :-( ... democratic elections 2006 => DRC?!? ... the new 'democratic' government has stolen a world class Cu project from my dear 1st quantum minerals guys ... they still protest like crazy in front of some intnl. business courts but it doesnt look like theyd get the project or any compensation back ... well, 1st quantum still has their zambian mines and pays dividends, so my quantum shares are up 175% since february 2009 cos i was lucky 2 buy these shares after both the congo-crash and the new world order after the crashy october 2008 
  • the chinese invest in the whole area like crazy
  • 1st production from tigers major project (60% tiger, 40% congo) planned for Q1/2011 ... folks, its just 3-5 months away, isnt it?
  • low operation costs ... well, thats important cos in that case there will be prolly some buck or two left in the cash desk 2 bribe/motivate the local government officials or even some local war lords? gonna call that sponsorship 4 local communities?
  • very very strong shareholder base ... im curious if also the nowadays so commodity-crazy paulson's fund enters the tiger story and pushes the share price to new levels like it did in my novagold involvement this spring?
  • well financed
  • much too many shares outstanding + soooo many freaking options available i couldnt count them in a week :-(
  • crazy business model: just start the production in a cheap-cheap-cheap processing plant some copper first (only stolen is cheaper!), withdraw as much copper out of your rocks as your simple plant equipment allows and stockpile all the remaining 'waste' material somewhere in the jungle! folks, that 'waste' is going to contain 3% Cu (not a typo !!?!) and will prolly be used for some future processing in some future much much better (and more costly) plant if they still like 2 do so ... btw, whos gonna do the math? does it really mean a low-low-low recovery grade of only 60%? who knows that 4 sure? of course, im not going to bother my calculator cos what data shoudda put in? and its 2 late anyway ;-)
  • ...
  • what is the biggest risk/problem right now? IMO is that the damned share price which is expensive like hell! hmmmm, what to do if u like the company but dont like the current price? u still remember my peter lynch story? yeah? well, then its easy: 
  1. make some pilot buy immediately
  2. apply 4 companys newsletter + information flow
  3. follow its development
  4. ask mr. market if there will be some general stock market decline on the road and buy more tiger shares then or in case of some other dips ...

OMD! ive blindly bought also few 'nickel/gold' shares of belvedere res, my next finnish mining play! well, there is always some good information in the air if u have so many buddies in the mining business, u know? just think abt the alexco res. idea 2 weeks ago (~encanto potash presentation) => its already 26% up!

any additional insights? maybe later if there will be some major developments :-)

good luck tiger! good luck belvedere! good luck africa! good luck my portfolio :o)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

jim rogers interview

addendum october 2012: interview with the daily bell published on october 14th, 2012

just 2 short excerpts: ...
Jim Rogers: That's the way the system is supposed to work. When people get in trouble, you clean out the system and then you start over. Competent people take over the assets, reorganize and start over. These days, with central banks and government, what happens is the central bank steps in to save everybody and instead of letting the system clean itself out the way that capitalism is supposed to work, the central banks mess it up, trying to save it. That's why the recession has lasted longer or the depression has lasted longer than it did before. So in answer to the question, yes, central banks make it worse not better.

Daily Bell: What about the resurgence of Fabian currency ideas like those held by Silvio Gesell and Major Douglas?
Jim Rogers: This did not work in the past and it won't work now. Nobody wants to be a communist any more. Nobody even wants to be a socialist – but if they want to be a socialist, they want to be a rich socialist. Now, if the world gets into more economic trouble in the next decade or so you are certainly going to have more of that kind of ideology come to the fore again. People are going to be unhappy and they are going to look for answers.
Socialism sounds okay to people, especially people who are suffering. Will it work? NO! It's never worked. Communism and socialism have failed many, many times and the propaganda notions will get the better of people when things go wrong. I am sure you are going to have a resurgence of all kinds of-off-the-wall economic theories as things get bad but none of them are going to work in the end. They may come to power but they are not going to work in the end.


what abt an update on global economy? 10 minutes, 100% worth the time spent listening, enjoy :)

if the price of food doesnt go up we not gonna have any food at any price, somebody has to invest in agriculture! ... no food at any price? OMG! lets hope jim is wrong this time ... lets stop all that stupid political subsidies and all other market manipulations and let the free markets take care abt supply and demand in order to provide the stuff needed soooo much :-)

did you got appetite for more jim rogers (stuff)?

