Wednesday, April 28, 2010

geboren im KZ / born in concentration camp

for my dear english language readers: pls follow this link and come back soon :-).

ein 45min dokumentarfilm von meiner cousine eva gruberova + martina gawatz über 7 ungarische jüdinnnen, die im außenlager (AL) kaufering des KZ dachau ihre kinder zur welt gebracht haben ...
ich war gestern bei der vorpremiere im kinosaal des KZ dachau und auch wenn das thema an sich so verdammt traurig ist und die meisten der ca. 250 gäste (inklusive einiger der 7 damals geborenen babies) tränen in den augen hatten, war durch die hauptmotive geburt+überleben doch irgendwie ein hauch von hoffnung zu spüren ...
NIE WIEDER KRIEG! nirgends, natürlich ... d.h. auch nicht im afghanistan, iran, irak, tschetschenien, israel/palästina, ... => kampf dagegen! näXte möglichkeit dürften m.m.n. jetzt am samstag die 1.mai demos bieten ... wer ist dabei?
sendezeit? HEUTE 23:30 im ersten dt. fernsehen (ARD im auftrag des WDR, glaube ich). ob sich eine sendung wie diese gegen die konkurrenz à la deutschland sucht den superstar, bauer sucht frau, big brother, wer wird millionär,  germany's next topmodel, ... behaupten kann?
ps: paar links? hier vielleicht ...
pps: vielleicht werde ich noch morgen/übermorgen paar fotos + videos + links hinzufügen, mal sehen ...

... ~ KZ dachau ~ ... => nie wieder krieg! nie wieder KZs! nirgends! => kampf dem krieg, überall, bringt die NATO jetzt zu fall! (und natürlich auch alle anderen aggressoren + kriegstreiber) 

addendum: sooo, nachm film gibts nun das buch, das am mittwoch, 14.12.2011 in dachau mit viel prominenz präsentiert wurde (~ eines der damals geborenen babies (marika novakova), weitere mithäftlinge, dachauer oberbürgermeister, die generalkonsulen von israel + slowakei, lokale presse, paar kirchliche funktionäre, die beste aller ehefrauen und paar andere damalige + jetzige zeitgenossen/innen)

die beiden autoren bei der lesung ....

.... und die vielen zuhörer

no war, never again ...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

investor dinner with megastar development (MDV) representatives in munich

(simkar gold mine ~ source: ~ a special edition abt megastar developmemt)

#1 did the former providers left enough gold out there?
any other # not needed, if the answer to #1 was YES :-)

the megastar guys have been to munich again visiting their german business partner cm-equity,  of course ive welcomed the chance 2 see the sooo authentic CEO dusan berka and speak slovak (both of us have been born in slovakia, you know?) + english abt the latest developments @ my lovely canadian gold explorer megastar development . folks, got all the exiting news from company's website? IMO the stock is still cheap like an unwanted pet => it looks like a great opportunity, isnt it? 

well, its always nice 2 meet all these 'old' faces behind my portfolio positions i think ... hell, ive forgotten 2 ask dusan if he was also disappointed like me that the slovak ice hockey team lost the olympic semi-finals to canada soooo close and sooo unlucky ... hmmm, maybe next time 

what abt my old stock list of directly introduced companies from my former blog post (september 2009)? here we go again:
  • western potash +201,42%
  • commerce resources +114,57%
  • zimtu capital +256,10%
  • western geopower ~company was taken over by RAM power corp~ +30,86%
  • megastar development +275,58%
  • adamus res. +41,58%
  • dundee precious metals +108,98%
  • formation metals (former formation capital) -32,26% (my poor cobalt play!)
  • burcon nutrascience +66,68%
folks, ive told you, i should just buy companies @ presentations, isn't it? 

damn! still wanna know more abt megastar? ok, thats easy ... just listen 2 CEO dusan berka ....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

explorers, producers, 10-baggers? mining ABC!

classification of mining companies by stage of production achievements and thus also in stage of cash-flow 
  • explorers - they have just one or few early stage projects / no cash-flow at all / huge expenses for drilling, feasibility studies, consulting, work force, investor relations, lawyers / etc. ~ these companies are my primary investment target 'cos i love that kind of stories and in case when everything turns fine they provide the highest leverage on capital invested (ten baggers!). of course, these companies are risky like hell 'cos there are so many difficulties on the road 2 prodution like financing issues, regulatory barriers (environment, country risk like congo + venezuela + russia + south africa + nigeria + ...), often are the metal grades not high enough to open a profitable mine and thats very, very, very bad for investors then :-( ... the only 'value' behind this companies is the quality of their projects + quality of their management ... the most common way of financing is private placement of new shares, therefore are these companies regularly on road-shows, conferences, investors' lunch & dinner events like 'my' endeavour silver folks recently in munich... => ALL IN ONE: it is essential to think abt the risk-reward-ratio 
  • junior producers - we have got an operating mine! lets look if it can produce gold/silver/etc profitably ...
  • mid-tier producers - my guess, above 100,000 ounces gold per year
  • major producers - my guess, above 1,000,000 ounces gold per year, the biggest gold producer is the canadian barrick with 8m ounces per year (but im 2 lazy to google & prove that now)
btw, the production numbers are often given in terms of gold/silver equivalents => a primary silver producer like scorpio mining will recalculate all its Au, Pb, Zn, Cu output in ounces of silver ...

