Sunday, March 30, 2014

nymphenburg castle (in munich)

what a nice family day in munich at and inside the nymphenburg castle ...
the best of all wives + me

cafe im palmenhaus (palmengarten?)

approaching the castle from the other side on our walk back
few years later (september 2018):
 cafe palmengarten (palm garden)
museum mensch und natur (man & nature)
more pictures here: g+ album

Thursday, March 27, 2014

search minerals (TSX-V:SMY)

a nice investor evening with search minerals in munich ...
 hotel kempinski vier jahreszeiten

this micro-cap company produces tin (= zinn) in brazil, intends to increase that production and make it profitable and also to produce tungsten (=wolfram) soon ...

it was a interesting presentation by company's CEO stephen keith about the tin + tungsten markets, brazil, company's goals, next steps ... what do you think: if the only picture in the meeting room shows a bull. what do you think, is it a good or a bad omen? :-)

if you asked me, there is still a looong way to go:
  • just $5m market cap, intends to collect 410m via private financing
  • trading halted 
  • website really outdated: there is nothing about the recently acquired tin mine + tin / tungsten projects in brazil yet. the website is about their REE (rare earths) exploration projects in canada only owned by its wholy-owned subsidiary alterra resources ... btw, there are few alterra shares in my portfolio, but it is the struggling green energy producer alterra power (TSX: AXY), my dears 
  • high chance + high risk investment
  • etc
my conclusion? search minerals is a binary option: all or nothing :-)
more coming soon or never :-)

caledonia mining ~ gold in zimbabwe

update november, 2014: caledonia + endeavour are still alive and struggling in the low metal price environment ...
there was an investor lunch event with 3 companies in munich:
i have already endeavour + enwave in my portfolio, so let's give also caledonia a try and yes, let's support the economy down there. let's also hope the country will stop destroying its economy soon. they've had already destroyed its currency via hyper-inflation in 2009, so it is hopefully enough. of course, it is a long way to go till zimbabwe reaches its old rhodesian levels, because 3 decades of mugabe's terror and mismanagement made from the former switzerland of africa the probably poorest country on earth.

have you ever seen an 100 trillion dollar notethe highest face 'value' ever printed in the history of mankind? well, it was before the zimbabwe dollar was replaced by USD and south african rand in january 2009.

maybe few key points about caledonia mining
  • no debt
  • $25m cash
  • fully indigenised aka 49% owned blanket gold mine in zimbabwe
  • low cost operation (cash-costs 2013 were $609/oz, all-in sustaining costs $972/oz ... not bad at current gold price of approximately $1,300/oz
  • 2013 production 45,517 oz gold and (very) slowly rising
  • internally funded expansion plans (because there is currently no debt financing available in zimbabwe
  • last but not least, they've started to pay a 7% dividend p.a. in january 2014
btw, i had already a gold producer from zimbabwe in my portfolio, new dawn mining, but they gone bankrupt, so i have lost all money invested :(. trading + investing is a risky game, you know?


Sunday, March 23, 2014

humans were here :-(

humans were here (at the railway property in munich neuaubing ... so sad ... why do we destroy our own environment so ruthlessly ... and our climate as well?

source here
in münchen-neuaubing:
and the 'mother' nature is sooo beautiful ...
... even in münchen-neuaubing

well, i thing what to do about this waste heaps out there ... hmmm, it is too far from our houses, so there will be probably no citizen initiative possible to clean it up some day. well, i will maybe write to german railway, it is their property anyway ... and yes, if there were recycle bins out there, the (most) people would throw their rubbish into them .. but there are none because it is probably to expensive to empty them regularly ...

what about another part in western munich, laim? what do you think?

not any better, my dears ... we humans are so stupid ;-(

but there are also good examples for good human behaviour, like this ones: the right way

more coming soon (especially if i'll get some answer from the railway folks) or never ...

estas tonne

folks, i listen to the guitar music of this guy since a week or more ... it sounds so (familiar and) medieval to me i still like it a lot either as background noise to everything i do or for meditation ... great ... and yes, in order not to lose it among my 900+ youtube favorites, let's save it as a blog post for an easy + fast access ...

there is not much about estas tonne on the internet and no wikipedia entry either ... he was born in st. petersburg in former soviet union (USSR, UdSSR) and visited a music school there ... i'm not sure about his nationality, maybe one of the 3 baltic nations? who knows? and yes, he lives abroad for years  (currently  in usa?, uk?)

enjoy no #1 (9 minutes, street art in landshut)

enjoy no #2 (1 hour + 4 minutes, full album)

enjoy #3 (1 hour + 8 minutes, full album)
<iframe width="480" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

well, the is not much on his website either, but it will probably grow soon:


Saturday, March 22, 2014

#22M .... aka #OccupyMadrid

rEVOLution in madrid? finally ... marchas por la dignidad #22M is a march for human dignity, against austerity measures, the trioka and cuts in social budget ~ madrid, spain 22M (march, 22nd, 2014) ~ omg, are really 2 million people out there? that's the revival of our occupy movement, my dears :-)
people marching in a 'march for human dignity' to madrid, source here
madrid, #22M, source here 

later at evening, source here
next huge protest (who knows this city? #22M, source here

and here are pictures from the support action in munich, which was organised by the spanisch friends and supported by our OccupyMunich / EDJM group
 some speaches, spanish + german

... more picuteres here

and yes, let's look back to the 2011 + 2012 occupy movement ... and let's look further to our next action, assamblea on april, 5th, 2014 ... we start at 2 p.m. at sendlinger tor

source of the picture + more information HERE

#occupy #22M 22M #OccupyMadrid #OWS #occupysendlingertor #EDJM

Sunday, March 9, 2014


addendum january 2015: ukrainian army kills thousands of donbass inhabitants + here = sooo sad ... when will the west stop supporting fascist in kiew? :-(

... and yes, novorussia fights back
news from novorossia (15.01.2015):
a picture says more than 1,000 words, doesn't it?
source: here

addendum may, 19th, 2014: ron paul one more time on u.s. approach to ukraine
addendum, may 4th, 2014: is there any winner yet? not really, but many many killed in kiew and recently in the eastern ukraine where the most ukrainian russians live ... slavjansk / slawyansk, odessa (#OdessaMassacre ~ at least 116 beaten to death, burned, shot, strangled ... even children + pregnant women ... fuck you, right sector mob ukrainian fascist football hooligans) ..., charkov, doneck, Kramatorsk .... like always, war is good for few, bad for most :-(
addendum may, 9th, 2014: mariupol massacre, southeast ukraine, approx 100 civilians killed by ukrainian special military forces which are often joined by american military company blackwater known for atrocities in iraq and by right sector mob from kiev / kyiv  (#mariupolmassacre)
source: the daily bell picture + article
source here
friends, please stop fascism. yes, the femen activists try to stop fascist (western) europe + fascist EC / NATO via its own style (source + more pictures

addendum march 16th, 2014: in a referendum on crimea today, over 80% of the population joined the election and over 93% of them voted for the accession of crimea to russian federation. that's democracy, isn't it?
read below the note about ukraine and u.s. foreign policies by ron paul (2014-03-09)