Monday, February 25, 2013


our 20th wedding anniversary celebration, day #2 on the way home from neuschwanstein => let's see some parts of the world we didn't seen yet => let's visit the medieval city of schongau + the river lech ­čśä

 bridge over the lech river
lech river - birds of paradise?

more pictures? HERE :-)

anything else? coming soon or never ;o)


Sunday, February 24, 2013

tourist for a day

castle hohenschschwangau, built 1851 by the father of bavarian media star king ludwig ll

the best of all wives + myself have had a small anniversary to celebrate, 20 years of marriage. of course, many of you would say it is rather a reason to go apart, but not in our karma driven lives :-)

well, we have spent a beautiful weekend at neuschwanstein / hohenschwangau, the place where the ‚crazy‘ and gay bavarian fairy tale king ludwig ll also loved to spent his days. unfortunately, the neuschwanstein castle was not completely finished and the planned falkenstein castle even not commenced to build. why not? was he out of money as our today‘s governments permanently are? no, not at all. he died mysteriously at the age of 40 in the nearby starnberger lake. because he was a damn good swimmer so there was probably someone else ‚helping‘ him to die. what a pity, my dears …

anyway, his castles neuschwanstein + nymphenburg + herrenchiemsee + linderhof are a huge magnet which attracts unbelievable masses of tourists to bavaria each year. on top we shouldn‘t forget the tasty dark beer 'k├Ânig ludwig dunkel' either, cheers :-)

any lessons learned, my dear governments? make castles + beer not war :o)
what a great view from hour hotel room / balcony


for some strange reason or an another i think our pictures are better than on average, probably because there was something in the air, if you asked me. impossible after 23 common years and 20 years as a couple? hell, decide by yourself or ask the ghost from the hotel corridor picture, my dears ...

king ludwig ll specials
neuschwanstein, picture from our summertime visit (sightseeing in bavaria)
nymphenburg (sightseeing in bavaria)
herrenchiemsee (sightseeing in bavaria)
falkenstein (sightseeing in bavaria)
linderhof, ludwig ll favorite place (sightseeing in bavaria)
k├Ânig ludwig dunkel (source: brewery)

btw, comparing to our visit to malaysia + thailand last summer, it is easy + nice to be a tourist in bavaria: nobody is cheating you no matter whether you speak chinese or japanese or russian or french (the main tourist groups as i felt). even for a horse ride to the castle you don‘t have to pay fantasy prices unlike taxi/boat tours in bangkok or kuala lumpur because the price is directly written at the coach and yes, there is a fair cost-benefit-ratio, you know?


Thursday, February 21, 2013

silver in slovakia

global minerals (tsx-v: CTG) presented its story to investors in munich today ... an interesting event for me as i was born in the capital of eastern slovakia kosice which is only 60-70 km away from global's silver property near the city of roznava, you know?

this interesting picture combines the typical landscape in the area and the map of slovakia. source: company website

well, let's try to remember some information the CEO's bill pincus told us:
  • old abandoned silver mine with excellent infrastructure
  • historic mining district with high unemployment and mining friendly community
  • low + fair taxes in slovakia
  • low cap ex needed to bring the mine into production (approx. CAD 50-60m)
  • high grade underground silver (75%) + copper (25%) deposit, the contained antimony is not going to be produced from the start due to reduce the initial capital needs
  • CAD 6.5 m in cash
  • a reasonable shareholder structure with 3 biggest shareholders owning over 40% of the company (esperanza resources, geologic resource partners llp, sprott group)
  • start of production planned in 2015
  • in response to the current mining market is the company focus to bring the strieborna vein (btw, that means silver vein in slovak ;-) into production asap. the current resources/reserves are sufficient for a mine life of 8 - 10 years, who cares about exploration and/or about increasing of reserves?
  • any risks included? imho is the major risk the current junior mining market, there is simply almost no money for new projects as we investors are probably the most stupid species on earth: greedy when the prices are high and fearful when the prices are cheap like an unwanted pet. poor homo sapiens financialis, indeed ...

what to do? well, i have bought few shares, applied for investor's newsletter, so let's hope the company is going to survive and the share price is going to multiply many many times :-)

btw, kosice is the european capital of culture 2013, so don't hesitate to visit this beautiful old city in summertime and stop by at the strieborna mine in roznava ...

