Tuesday, October 31, 2017


enjoy few impressions from lodz, poland :-)

if you asked me, poland and also the preceding textile industry city of LODZ (= the 'polish manchester' which was first mentioned in 1322 but become big and an important industrial center only in 19th century) develops economically very well recently. there are new highways, so we needed this time with 2 short breaks only 9 hours by car from munich. the old bake stone industrial sites turns into shopping centers, pubs, offices, art galleries, ... even the prices for food + drinks are quite high almost everywhere in the city center (especially in the beautiful shopping and leisure centre manufaktura, which was build in izrael poznanski's old textile factory grounds ....
piotr szczesny (1963 - 2017) ~ i love freedom over all

even if our older family members like the ruling party PiS (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość = law and justice) because of its support for families (very high children's allowance) and its anti corruption proceeds against former government members, there are also many people concerned about the dwindling democracy in poland. by coincidence we also joined a demonstration concerning the suicide of Piotr S. who burned himself few days ago in warsaw as a protest against the swindling freedom due to PiS politics and listened to his farewell letter the demonstrators read loud in the ulica piotrkowska, which is the main street in lodz.
my 3 women always like to visit the ptak outlet center :-)
all saints + all hollows? here we are at the first and not so nice cemetery
tomb of karl scheibler (textile magnate) at the protestant cemetery in lodz
the old central cemetery contains beside the protestant part also a roman catholic and an orthodox part, so it is really interesting place to visit. just see few nice tombs below
a  really nice orthodox grave
poznanski's textile factory is now the shopping center manufaktura (manufa)
karl scheibler's palace is part of the technical university today
scheibler & grohman factory ground
old industrial sites in new design :-)
back to ulica piotrkowska (piotrkowska street)

more pictures (mostly from 2 cemeteries and street arts like graffiti & sculptures) here

Sunday, October 22, 2017

bahai religion - 200th birthday celebration

bahai faith is a religion teaching the unity of all religions and the unity + justice  + equality among all people, which will hopefully be the next stage in humanity's evolution => please grab more information from wikipedia
i've welcome the invitation to visit the so emotional 200th birthday celebration of bahá'u'lláh (1817 - 2017) with recitations + music + dance in munich.
who was baha'u'llah? a prophet like krishna or jesus who was born in persia and who in 1863 after beeing banished from iran said that he is the prophet announced by the bab (báb, bábi religion).
........ baha'u'llah was jailed in tehran and banned to bagdad, ottoman empire, egypt and later to acre (akka) in today's israel. even if the most bahais live in iran, the main baha'i religious centre is located in haifa, israel.

 what a beautiful sky on my way home :-)

... more coming soon or never ...

one world, one religion, one human family, equality of all people, world wide peace + freedom ---> what a nice vision :-)

well, the NWO also directs us to its one world vision. the major difference is that the NWO (#2) wants that all ordinary people become slaves, if you asked me :-(

anyway, the movie LIGHT TO THE WORLD shows the beautiful world, the bahais believe in, is possible => ENJOY  😉 (it is a 50 minutes documentary, after the first 6 minutes of bahai visions begins the historical story of the babi and bahai religion)

more pictures here

golden autumn

yesterday was probably the last warm and sunny day of the year 2017 in munich. i used the (last?) chance and went swimming in the so cold lake langwieder see. today it is cold outside and rainy. it doesn't matter, let's remember this years golden autumn with few pictures (mostly from my area neuaubing / langwied), will we?
the entry area at BMW's research and innovation center (FIZ) in milbertshofen
chemtrails in münchen-neuaubing?
the less frequented beer garden (biergarten) out there
lake langwieder see
lake lusssee
lake langwieder see
lake lusssee
google remembered me at october 2014 ;-) => wildensee / karwendel

more pictures about munich's beautiful fall scenery are here
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