classification by market capitalization
  • micro-caps
  • small-caps
  • ... etc.
  • blue chips
oil vs. gold? both are fine because of the supply & demand pattern, i think :-)

folks, just in case u still think abt the 'risk-reward-ratio issue' in explorer business, there is a small help out there! well, thats the canadian norm NI 43-101 which tells a lot abt the reserves / resources of a mining property / project. i will post a part from last endeavour's resource update 4 hard core fans of mining business below, but pls dont ask me abt all these different categories (proven, indicated, inferred, measured, ...) as ive no clue abt that 
2009 Reserve/Resource Highlights
  • Silver Proven and Probable Reserves up 113% to 16.6 million ounces (oz); Guanacevi 15.0 million oz and Guanajuato 1.6 million oz
  • Gold Proven and Probable Reserves up 87% to 44,000 oz; Guanacevi 22,500 oz and Guanajuato 21,500 oz
  • Silver Equivalent Proven and Probable Reserves up 103% to 19.4 million oz; Guanacevi 16.5 million oz and Guanajuato 2.9 million oz
  • Silver Indicated Resources up 21% to 23.6 million oz; Guanacevi 17.8 million oz, Guanajuato 4.3 million oz and Parral 1.5 million oz
  • Gold Indicated Resources up 35% to 119,100 oz; Guanacevi 37,100 oz, Guanajuato 38,200 oz and Parral 43,800 oz
  • Silver Equivalent Indicated Resources up 20% to 31.3 million oz; Guanacevi 20.2 million oz, Guanajuato 6.8 million oz and Parral 4.3 million oz
  • Silver Inferred Resources down 6% to 18.3 million oz; Guanacevi 9.6 million oz, Guanajuato 7.7 million oz and Parral 1.0 million oz
  • Gold Inferred Resources up 17% to 111,000 oz; Guanacevi 16,400 oz, Guanajuato 70,000 oz and Parral 24,600 oz
  • Silver Equivalent Inferred Resources down 4% to 25.6 million oz; Guanacevi 10.7 million oz, Guanajuato 12.3 million oz and Parral 2.6 million oz
  • ...

folks, in case there will be some other mining-related issues/ideas later on, i will prolly update that blog, ok?

ten baggers (also known as tenbaggers, 10-baggers, etc.) are fun :-)

folks, it is soooooo great 2 be in the right trend at the right time ... my 3rd tenbagger is here! it is novagold again, more precisely its my 2nd shot on this in that time bankruptcy endangered gold explorer. well, in some cases is bottom-fishing soooo damned profitable, u know?

go, gold bugs, go 

btw, 3 weeks ago there have been just 2 of them (for more details read my old comment) ... but there have been 3 companies (tara gold, levon, excellon) much more close to this barrier as 2day ...

 addendum, sept 20, 2011: my first 40-bagger, rio alto mining, OMG!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

endeavour silver (TSX:EDR)

addendum april 15th, 2014: i know what is the problem with the low, low, low gold + silver prices in 2013 + 2014, my dears. well, there was an investors' lunch event in munich few days ago and endeavour was also there. it was a nice update about the company, which mastered to reach a output of 6.8m ounces of silver in 2013, but you know what? two of its 3 mexican silver mines produce silver at all-in-cost around or even below the current silver price, which is $19.5 per ounce today. got it? there are producers who earn no money or even lose money to over-supply the market at these  low, low, low gold + silver prices. of course the price can't go up if there is sooooo much supply even at these levels. what will the producers do if the metal prices go up? probably complain that they have no gold/silver left as they've sold it so cheap in 2013 + 2014 ... supply + demand pattern, as so often in the long run 

1oz silver from endeavour silver

what about the investors' lunch with endeavour silver representatives 2day? hmmmmmm, i think i'm rather the folk festival than the noble restaurant type of guy, you know? well, of course it was delicious, all that small portions on huge plates with funny decoration, tasty wine, etc.  ... 

OMG! do u know what did i like most? the surprise gift ~ the nice company's 1 oz silver coin! well, i'm probably more an investor than a good eater :-). yabbadabbadooo, my growing collection of 'my' silver companies silver coins now includes:
  • endeavour silver
  • first majestic silver
  • scorpio mining
  • nevada pacific gold (that company doesn't exist any more! btw, do u think about old, old, old silver roman coins right now? do they still have any value? is silver better than paper? any other thoughts?)
what about endeavour silver? of course, i enjoyed the chance 2 meet the old-known-faces behind the company in munich again! of course, i own already few shares of that promising silver producer. of course, i increased my endeavour holdings after that damned crashy october 2008, so my position is +115.56% right now. what's the best? well, there is NOTHING TO WORRY about! they have 2 profitable operating silver mines, they are looking for the 3rd mine (exploration vs. acquisition), there is no further need to dilute the existing share base as the cash-flow provides enough money in order to finance future growth (unless there would be some major acquisition opportunity out there), the production records should continue further and, in the long term, the silver price increase could continue as well, so the share price should go up, isn't it? 

