Friday, December 20, 2019

my father visits me in munich :-)

as i left my native czechoslovakia at an age of 19 many, many years ago, i did not spend much of my adult life with my parents ...
is it possible that my father has somehow nicer and more natural smile than me? 😄
two of us in the beer & oktoberfest museum. sober, of course.

cause of my ailing mother, almost all family's attention goes to her .... but i do have two parents, don't i? and i still carry a full bag of beliefs from my childhood which affect my way of life as well, don't i? of course, not all of them are true or relevant today, but they are still here ... if still in my current mood, i'll try to categorize my adopted beliefs below 😕
i don't know why, but recently i have a real need to understand my parents and the person who i really am much deeper and better. i'm getting old, wouldn't you say?

even if the geographical distance between us is for central-european scale quite big (950 km) and a journey always takes a long time as there are no direct flights and even no highway for the last 300 km in (central + eastern) slovakia, my father was quite often in munich or i was home in kosice in eastern slovakia ... but always only for a very short time and usually tied up with other family members, so we seldom have had more than 2 or 3 hours time to speak calmly ... it was time to change this situation, wasn't it?

what else? hmmmm, my father was always a person who conditioned by his mindset and enabled by his huge economic success helped us children and many other people along his way really a lot. i wonder if he will ever need a help from us? who knows? well, let's stay optimistic about the future (i hope i could become at least half that optimistic as my dad usually is 😂) and let's enjoy what the life prepared for us ....

tour #1: munich's christmas markets
christmas market at residence
xmas market at the old city gate isartor (first mentioned in 1337) with the probably biggest red wine punch pot in the world
the beer and oktoberfest museum with adjacent pub close to old city gate isartor
this tradition begins 1810       alcoholism was already in 1907 an issue. cheers 🍻
the first oktoberfest in 1810 was a celebration of the marriage of this two bavarian rulers. the beer gods bless them forever! 
there are many shows at oktoberfest, too ...
the farmers' gala is part of the oktoberfest since 1811 ~ landwirtschaftsfest ist seit 1811 teil vom oktoberfest
NSA ~ there was a political exhibition in the beer & oktoberfest museum, too 🍻
stop wars inside and outside your family 🚸

'tour' #2: munich - münchen neuaubing, old sleeping coach & metalworking factory site (schlafwagenfabrik)

tour #3: seefeld castle, walking through winter nature, lake pilsensee, andechs abbey ...
seefeld castle
walking through the forest even when some rain is on the agenda today ...
camping site at lake pilsensee
andechs abbey

i do write my blogs primarily for myself, you know? putting thoughts on 'paper' helps me to 'sort' them and sometimes also to stop them torture me ... thus it is not soul striptease (seelenstriptease), attention deficit (aufmerksamkeitsmangel) or the like, you see? so what about beliefs which i've taken over from family & society many years ago? and yes, i'm not going to reveal which family member infixed which belief 😃

  • be honest
  • justice ist important (gerechtigkeit)
  • respect other people no matter on what social hierarchy level they are
  • make the world a better place: repair, clean up, ...
  • tbd

  • the life is a fight and only the hardest way is the right way
  • only performance and achievements count ..... (thus feelings doesn't matter) .... => REALLY WRONG! this lack of attention caused me often do stupid / dangereous things 'cause the inner child in me wanted rather negative attention than none 😵😃 ... was it hard for me to be the eldest child, as two years later came my younger brother who needed and probably got all the attention? but it is just a guess as rationally (in my memories) i do not remember / feel that my parents did not take care of me or ignored me in some way ... thus it is also possible that my class clown attitude comes from completely different happenings, who knows? 
  • be penny-wise and money saving wherever you can  .... => also completely wrong. we support what we buy. if we only buy the cheapest stuff, we often/mostly support the lowest quality and lowest working/ethical standards, sometimes even fraud (too cheap to be a genuine product/service). so let's better support products/ideas we believe in and be rather generous than stingy, will we?
  • to provoke and to needle in conversation with the (nearest) people => also completely wrong. it is better to co-operate than to compete / to rival 
  • the stork brings the babies
  • tbd
.... MORE COMING SOON (or never) ...

more pictures here.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

winter tollwood festival

i'm just watching my pictures from december and yes, i think they are much too interesting just to leave them on the hard drive of my wife's computer. let's upload them and let google take care of storage and keeping them for the future (generations) 😃

enjoy few impressions from this year's winter tollwood (hippie + esoteric + arts + organic food + save the world) commercial festival in munich :-)
save everything, not just the climate ~ rettet alles 😃
so true, so sad
there are some music, theater & similar event, too #tollwoodmünchen

just in case we would really want to save the world, please do NOT FORGET:
source: here
source: here
source here => freedom for julian assange!!!
all pictures here.
there is a summer and winter tollwood for approximately 3 weeks in munich every year, so jump here to some former event.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

nymphenburg castle + park, munich

it is not a normal winter, is it? well, someone destroyed the climate as we knew it before, isn't it? was it the sun with perhaps higher activity as before or we humans with burning all that oil, gas, coal,  forests ... with heat through nuclear energy, wars ... leading rivers underground or straighten them for water transport, draining swamps, ... changing meadows, forests, mangroves into cities with black roads and houses with (hot) roofs from copper / zinc ... it is so sad 😟 ... well, maybe we will start planting trees and stop the destruction of our nature, won't we?

even if i wouldn't call it a winter walk, we have had nice time and beautiful sky (skies?) in the nymphenburg castle's park in munich (münchen). enjoy few pictures:
two of us. who is the real santa claus?
nymphenburg castle
the appolo temple (appolo tempel)
castle badenburg
more pictures here.
one of our former visits to nymphenburg park (different areas than today) and castle and its arts + history museum here.