Monday, October 11, 2010

jim rogers: a gift to my children

A Gift to My Children: A Father's Lessons for Life and Investing

i like jim and his ideas a lot, u know that already, dont u? i like also his style of writing, so i plan 2 read all his books as time goes on. well, this small booklet is already my 4th jim rogers book, so i knew the most of his advice already from the other books, from his visit + presentation in munich or from the sooo numerous youtube videos ...

anyway, i liked this thiny 80 pages book ... and it is prolly a great 'starter' for folks who never read jim rogers ....

what could i remember till now? well, jim encourages his daughters to think independently, travel a lot, learn history, work hard, do what they love to ('people who follow their passion never 'go' to work), always follow good manners + laws + ethical practices, never follow the crowd, never blindly believe what theyve read/heard), 2 continue in their efforts but 2 know when not 2 do anything, to live away from wars, 2 keep their eye on the future + 2 deal with change, 2 pass that message 2 their children aaaand to beware of boys! .... btw, im sure they will ... if they only really got "the best of both worlds, their mothers looks + their mothers brains" ... lol ... isnt he funny?

any additional comments or insights? well, there is a crazy epilogue ... i will try 2 motivate my youngest daughter 2 typewrite it 2morrow ... so lets hope the epilogue will follow soon :-)

"Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it." ~ Dwight Eisenhower

yes, i can! ‎here's part of my youngest daughters recording (not 100% cos i dont wanna interfere with any copyright issues ... and as a bonus u have the chance 2 enjoy my daughters typos as well, of course they are not that numerous as my own mistakes :-)

IMHO there is all over the book obvious how much jim loves his daughters (+ his wife) ... if u dont mind im going 2 highlight few of the most funny/valuable tips, ok?

The devil of life is always in the details, so i thought i'd close by giving you a series of little rules that have guided me well

Always buy quality products. They last longer and retain more value. (TOP TIP!)

Always eat before you go grocery shopping! If you're hungry when you go you'll end up buying more food than you need!

Anything that is a „must see,“ „must try,“ „must read,“ should almost certainly be avoided, especially if it is popular.

Use good manners no matter where you are or whom you meet. They are an eternal verity that will always distinguish you. Be sensitive to the more of each society because „good manners“ are often different in various cultures.

Beware of all politicans everywhere. They exelled at recess when they were in school but have excelled at little since.

Never ask someone how much money he or she makes, or how much something costs. Never discuss how much money you make or have. My parents and grandparents ingrained this in me because it is ostentatious and poor manners, at least for us. Prove yourself by your actions rather than by talking about money. There are many folks these days who love discussing their money and flashing it about, but it is not the way i hope you will live.

If and when you borrow money, pay it back on time, if not in advance. Good credits is vital. A bad credit record will haunt you for years.

As you get older, you will have to deal with boys. I expect always to be giving you advice and warning you about boys. The basic principle to remember is this: they need you more than you need them. They will make you million of promises in their frantic pursuit of you. Take it from someone who knows; i can tell stories better than they can. Just ignore them and stay true to yourself. Use your common sense when you start hearing absurd promises, compliments, and flattery. Do not follow a boy to a different school, city, or job. Make the boys follow you.

When you get older, remember that you will gain little from single bars-the bartenders will learn and earn more from the experience than you will.

Be wary: learn that many men who looked old enough to be your father or grandfather do not think you as their daughter or granddaughter.

Do not get married until you are at least twenty-eigtht and know a bit more about yourself and the world.

It is vitally important to maintain boundaries between work and life. Skip going out for drinks with the gang after work every night. You will notice that the boss does not do it, witch is one reason that he is the boss. And while we are discussing the boss: there is rarelty, if ever, any sound reason for you to have a drink with him or her alone, much less diner. And while we are discussing drinking, never drink at a business lunch. Finally, and importantly, avoid in-office romances. They usually end in personal and professional disaster for one or both parties.

Always use the toilet before you set out on a long drive or make an appearance in public. (TOP TIP!)

Learn to type and to sew. I never did, and I regret it in often, on both counts.

Learn to do as much arithmetic and figures as possible in your head. This may sound strange, considering that calculators are everywhere, but you will have a leg up by understanding numbers better than others, while also noticing anomalies other miss...