so what to do? well, let's lean back + enjoy the company's development + the rising share price of that IMHO low-risk portfolio position + let's hope if there will be some significant company and/or market related price corrections on the road i will be wise enough and still solvent to increase my endeavour position on dips :-)

1oz silver, endeavour silver

addendum june 6th, 2010: folks, i've just bought few more shares of EDR (@ CAD 3.52) today. they've have been somehow stronger than their peer group in recent general market correction, let's interpret that as relative strength ... LOL

successful endeavours + good luck, my dear endeavour silver 

Monday, April 5, 2010

what abt trucks? MAN's AGM

last thursday there was the 130th (or the like) AGM for the MAN shareholders. of course, there were many ups and downs in company's more than 250 years old history, the recent corruption and power struggle scandal was just the latest sad episode ... well, volkswagen's (VW) almighty rowdy god ferdinand piëch won again and the former soooo sympathetic and sooooo succesful CEO hakan samuelsson lost his job :-(

i was very interested abt MAN's outlook for the future, so i accepted to endure hearing to grandpa piëch's soooo slow and soooo boring speach (besides his VW functions he is also the chairman of the advisory board @ MAN because of VW's 29% stake in MAN) and been there from the very start. MAN's business decreased in 2009 by approx 30% as in the financial crisis out there, both the car (trucks & buses) + the diesel engines (ships & power plants, esp. solar energy power plants) divisions suffered badly. thx to samuelsson's lead MAN managed to make a small profit anyway, there will also be a small dividend at my account on monday ... btw, did you know that more than 50% of all ship transportation worldwide is driven by MAN diesel power engines? well, as ive expected the economy prospects are still baaaad, baaaaad, baaaad :-(

damn! what is the motivation for the already 73 years old millionaire/billionaire piëch (btw, he is the grandson of the great ferdinand porsche, who has already in 1899 constructed an electric car) not to slow down, not to simply enjoy his life, not to let other folks continue his work and run 'his' car imperium? it is tied-up with his tough battlesome character, isnt it?

im not sure if my list of volkswagen's holdings (often 100% or some other major stake) is complete, but its a lot anyway:
  • audi
  • bentley
  • bugatti
  • lamborghini
  • MAN
  • scania
  • seat
  • skoda
  • suzuki
  • porsche
  • volkswagen 
useful links:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

top 10 :-) ~~~ ugh! 10 :-(

folks, the loooong lovely easter weekend arrived on planet earth => lets take some time to switch my portfolio view from 'summary' 2 'detail' and look also at the 10 best and 10 worst single trades. lets start with the best ... damned hell! i even didnt know there is already a ten bagger in my portfolio yet! well, the rio alto minig appears approx in the middle of my summary list and my 1st shot at that stock is 'just' +27%, so i even didnt realize what a clever fox in december 2008 i was! tax free +1,045% (because of old german tax law before 2009), indeed!

top 10,  

top performance => top feelings :-)

well, there were also few mistakes on the road => ugh! 10,

poor performance => ugh! feelings :o)
... or is it just an impact of caffeine on human beings? lol ... that coffee was prolly a little bit too strong 

OMG! why didnt i buy just the 'good' stocks ?!?
cheers, anyway :-)

addendum, 04/04/2010: what abt a ten bagger bought with the proceeds of a ten bagger that was also bought with the proceeds of a previous ten bagger (100,000%)... => happy easter dreaming, isnt it? of course, ten baggers are fun . btw, the 2nd position novagold is also a ten bagger as it has also increased more than 10 times (bought @ 0.518 euros, current price 5.47, the last column shows already the profit).

even more fun as the profit itself is the story behind rio alto mining . the explorer companies always have their own stories, you know?

well, the rio alto guys called themselves 'mexican silver mines' 1 or 2 years ago. then the ugly crashy october 2008 arrived and the price of most financial assets crashed like a crystal vase on the floor ... not so bad for mexican silver! they still had 7m cash in their vaults, so theyve decided not 2 waste the cash on exploration of its projects and started ... got it? my lovely explorer company didnt like 2 waste cash on exploration?!? unbelievable, isnt it? just read a part of their old news release: .... .... The Company feels that these funds are better used to look for strategic alternatives which are presenting themselves to Mexican Silver Mines rather than in spending these funds on exploration. In today\'s market it is cheaper to buy than to explore and drill for production and resources. ... well, theyve started 2 look for acquisition targets like producing mines or competitors. after a while theyve bought rio alto mining with its gold-copper project(s) in peru! hmmmm, somehow stupid 2 call the company mexican silver mines if the major project is located in peru, right? no problem, lets take-over competitors name as well 

fairytales 4 hardcore fans of exploration/mining business, company's website 

folks, btw, how could we motivate my biggest position scorpio mining to become a ten bagger soon? any ideas out there? lol