Tuesday, June 30, 2009

complete craziness out there?

why do all these folks sell gold/silver and gold/silver stocks at these low, low, low levels as if there were not a single buyer for them tomorrow? is the financial crisis away? no, not at all !!! imho, we are still in its epicentre ;o)

.... and why do they bid all prices up again the very next day? are they really complete idiots?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

armageddon in my portfolio as gold/silver plunged today :-(

folks, pls tell me if the crazy guys who dump their gold/silver shares 10-15% cheaper on the market today are the same who bought them yesterday?

who will gain control over the huuuuuuuge sunshine silver mine in northern idaho? sterling mining, minco silver or sns? who cares? well, i do own few shares in all of them :o) ... the only company which informs their investors regularly is the silver valley based sns. the cayman island managed partners sterling/minco do not tell much ... and what about the current majority owner bob mori? does he really prefer sns as the operator of that historic mine?

Friday, June 12, 2009

investment strategies :-)

folks, i've invested all available money yet, let's think about investment strategies :-). u think it's a wrong order of things running here? maybe, but IMHO it's still better to think about own investment strategy somehow late as not at all, isn't it?

ok, let's delight my dear readers with 3 investment approaches here:
  • a) ulrike (from her response to my frustrated blog-post)
Hej Jaro!

When will you listen to me and go for the "turn-around-your-coffee-cup" investment strategy? It is simple as this:

1. Turn around your coffee cup.
2. Draw a circle.
3. Draw 8 equal cake pieces.
4. Calculate how much is your total investment budget and how much is each cake's worth.
5. Invest wisely and strategically in following 8 areas/markets:

- cash
- industrialised nations, value
- industrialised nations, growth
- industrialized nations, second-line stocks
- commodities (& oil, gas)
- real estate (global)
- megatrends
- ??? my secret!


folks, that sounds clever and easy to emulate, isn't it? what about ulrike's secret? well, let's subtitute that secret with the personal favorite sector (e.g. gold & silver, green energy, nanotechnology, some interesting countries/regions (sri lanka, vietnam, taiwan, angola, kongo, ...), information technology again, ...) and create an own 'personalized' ulrike-investment account :-)
  • b) valentin (intelligent investments a la buffett, templeton, graham, kiyosaki, rogers, ... btw, u will find trends, commodities, emerging markets and funds partition there, which should be familiar 2u after you've understood ulrike's investing approach :-)
read the whole article (in german :-) here
  • c) mogambo guru (gold, silver, oil !!! that's easy, isn't it?)
  • d) me (well, i also had some ideas earlier, but forgot them completely as i've invested my funds excessively even if the gold/silver/commodity stocks increased too much recently :-). in general, because of the current hyperinflationary scenario through the unbelievable amounts of new (fiat) money pumped into the financial system nearly all over the world i try to invest in hard assets like commodities, commodity stocks, renewable energy, GOLD, SILVER, OIL, housing property, ...
my 2009+ strategy (i've prolly copied mogambo guru ;o)
JIFE++ strategy (4 money funds)
general assets allocation (4 all assets, explained esp. in FAQ #6 and FAQ #8)

got your own strategy yet? that investing stuff is so easy :o)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

hyperinflation, welcome on planet earth again ...

well, it is like every time when the folks out there act like stupid idiots and create soooo much fiat money out of thin air - the HYPERINFLATION arrived @ planet earth again .... welcome, u ugly monster which will eat the most of us alive ... yes, we vote for these stupid corrupt morons in our stupid deficit addicted governments. yes, they authorize these stupid corrupt central bankers to produce all that fraud money. zimbabwe, here we go! yes, we don't deserve anything else!!!

few of today's price increases as a small example: industrial metals spiked between 2.84% (aluminium) and 6.31% (tin), oil +1.48%, silver +1.94%, wheat +2.8%, rice +3.77%, ..., common stocks (s&p500) + 0.35%

well, at least my energy-gold-silver-commodity-portfolio moved a little bit higher again: +2.08%

yes, we are freaking doomed! yes, we don't deserve anything else!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

gold/silver is back!

how crazy are the folks out there? yesterday 3% down, today 3% back up! many gold/silver stocks leveraged that movement 3 to 5 times!

my purchases in the last 2 days:
  • megastar development - Au, bargain-priced addendum to my former position because of stroooong insider buying
  • sns silver - new, Ag, the future sunshine mine operator?
  • sterling silver - Ag, the future sunshine mine operator?
who will gain control over the sunshine silver mine in idaho? folks, that's the one of the richest silver mines in u.s. history and currently a property of bob mori's sunshine precious metals (spmi). there is a legal dispute concerning the long term lease rights between the cayman islands' managed sterling silver & minco silver on the one side and the traditional silver valley / idaho based sns silver on the other side ...

... do not worry who wins the fight as i've bought stocks in both bankruptcy assessed competitors sterling + sns :-)). at least one of them should recover strongly after the final decision over the sunshine mine, shouldn't it? what about minco silver? yep, i own also few shares of that ambitious priced company :o)

armageddon 4 gold/silver bulls (like me)

oh, my god!

gold -2.09%
silver -3.89%
DJIA -0.75%
my portfolio -4.62%

well, the profits of the last 2 days were swept away today. c'est la vie! anyway, i wanna hold my gold/silver stocks the next 3-4 years (till DJIA costs about 1-3 oz gold; currently 1 DJIA = 9 oz Au)

Monday, June 1, 2009

strange day on the markets

dax +3.15%, WTI +2.59%, silver +1.59%. are the folks out there crazy? are there no shares on the markets tomorrow? or is that just the demise of the USD? good-bye fiat currencies :o))

well, i bought few shares again:
  • globex mining - Au, Zn, ...
  • petrobras energia - new, energy from brasil
  • sabina silver - Zn, Pb, Ag, ...
  • scorpio mining - Ag, Zn, Pb, ...
folks, i still have 1 open order in the market (sns silver, filled here :-) and that will be also enough for the next few months ... i can't risk any additional money ... and maybe will the (common stocks) markets crash again in summer/autumn, so there will be hopefully some other opportunity later on :-)