Finally, take care of yourself! It's difficult to be successful if you aren't healthy and rested. You know how your mother is always putting sunscreen on you? She is exactly right. (TOP TIP!)

Learn to stay calm-especially in times of pressure or turmoil. You will make much better decision plus everyone will soon notice you are calm under pressure when others are not. I have gotten better, but still am a hothead too often-and always regret it later.

Always be early for appointments. You will be much more efficient with your time and will make a very good impression since many arrive later-some repeatedly late.

Once you do get to know and understand yourself, remember who you are and stay with it. I still get carried away at times and act emotionally or do things at which I am not good. I always look back and try to kick myself into remembering I need to be ttrue to myself. For example, I sometimes jump into an investment when it is moving up only to remember later it was emotion overcoming my own self awareness...

I have learned in life that being greedy nearly always causes problems...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

demo against nuclear power

well, the sun has soooooo much energy, isnt it? it gives us enough day after day after day after day ... why is homo sapiens that stupid and undergoes all that nuclear danger?

well, in germany did the black/yellow government (CDU/FDP) recently prolonged the original lifetime restriction for nuclear power reactors and once again served its buddies in the power generation business instead of the german people ;-( ... => ...

... never again black/yellow!

there were 50,000 folks protesting against that in munich 2day! what a great people-chain moving from the old city hall to the odeonsplatz square where the main meeting took place ...

ive been there, my 3 women as well ... a great sunny day! well, my youngest daughter enjoyed the event with her friends cos she went shopping straight after that ;o) ... but anyway, all of us 'told' our corrupt government what we want and want we dont ...

folks, do u know what my hottest anti nuclear action was? ive switched from my conventional power supplier to a green power supplier 3 or 4 years ago (well, its greenpeace energy) => so there is no deadly dangerous nuclear power and even no climate destructing coal/oil/gas electric power in my house for years! the green power is even not much more expensive than the conventional nuclear/climate killers these days, u know?

few more pics? here we go:
the chain against the nuclear lobby

the green party

the main meeting

1 beauty demonstrator :-)

btw, who has the power 2 change things? THE CONSUMER, i think ... heya consumers, lets stop buying/supporting nuclear power! will we? 

nuclear mafia ... shudda we consumers say NO to their dirty power and #gogreen NOW?

btw, how sounds a peace and/or green energy demonstration? what abt that?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

donner metals + overview of earth's base metals production

 + overview of earth's base metals production

next investor lunch event 2day => zinc, copper, gold, silver in queebec/canada => BONJOUR!

what abt my comments?
  • strong partnership with xstrata on their major project (35% donner, 65% xstrata)
  • feasibility study done
  • high institutional ownership
  • going step by step on their way into production
  • still need 2 raise approx CAD 35m in order to meet their agreements with xstrata. btw, wanna help out?
  • wanna look-up 'donner' in a german dictionary?
  • there is no danger of oversupply in the zinc market ...
  • forget the zinc recycling as well cos 2 expensive ... folks, thats 100% true, my father produced zinc out of some waste materials from steel galvanizing process in u.s. steel's factory in eastern slovakia few years ago (too much energy needed!)
  • copper oversupply possible if congo/zambia/etc calm down a little bit and re-start their economies in our lifetimes ... copper mines are huuuuge, can produce for hundreds of years ... copper recycling is easy ...
  • some geologic gibberish, i didnt understand a word, u should prolly better read wikipedia/donner's website instead of my claptrap in order 2 learn abt geology of mining, ok?
  • production + cash-flow should start in 2013
  • ...
  • any risks? yep, of course! drop in metal prices, xstrata goes bankrupt, the world goes under, they cant manage the CAD 35m financing, they sell too much of their silver/gold/copper upfront and the small dirty corrupt buddies @ fed/ecb/boe/boj print sooo much damned paper money that donners 'fixed' income is nothing compared to the production costs in the future ... or all of that!
  • as always, ive bought few shares, subscribed 4 company's newsletter, like it on facebook, ... this time i didnt wait for the presentation and bought my initial positions few weeks ago, u know?

what abt 2 more xstrata issues?

