Sunday, September 26, 2021

ellingen, franconia

we have been visiting old friends in franconia (franken). our destinations this time? nuremberg and ellingen. we have had a beautiful sunny day, thus are the pictures really nice, if you asked me 😃

castle of the teutonic knights / teutonic order (deutscher orden), ellingen
fürst carl schlossbrauerei (castle brewery)
fürst carl = best red currant juice ever?
well, my gutmann wheat beer was fine, too 🍺
town hall, ellingen
old timber-framed houses (fachwerk)
medieval city gate pleinfelder tor
adios, ellingen

fürth / nürnberg
breakfast with friends

restaurant kratzmühle, lake pfraundorfer see near beilngries

more pictures here

Saturday, September 25, 2021

george orwell - animal farm

after george orwell's 1984 and the for me a little bit nicer to read huxley's brave new world, i've managed to read orwell's dystopia animal farm on vacation in croatia. of course, i knew it will not be anything what could improve my mood, but in light of the current more and more absurd and despotic corona-measures i simply was interested what world orwell pictured to us in his famous novel ... will we get some kind of a vaccination, corona or CO2 dictatorship soon? LET'S STOP IT TILL IT IS NOT TOO LATE, dear comrades 😇

  • orwell's book refers to stalin's soviet union
  • written 1943-1944, first published after the end of the british - soviet 'war friendship' in 1945
  • while reading it, i felt like in the old CSSR and GDR/DDR, EUdSSR, USSR/UdSSR
  • ----------
  • after the animals at the manor farm took the power from the human owners over, they soon built a politburo (the pigs), police (the dogs), (masterminded) education, ... and soon was the working life for all others (horses, cows, sheep, hens, ...) worse than before 😓
  • revolutionary song called "Beasts of England"
  • four legs good, two legs bad
  • old major, snowball, napoleon, minimus, squealer, boxer, clover, benjamin, .... 
  • ----------
  • lessons learned? Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N => new rulers/leaders, but often the same (or worse) circumstances for the people. so sad ...
  • tomorrow there is a federal election in germany. well, i will try to choose the less evil and entomb (begraben) my voice in a ballot box (urne) for the next 4 years. they call it 'parliamentary democracy'. what about a real democracy, free societies and a world without politics, war and exploitation?
  • orwell's last interview 'A Call to Remember' ... the future? like a boot in human face forever ... our duty? we must not allow it to happen 😃😃😃

Saturday, September 18, 2021

wedding in the bavarian mountains ~ ohlstadt

what a nice wedding in the bavarian mountains! i wish you a really, really good luck, love, mutual appreciation (verständnis) and of course, good health at your future path, my dears 🍀😃💕💚

what a perfect snaphot, isn't it? 😃💕💚
tipi site blueland in ohlstadt is an outdoor event location which allowed a celebration this
september. at original schedule in may (=marriage) a celebration was due to corona forbidden.
what a great food all the time! well done, my dears 💪
find your table by your name on the bottle => creative people worked here, isn't it?
two of us 💕
abort, the bavarian WC 😇
a hard take it easy + accept the world as it is excersise for impatient me, you see?

the hiking tour to großer illing (1330 m) mountain with my father after the loooong celebration was a really difficult one. especially, because the needed path was nowhere signalized for the most time and almost all signs marked only the different way to the much higher heimgarten hill in its broader neighborhood.

what a beautiful panorama as seen from the grosser illing summit
grosser illing (1330m)
tired but lucky, my father + me

few more pictures here.

the marriage was in late april, you remember? as the corona regulations did not allow a celebration then, it was luckily scheduled for september and it could indeed happen 😉

i have been in ohlstadt just twice before: at a strengthsfinder business workshop + winter hiking tour.