Sunday, April 21, 2019

kloster birkenstein (monastery)

the birkenstein monastery from 1673 + its pilgrimage church (wallfahrtskirche) in fischbachau was a really great positive surprise after we spent a wonderful day on a hiking tour to the breitenstein mountain (1622 m) in the bavarian alps.
kloster + wallfahrtskapelle birkenstein, 1710 - 2010
1673 + 1702

it was so strange, quiet, nice and interesting here. unfortunately, we didn't find the place where we could fill our bottles with the healing spring water (especially good for the eyes), mostly because our daughters were really tired and wanted to go home fast ... well, a reason more to come back here soon :-)

enjoy few pictures from this mystical place:
there are (at least) 3 chapels on two floors there
ground floor
first floor

so, let's leave the monastery for now and walk back to our parking place in fischbachau.
house st. hildegard
cafe seidl
restaurant oberwirt
more pictures here

breitenstein, 1622 m, bavarian alps

what to do on a beautiful easter day? of course, let's climb up some of the wonderful mountains in the bavarian alps. this time we have met all 4 family members together and started in fischbachau to reach 3 hours later the breitenstein mountain (1622 m)
the view from breitenstein 1622 m to the wendelstein 1838 m

enjoy few pictures from our challenging and beautiful hiking tour:
bucheralm behind us
 this is the lower peak of the breitenstein massif
wendelstein in front of us
last few steps to the breitenstein peak, 1622 m
the view from breitenstein to its lower peak
view to wendelstein
 let's star the way down to fischbachau. there is still a lot of snow in late april in the mountains
we enjoyed the lunch and great panorama at the kesselalm
all in one

on the way down we have visited the birkenstein monastery and its chapel. it was so strange, nice and interesting there that i will make a separate blog post about birkenstein soon ...

more pictures here

Saturday, April 20, 2019

easter march for peace ~ ostermarsch für frieden

easter march for peace in munich 2019. enjoy some SOUND (samba rhythm), insights + pictures :-). the main topics were yemen, venezuela, nuclear weapons in europe, PESCO (permanent security cooperation), highly increasing militarization of western europe (military expenses should grow to 2% of GDP soon), NATO's aggression against russia, ...
ostermarsch für frieden findet alljährlich in vielen deutschen städten statt. hier paar eindrücke und töne aus münchen
all in one

my favorite activists, the samba group :-)
no german weapons for the war in yemen
nuclear weapons out of germany
easter march through the old city
FC Bayern München for peace?
 me for peace :-)
 steven hicks, 2006, munich american peace commitee (MAPC)
 so true
we came back to marienplatz
the communist party DKP had nice posters, if you asked me
abrüsten statt aufrüsten
more pictures here
the past year(s) event here