  • these swiss guys need donners property like crazy cos their nearby mine is going out of production in 2012 and so will their mill! 
  • lets hope my donner shares will perform at least as good as my xstrata shares i.e. +277,64% on average since december 2008 + march 2009

good luck, my lovely zinc/copper play, good luck :-)

ohhh, have already forgott, ive bought also few shares in UMG / united mining group, my next silver valley play! well, there is always some good information if u have so many buddies in the mining business, u know?

addendum: overview of earth's base metals production

Sunday, October 3, 2010

oktoberfest is over ;-(

next year is over ... or just the next oktoberfest?

bavarian table dance :-)

is the whole life just a game?

it's pity that it's over, isnt it?

what abt 16 'official' oktoberfest pictures? 

btw, what do all these orbs think abt such a beer festival? are they telling us important abt our poor planet? it isnt too late yet, is it?

wanna see also the last years pics + read the old stories? here we go...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

food + rare earths? #jarobuys potash + phosphorus = encanto + mosaic + agrium + innophos

well, there was the next investor lunch in the pretty käfer's restaurant this week. it was all abt food this time! no, just kidding, of course not only abt food alone but also abt drinks! and abt fertilisers! well, the farmers need them like the hell needs the fire => thus #jarobuys:
  • alexco res. - precious metals explorer in canada & mexico + environmental services 4 mining industry
  • alderon res. - near term iron ore producer in labrador / canada
  • encanto potash - potash explorer in saskatchewan / canada
  • else, wanna present that later cos the investor lunch series continues next wednesday ...

still following my train of thoughts? no? what? my rant does not make any sense at all? ok, lets start again :-)

well, these company presentations are run by euroscandic intnl & fortuna capital guys. this time there was a small overview abt the recent euroscandic's investments, so ive decided 2 buy alexco + alderon out of their list ... btw, ive bought encanto on monday @ CAD 0.19 ... the closing quote 2day was approx 13% higher @ CAD 0.215 ... dont ask me why i didnt buy the shares few weeks earlier  and avoided the road show impact on the stock price or why i didnt bought at about CAD 0.12 before the august/september rally in commodities started ... of course, buying early doesnt always mean buying low ...  just imagine, my next week's 'investor lunch' purchase is permanent below my entry price ;-( ... thunderstorms! im not going 2 keep that secret any longer! thats donner metals, u know? wanna look-up 'donner' in a german dictionary?

hmmmm, what abt jim walchuck's presentation? well, encanto's CEO told/shown in his matter-of-fact manner (hell, are there no joke sputtering salespeople/entertainers out there? ... just kidding ... when investing, facts are much more profitable than fairy-tales, of course i know ;o)) few interesting assumptions abt the planet's growing population, shrinking agricultural production land, bhp billiton's take-over offer for the worlds #1 potash producer potash corp. of saskatchewan ... lets see if there is still what i could remember:
  • $1 spent on fertilisers leads to $3 in higher earnings for the farmer
  • there are only 12 countries producing potash out there (canada, russia, belarus, germany, ...)
  • 35% of wold production comes from saskatchewan / canada
  • there are only 3 junior potash companies in saskatchewan left, all others where taken-over by majors or went bankrupt before the boom in commodities arrived on planet earth. btw, one of them is my 3.5-bagger western potash
  • encanto is a really-early-stage-explorer, it will need a lot of fresh money in order 2 reach production and thus is gioing dilute the existing share base further ... well, lets hope it happens at a much, much higher price than the current CAD 0.215 
  • the number of fully diluted shares is already 250,665,044 ... a little bit 2 high ... there will always be folks willing 2 sell at some higher levels which will slow down the stock performance i think ...
  • good first nations relationships (important 4 permitting of drilling / future production ... well, in case of success will these folks get a 3% royalty out of all encantos potash sales ... shudda merry chief's daughter asap?)
  • there should be enough money in order 2 finish drilling + all needed studies in order 2 present a new resource calculation till december 2010 or january 2011, which could/should attract both investors and eventual joint-venture partners 
  • ...
lets support these encanto guys, lets follow their progress a little bit closer (of course, ive subscribed 4 companys investors newsletter), lets help 2 provide some food 4 the earthlings and some $$ for myself => good luck, my lovely potash play, good luck :-)

addendum 10/16/2010: where the hell is all that phosphor/phosphate produced? 

