Saturday, June 30, 2018

stop u.s. airbase ramstein - stop wars

what a protest in front of the biggest u.s. military (air) base outside the USA in ramstein / germany => let's stop it :-)

also this year there was a protest week against war in general and against the u.s. military base(s) in germany in particular. three friends of mine + me from the montagsdemo / montagsmahnwache group for peace from munich joined the peace camp from friday till sunday.

if you asked me, the camp was like a hippie music festival: nice people, (political) song writers and music groups, bonfires, beer, interesting talks with other peace activists ...
my favorite musician was kilez more (aka kevin) from austria. he has such a power to spark and to thrill people. let's listen to his performance, a short two-minutes-video-here.

at the major event, the peace demonstration and sitting blockade in front of the gates of the u.s. military air base on saturday, i liked most the speach of sahra wagenknecht, one of the leaders of german opposition party 'die linke'. just listen to her motivational words for peace:
source youtube here

enjoy few pictures:
 protest at the main square in ramstein
russia spends on military less than 10% what NATO spends => WHO THREATENS WHOM, my dears?
 NATO = North Atlantic Terror Organizations (which initiates aggression wars around the globe against countries which never threatened NATO: iraq, syria, serbia, libya, afghanistan, ...)
kilez more + morgaine
the sitting blockade of the air base was successful for about one hour
we enjoyed also the nature ...
lake streitwiesensee
good-bye peace camp, i hope i can join the protest also next year :-)
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more about peace activism and source of the picture above in my old blog post let's STOP WARS!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

lake maisinger see + canyon + flower field + our number 1 beer garden maisinger seehof

lake maisinger see is our favorite lake & beer garden (maisinger seehof) close to munich. it is just 30-40 minutes away from our home, so we are often many times a week here in summer. 

recently we have visited also the nearby maisinger canyon (maisinger schlucht) and a flower field, where the people can collect their flowers and pay honestly by themselves in the in place money box.
enjoy few pictures:
 lake maisinger see
beergarden maisinger seehof
summer rain
 maisinger canyon
 flower field at lake maisinger see
village of perchting
 so true, dear sadhguru
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Sunday, June 24, 2018

lake tegernsee ~ beautiful bavaria :-)

next of our short day trips was the lake tegernsee close to munich. well, i've got many presents at my farewell party from my old colleagues when i left our department @BMW after 7 years. they were probably happy they've got rid of me, weren't they? or maybe the liked me in some way or the other, who knows?
source of  the picture here

the last gift coupon i had from my farewell were 2 tickets for the sauna landscape 'monte mare' in the village tegernsee at the lake tegernsee. here comes few pictures from our short trip, unfortunately there were no pictures allowed in the sauna :-)
the best of all wives + me
sadhguru is right, isn't he? 
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Saturday, June 9, 2018

neuhaus am inn + bayerischer wald

what a nice long weekend in the region of bayerischer wald, the most east part of bavaria.

well, my wife was busy healing / teaching a small group of friends, i enjoyed the opportunity to hike in the surrounding mountains of bavarian forest. as the weather was really nice, we could also swim each day in nearby lakes, walk from our hotel in neuhaus am inn over a bridge on the river inn to the medivial city of schärding in austria, enjoy breakfasts and dinners together and much more :-)

enjoy few pictures
 neuhaus am inn
river inn
schärding is the baroque austrian city from the othe inn river side
the lake neuhauser see we liked so much in neuhaus am inn
a lake close to neuhaus am inn, but not our favorite one. is it the lake ruhstorfer see? goder baggersee? hartkirchener see? some other lake? who knows?
 hiking around the 3-countries-corner DE / AT / CZ
dreisesselberg, 1333 m
 tour #2, schöneben - hochficht
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