Thursday, June 11, 2015

hell valley canyon (höllentalklamm) + badersee, grainau, zugspitze

... just spent 2 days at beautiful lake badersee in grainau, the zugspitze village in bavaria  ...

the highlight of our company workshop? walking through the höllentalklamm canyon :-)
höllentalklamm  (= hell valley canyon) with the hammersbach river

the lake badersee is soooo cold, one colleague + me have been in ... only 13 or 14 degree celsius in summer ... thanks goodness they have a hot sauna in the 'hotel am badersee' to warm up a little bit.
hotel am badersee, grainau
the zugspitz massif ~ zugspitze
the entry cottage to hell valley canyon (höllental eingangshütte)
hammersbach river
me, in the hell
good-bye, höllental
good-bye, dear hills

more pictures here and yes, more about bavarian lakes + sightseeing in bavaria here.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

bodenschneid (schliersee)

walking in the hills of the mangfallgebirge above the lakes schliersee + tegernsee :-) ... from neuhaus (806 m) via bodenschneidhaus (1365 m) up to bodenschneid (1669 m)

most of us
bodenschneid, 1669 m
two of us
more pictures here

Thursday, June 4, 2015

yes, yes, yes ... 40,000 activists against G7 & TTIP

stop G7, stop NWO, stop NATO, stop war ... as is as easy as that, my dears :-)

munich tries to stop the G7 summit today ... G7 starts in elmau in 3 days ... garmisch-partenkirchen, munich, from 7tf to 8 th june 2015) ~ we were 40.000 activists against G7 (+ TTIP, CETA, NATO, war, monsanto, GMO, imperialism) and PRO PEACE + freedom in the streets of munich today .... it makes me believe for better again :-) 
 for a fair world
ugly monster
capitalism kills
samba gruop
peace + peace
no weapons + social fairness
the system fears us ...
a comedy group
so true
stop TTIP, TTP; CETA, TISA ... stop NWO
jaro gruber + jaro gruber ... i was with my father today ... he liked it as well

more pictures here

... and here a short 2 minutes video

a good summary what's wrong in the world in the last few years by kilez more (in german)