anything else? coming soon or never :-)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

what is the value of money?

anyone out there who still believes in fiat money and the ability of 'our' elites and their small dirty politicians to fix the current debt + paper money mess?

year of the dragon => year of the snake => gold standard is back :-)

you also do not think this paper money orgy could go much longer, do you? napoleon III neither does, he still sticks to his era 1854 :-)

friends, i've already written a lot about money and uploaded few nice pictures how money developed / changed as the times went on, even the relationship between money and happiness have been addressed by myself before (e.g. here), but you know what? there is one special reason i write this blog post today: the last week was a real blood bath for gold / silver bugs at the wall street, you know? so sad ;-(((

ok, let's sum up: the most valuable things on earth like health, happiness, freedom, love, home, family, joy, intact nature, etc we cant buy with money. of course, we can buy a doctor, sex, a house ... but this really important stuff ... hmmmmm ... well, i will better go to bed now and try to think about this kind of stuff later on ;-)

let's finish this blog post with few old, old, old quotes by voltaire, the french writer born november 21, 1694:
source: wikipedia
  • don't think money does everything or you are going to end up doing everything for money
  • when it's a question of money, everybody is of the same religion
  • paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value - zero
  • in general, the art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one class of citizens to give to another

voltaire spoke not only about money, my dears
  • history in general is a collection of crimes, follies, and misfortunes among which we have now and then met with a few virtues and some happy times 
  • history is filled with the sound of silken slippers going downstairs and wooden shoes coming up  
  • history supplies little beyond a list of those who have accommodated themselves with the property of others 
  • it is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets => what about the north atlantic terror organisation (NATO) and its crimes in iraq, afghanistan, libya, syria, ... ?
what about fair precious metal currencies? or any other fair currencies (e.g. backed by working hours or any other model based on work provided today and 'conserved' for a use later)? or what about a needs-based-economy completeley without money as the society provides food, clothes, roof above the head and so on for everyone but no one accumulates money ('wealth') in huge scale?

go gold bugs go and let's crash the powers of the fraudulent financial-military complex :-)


Saturday, February 16, 2013

think global act local?

the best of all wives + myself have had such a strange and a really nice week as we have managed to get twice into the local restaurants next to our home and spent also a beautiful valentine's day at home yesterday... 

italian restaurant laurus in gr├Ąfelfing tonight ...
source of the 2 borrowed pictures: restaurant's website

a carnival party in the mexican restaurant lochhamer's in lochham on monday ...
source: my wife's nokia mobile phone images
the bavarian section of lochhamer's :-)
yes, lochhamer's is one of our favorite beer gardens in summer, not only because of the river w├╝rm and the funny mill wheel, picture source: here

let's support our local communities further 


Sunday, February 10, 2013

christlum - achensee

achenkirch, achensee, christlum? who cares? a beautiful sunny day in the mountains at MINUS 15 degrees celsius = skiing in austria today :)

few pictures here
me, shadow hunting :-)

my full google+ album


Saturday, February 9, 2013

thomas bernhard + bertholt brecht

source: here
what a nice and happy chinese new year today :-)

the best of all wives + me + a friend of ours have had dinner at an asian restaurant, went later to a so nice celebration of 82 anniversary of birthday of the german poet thomas bernhard to a small pub in munich - giesing. well, j├╝rgen aka nemo babelfish + his buddy set to music the sophisticated socio-critical poems of thomas bernhard + bertholt brecht so well, we liked the songs and the familiar athmosphere it a lot ­čśâ.
source: here
enjoy few snapshots:
yes, this is the sound we liked :-)
nathan, source youtube
if you want to enjoy more songs just visit nathan's website or his youtube channel :-)

well, after 27-30 hours i've succeeded to finish an youtube upload (hell, what about my internet connection/settings?), the song to my favorite bertholt brecht poem, a proletarian love between a coal digger (crane?) and the generations of its workers called 'Milchsack Nr. 4' ... go proletariat go :-)
nathan, milchsack #4

btw, there have been few similar events in nemo's toberaum as well: tucholsky + may day