folks, ive spoken to a buddy of mine abt food + fertilizers last week ... an ongoing PhD in agriculture ... potash + sodium + phosphor is all what the plants need (beside sun + water, of course) ... and u know what? phosphor is the stuff which is really rare ... got it? thats a huuuuge investment opportunity, u know? well, ive been googling the web for an hour or 2 and despite their +11.19% rise on friday i found almost nothing .... only one lithuanian producer listed in london without any significant volume (but already well advanced in the last few months) and one chinese company without any stock-exchange listing (at least i coudnt find such) ...
WHO KNOWS ANY phosphor/phosphate PRODUCER? 

addendum 10/25/2010: again looked for phosphor producers on the internet yesterday, couldnt find much out there => is the world really running out of phosphor? well, there was an another lithuanian producer, but unfortunately listed only in vilnius, a chinese company and not much more thus ive decided 2 buy two agriculture majors: the canadian agrium inc. guys + their american nyse buddies mosaic co. well, the former produce phosphor fertilizers, buuuut the later are the guys who bring phosphor above ground! of course, like the whole potash / rare earths sector both agrium and mosaic doubled since august therefore ive decided to make a small pilot buy and watch these companies closer in the future ... btw, ive found a great article on phosphorus @ seeking alpha => enjoy:

Taking Stock of Phosphorus and Biofuels -- Seeking Alpha

addendum, october 31st + november 1st: well, ive made some additional studies, there are few more phosphorus producers (or at least phosphorus fertilizers producers) out there:
  • innophos - listed @ nasdaq, thx 2 mentor (see comment below) for this useful information
  • United Phosphorus Limited - a huge indian company, listed only in india, cant buy shares via my existing brokerage accounts, current price is already high but not parabolic, there is strong earnings growth as well
  • many chinese / indian / russian / baltic (lithuania!) / ukrainian / arabic (morocco!) companies => its difficult 2 invest in them
  • ICL Fertilizers - israel - gonna look-up later
  • IMC phosphates - usa - gonna look-up later
  • Jordan Phosphate Mines Company Ltd. - a mining company!!!
  • luvena s.a. - poland
  • Kazphosphate LL - kazakhstan
  • K+S - germanys huuuge potash producer, already in my portfolio but a badly performer till now
  • many private or non-quoted public companies => for me impossible 2 invest in them :-(
  • legend international - phosphorus
  • mosaic company - phosphates + potash
  • south boulder - potash in eritrea (bought in february 2011)
  • allana potash - potash in ethiopia (bought in february 2011)
  • ...

btw, lets keep track abt all my phosphorus / phosphat / potash / agriculture companies => lets sum up my FOOD DIVISION:
  • nestle - switzerland - nespresso & more :-)
  • agrium - canada
  • mosaic - usa - phosphates + potash
  • legend international holdings - phosphorus
  • western potash - canada - potash explorer
  • encanto potash - canada - potash explorer
  • K+S - germany - potash producer, fertilizers
  • ADM - usa - grains
  • burcon nutrascience - canada, vegetable proteines
  • EnWave - canada - dehydration technology (food + medicals)
  • vale - brasil - phosphate mines!!!
  • bhp billiton - australia - gonna take-over potash of saskatchewan corp
  • world water ETF - dont ask me what the hell is in that basket ... no clue at all!
  • kws saat - germany - seeds
  • innophos - usa -  a specialty phosphate producer
  • allana
  • south boulder
  • ...
folks, i liked the idea of putting all members of 1 sector together! will prolly continue with gold/silver, base metals, energy, industry, 'new' technology, REE, finance, etc in some of my future blog posts ... shoudda try 2 motivate (bribe?) my youngest daughter in order to create these sector lists as watchlists / demo portfolios at my brokers website in order to get also the current $$ weight of each sector? gonna think abt that idea later

my REE fighters (rare earth elements):
  • commerce resources - canada
  • quantum rare earth - usa
  • aurizon mines - canada
  • zimtu capital - canada
  • talon metals - canada
  • arafura resources - australia
  • lynas corp - australia
addendum may 8, 2011:

folks, now i start 2 understand all that REE craziness out there! wanna see the recent price developments?  (source: the latest lynas corp quarterly report)
Rare Earths supply constraints has further impacted  Rare Earths prices. The average quarterly price for the Mount Weld Rare Earths distribution, on Freight on Board  (FOB) China basis, increased to US$ 92.84/kg  REO, which is  an increase of  over 49% across the quarter. Prices continue to increase post quarter end and as at 27 April 2011, the average price for the Mount Weld Rare Earths composition was US$ 160.32/kg on a FOB China basis.