Saturday, November 26, 2011

#OccupyWallStreet #OccupyMunich

one of our banners ... btw, wanna join a similar movement in your city / area?

well, ive just spent a nice afternoon at the #OccupyMunich demonstration (its every saturday, my dear). the highlights 2day? imho the cherry hot wine punch + music by markus nagy :-)

this recording is from a demo 2 weeks ago, for better quality sound pls move 2 markus' website, there are few trailers available, like e.g. this bankruptcy song sung in 'bavarian german' ... sooo funny, soooo true ... enjoy + pls read below WHY we should protest ...

quote by pastor martin niemöller (english translation below):

„Als die Nazis die Kommunisten holten,
habe ich geschwiegen; ich war ja kein Kommunist.
Als sie die Sozialdemokraten einsperrten,
habe ich geschwiegen; ich war ja kein Sozialdemokrat.
Als sie die Gewerkschafter holten,
habe ich nicht protestiert; ich war ja kein Gewerkschafter.
Als sie die Juden holten,habe ich nicht protestiert; ich war ja kein Jude.
Als sie mich holten,gab es keinen mehr, der protestierte.

source: facebook

well, lets translate it to english:

as the nazis got the communist,
i was silent; i wasnt a communist.
as theyve imprisoned the social democrats,
i was silent; i wasnt a social democrat.
as theyve got the unionists,
i didnt protest; i wasnt a unionist.
as theyve got the jews,
i didnt protest; i wasnt a jew.
as they have got me, there was noone left to protest.

of course, the nazis and the current financial mafia + its 'new world order' is not completely the same, but in countries like afghanistan, iraq, libya, syria (soon?) we can easily see that even ten thousands killed folks do not matter, thus i dont stop fighting.

folks, lets stop the north atlantic terror organisation (NATO) + lets save the planet 

Friday, November 25, 2011

xmas salary => xmas shopping => GOLD & SILVER companies

stolen from => ehhhm, borrowed from here (=source ;-)

next money withdrawn out of the banking system and placed in my 'savings column' ... well, my badly awaited extra salary will arrive at my account next wednesday, but my shopping is done already ... i simply couldnt resist the SALE prices all over the mining stocks board . folks, thats was my xmas shopping list 2day:
  • silver wheaton ~ bottom fishing 
  • new pacific metals ~ gold / silver in yukon / canada ~ company run by silvercorp's mngmt
  • jaguar mining ~ just bought more below $7 ~ the chinese take-over offer is @ $9.30
  • minaurum gold ~ my idea from this years precious metals fair
  • new dawn mining ~ gold in zimbabwe ~ yep, im gonna support the economy there and withraw all money from south africa instead cos i somehow feel theyre on the way to destroy their own country as rhodesia did 3 decades ago (the former switzerland of africa, pls dont google it, they have a new name and a still very sad present now, its simply too sad)
so lets balance my investing account next week 
go gold bugs go and lets crash the fraudulent paper money system NOW 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

by mistake in FFB

what a strange evening 2night! well, the best of all wives + me have landed in fürstenfeldbruck (FFB), a small city 20 km away from munich ... i havent been there for 3 years or longer, my dear... well, weve planned to visit a cocktail bar right behind munich, but theyve built a new road out there and yes, we didnt find the right turn and then it was too late ...

spontaneous as so often in the last time, we changed our plan and visited FFB, place we used to go swimming on weekends few years ago ... as tourist do, we stopped at the very centre and jumped into the 1st pub we could find, the 400 years old post hotel. the kitchen was closed already, thx goodness their polish waitress found some bread somewhere and yes, we have survived + had sooo nice time there ;-)

any lessons learned? yep, weve decided to go out once a week or at least every 2 weeks ... and yes, for some time we gonna try every time a new location ... you cant learn anything new by walking on your old paths all the time, u know?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

THRIVE - What on earth will it take?

