Sunday, July 26, 2015

sulzkogel, 3016m

what a nice hiking trip to austria, kühtai ... sulzkogel, my first 3,000m hill reached by foot ... it is a lot of different than skiing that high, you know?
skiing area kühtai (cow hill?), approx. 2,000m high, any questions?
kühtai down there ....
water reservoir finstertal (next to the smaller längental)
coming higher
a crazy buddy of mine, he later fell down from this 3m rock, nothing bad happened to him 
stubaier alpen
sulzkogel, 3016m
almost all of us
photo montage ~ find the error :-) 
tired, enjoying a long break up there ...
there were soooo many golden, silver, copper rocks up there, omg ...
on the way back, the water reservoir again
castle fernstein below the fernpass at lake fernsteiner see
more pictures here

Saturday, July 25, 2015


i'm sure you've never heard about this forgotten bavarian village close to dachau before :-). well, my favorite hot stone massage therapist was busy this weekend, so i have tried the massage by another friend of my wife ... and yes, i decided to swim somewhere on the way back home, thats how i come to bergkirchen, berg-kirche (hill+church) . .. and yes the hill + the church with a quite high tower its everything that village consist of ...
 coming closer ...
coat of arms
town hall
back to the small lake
taverna limni ~ what a nice greek restaurant at the lake
more pictures here

Sunday, July 19, 2015

beilngries ~ the small medieval city in franconia

after visiting friends in nuremberg, we have continued to beilngries, a small medieval city in franconia (franken) on our way home and took a bath at the kratzmühle lake / camping / museum after that => what a nice day 😄
the was a historical festival in the city on that day ...
 one of the few rivers through beilngries (altmühl river?)
castle hirschberg sits above beilngries
back to the city center
 old city wall tower
 the kratzmühle recreation area at the lake pfraundorfer see close to pfraundorf and beilngries
 kratzmühle ~ lake, river, mill, museum, restaurant, camping
more pictures here :-)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

nuremberg ~ nürnberg

visiting friends in nürnberg (nuremberg)

well, i've worked here 10 months exactly 19 years ago. it was really nice to see the city again 😄
the nuremberg castle, the medieval part of the city
what a witch. i love her 💕
 the pegnitz river
 all of us
(witch house) ~ hexenhäusl ~ restaurant
 the castle again (kaiserburg)
 old city
 1. FCN ~ the local soccer club ~ the pride & nightmare of franconian fans
the best of all wives 😍
franken, fränkisch, franconia ~ more pictures here