Thursday, May 10, 2018

dear mother

well, it is not always easy to become older, is it? especially if  you need some assistance in daily life affairs. thanks to my youngest brother and his wife our ailing mother is still quite fine, still among family and still healthy enough to walk through the day, remember all of us children ... and smile from time to time :o)

and it is so easy to make you a pleasure today, dear mother. a short walk, a cup of coffee and a cake and you are happy. it used to be more difficult before :-). happiness is state of mind, isn't it? the whole your life could be easier and more cheerful if you would allow more joy and easiness to yourself and to us, i guess, dear mother.
dear mother + son .... liebe mama, mutter, mamicka ,,,
i was so happy to spend few days in early may with you in bratislava. we walked a lot at the river danube banks (dunaj, donau), explored the whole mountain park (horsky park), spent a lot of time the in the museum of carpathian germans in the old zuckermandl district. it was interesting for me to learn, that not only our native zips (spis) region in the eastern slovakian mountains was settled by germans many hundred years ago. also in today's slovak capital bratislava were germans the majority even when the first czechoslovak state has arisen in 1918, ...

enjoy few pictures from bratislava:
 zuckermandl, part of the old city between danube river and the castle hill
 museum of carpathian germans in bratislava (contains also hungarian, celtic + roman expositions)
 a small church in zuckermandl
 restaurant at the river danube
all the best to you, dear mother ... and see you next time again
all the best, dear mother ❤ ... i'm just watching my pictures taken in late july 2020 when visiting my mother & my brother's family in bratislava / SK. and yes, there is some similarity even if she smiles more naturally than me, isn't there?

more pictures from bratislava here.
insights from 2016 here.
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