source of the picture? the #OccupyBerlin group on facebook 

source of the picture and of the sooo great 2h documentation abt the 'new worl order' i.e. abt the control of everything by very very few:

enjoy the video and yes, make sure you have 2 hours time to watch it, imho it is 100% worth the time spent :-)
Introduction to Thrive [0:01] 
Bringing the code to light [7:50] 
Crop circles [25:21] 
Free energy [33:26]
Investigating where the money comes from [43:15] 
Medical Association [46:52]  
Corporatocracy [52:24] 
Fractional reserve lending [54:39]  
Federal Reserve [57:11]  
Discovering the world's domination plans [1:09:36] 
Eugenics [1:33:56]  
Creating Solutions [1:38:42]
btw, here is a new link to a 2nd recording of the same movie as 'they' seem to take the uploads down from youtube ;-( thrive (german translation) on youtube 

well, there are more movies & movements like that, so pls awake and join one of them in order to bring the power back to the people and bring sustainable future for our poor overexploited planet as well. my top 2 suggestions?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

#jarosells oil => pays taxes => #jarobuys vale + bhp billiton + rio tinto

what's the advantage of long blog titles? there is not much to add later on :-)

folks, please don't think the oil price is gonna collapse ... i would rather hold my trade till the end of january, but i couldn't ... well, my call option (call warrant) expired yesterday, so the goldman sachs guys sold it close to the daily low @ 3.50 €uros i think (brent oil was $113 per barrel yesterday) ... it is nice to be an emitter & market maker at one time, isn't it?

anyway, my trade from late march 2009 on brent oil and strike price $90 is 2.6 times the initial amount, so i've managed to make 160% profit on that thinny position ... unfortunately, the all-time-high for that paper was 4.82 €uros (probably when the oil price was $125 in april), so there could be even more money made, but i've somehow waited for a temporary (news driven) price spike which didn't come in the last 2 years  ... my dear, don't worry, i've one more open oil option, my bigger and less aggressive paper oil which runs one more year (till 11/12/2012) and has a strike price of only $70 (currently +117%) ...

why did i buy all these 3 major commodity producers and not any pennystocks this time? well, i just thought my always underfunded account will enjoy their fat dividends ;-)
  • vale (Companhia Vale do Rio Doce) ~ brasilian iron ore producer
  • bhp billiton ~ british/australian iron ore, coal, oil, base metals, potash etc producer
  • rio tinto ~ british/australian aluminium, copper, iron ore etc producer
as u can easily see, i've stolen (=source) that picture from my canadian oil explorer donnybrook 

andover ventures

next investor lunch 2day => a nice update on operations again ... hell, next time im going 2 post an andover ventures picture, promised ... will prolly have 2 steal one from companys website, haha :-)

there is not everything fine at andover cos they didnt put their trixie mine into production this year as theyve promised, buuuuut there is such a great perspective and such a nice shareholder structure (directors + insiders own biggest part of the company so lets hope they will act as owners and not as managers ;-) that ive bought all my andover shares back i had to sell during my margin calls horror in september/october and even few more => im glad to carry a bigger line of andover shares than ever before 

go gold bugs go  ... and silver, copper, zinc bugs as well, of course ...
btw, here u can read my insight on andover from their former investor event(s)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

#OccupyWallStreet, #OccupyMunich

next demo in munich ... btw, there is every saturday a demo in munich organized / promoted by folllowing facebook group called 'real democracy now' and this FB group is also the source of all pictures posted in this blog:

wanna join the movement in YOUR city / area? well, we claim we are the 99% but to be honest we are less than 1% by now ... of course, there are for sure 90+ per cent who are fu**ed or at least cheated by the fraudulent fiat money system and our corrupt politicians who transfer the nations wealth from the main street to the wall street, but there are still not enough folks who are willing to stand up, unite, fight against that fraudulent system ... but our number is growing, worldwide :-)

