Sunday, March 15, 2020

schäftlarn abbey

on our way back to munich from such a beautiful weekend in the bavarian alps in hammersbach (GaPa), the best of all wives and me have visited the the schäftlarn abbey for lunch and for sightseeing. the weather was nice, so we walked a little bit around and then took a break in monastery's restaurant.
the benedictines monastery schäftlarn abbey was founded by waltrich in 762. 
today have the monks a forestry, destillery, beekeeping, restaurant, guesthouse and there is a high school (eight-year gymnasium), too
the church of the monastery

abbot's garden ~ der prälatengarten
schäftlarn village, i guess
schaeftlarn abbey at the isar river (picture by Dirk Strittmatter from wikipedia)
more pictures here

Saturday, March 14, 2020

waxenstein - hammersbach - garmisch-partenkirchen

we liked our daughter's birthday party in january that much that we came to the sentido sports hotel in hammersbach below the impressive waxenstein mountain for our wedding anniversary either.
two of us ~ the best of all wives and me. 30+ years passed by, our karmic love stays the same 😄
waxenstein, 2277 m ASL

this time were our main hiking tours in garmisch from lake pflegersee to the alpine hut (=alm) grasberg on saturday and in partenkirchen from the eckbauer alpine hut down to the canyon partnachklamm on sunday.
all in one
sentido berghotel hammersbach
waxenstein, 2277 m ASL
the hammersbach creek
what a nice honey for breakfast
the kramerspitz massif (1985 m ASL)
garmisch, lake pflegersee 
GaPa (garmisch-partenkirchen)
the alpine hut (=alm) Bergwirtschaft St. Martin at the grasberg 1040 m ASL
swimming in lake pflegersee => give corona covid-19 / SARS-CoV-2 no chance 😂
two of us
BBB = busen, bier + berge 😄

day #2: walk in partenkirchen from the eckbauer alpine hut down to the canyon partnachklamm.
alpspitze, 2628 m ASL in the middle + waxenstein 2277 m ASL on the right side
 eckbauer berggasthof, 1236 m ASL
 alpspitze, 2628 m ASL
graseck - cable car over the canyon partnachklamm
back to partenkirchen
olympic stadium from 1936
the wank massif (1780 m ASL)
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