#occupyWallStreet, #occupyYourStreet, #occupyEverywhere:

music of the movement? well, there were many talented folks singing out there and even one famous german balladeer (konstantin wecker). anyway, i liked most this bob marley's 'movement' song performed by philip wienand:

what abt the text?

text part 1:

text part 2:

... and on top here u have my pictures from that great event / afternoon :-) ... and for those of you who already forgot the 1st worldwide action #united for #globalchange on october, 15th here comes the link to my former blog post ♥ Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N ♥

wanna learn more abt the #occupywallstreet movement (taken from one of its corresponding facebook groups):
The movement created by the occupation of Wall Street isn't about a park in New York city, it is about all of us. For too long we've allowed our rights to be stepped on. Our futures and financial freedoms have been sold to predatory companies that profit from our hardship and strangle our economy. We've allowed our government to be bought while the ceaseless turning of war machines in foreign lands ravage resources and destroy the environment. We cannot allow this system to stand anymore.

Occupy Wall Street has initiated a dialog which has, in just two months, raised awareness across the globe. Individuals are unplugging themselves from junk media and are getting plugged into a conversation that is of vital importance. Some are taking to the streets, possibly for the first time in their lives, to stand up for their rights and exercise their freedom.

Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD can evict, brutalize and oppress the citizens of New York City but they cannot stop this movement. It is bigger than New York and it isn't going anywhere.

Stand up for your rights. Stand with the 99%!

btw, here is the link to the video of the performed song 'empört euch' by the star guest of the afternoon konstantin wecker :-)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

alexco resource

an interesting update on alexco's properties + production + prospects by its major shareholder & CEO clynton nauman in munich 2day :-)

well, there is everything fine @ alexco:
  • rising silver production
  • no debt
  • profits high enough 2 finance the planned growth without any dilution
  • 2011 was be the 1st profitable year
  • the environmental division is also develops fine and gives the company advantages which the competition hasnt
  • theyve gold too
  • as ive told ya already, the CEO is the major shareholder, so he will prolly think like an owner and not like a manager (= greedy salary + bonus + size driven, senseless overpriced M&A seeking megalomaniac). that should benefit the shareholders a lot => dividends coming soon?
  • any other investors? yep, there were few names, but i only could remember eric sprottmaybe cos ive met him on friday last week ...
  • etc
nothing wrong out there? well, ive increased my alexco position on monday @ CAD 8.09 ... and yes, the stock closed @ CAD 7.29 today, which means i would get 10% more shares for the same money 2day ;-(. well, the equity markets are completely irrational and our dear homo sapiens financialis is currently sooooo fearful that he e.g. sold one of the biggest silver producers in the world, silver standard resources (SSO) 22% cheaper than yesterday only cos theyve published some lower resource estimation than before ... and a profit of $0.27 per share versus a loss a year ago ... and a cash balance of $356 million etc and so on ... well, ive increased my SSO position yesterday and thus such a dramatic price decline on day two hurts like hell, but when ive read the 'reasons' and recognized that SSO hardly will go bankrupt on this issue => i just thought WTF, WTF, WTF => too funny, isnt it? i just laughed and laughed and laughed abt the stupidity of investors / traders and yes, ive doubled my yesterdays SSO position, so i have double the size of stock which is currently 10% down => lets lean back + appreciate the pull back in a week or two or three? folks, whats your guess:  whos right this time, mr. market or me?

btw, my initial investment idea was born here ;-)

Monday, November 7, 2011

endeavour silver (TSX: EDR)

a nice update on endeavour silver's operations at their investor lunch event in munich 2day ... well, there is everything fine at endeavour (=one of my top 5 portfolio positions by current $$ value):
  • rising silver production from their 2 producing mines in mexico
  • falling cash costs (only $5.53 per ounce of silver)
  • rising cash flow
  • huuuge exploration program
  • no debt
  • and yes, 2011 is the very 1st year endeavour is going to make an overall profit. how did they manage to become a $1billion company by losing money each year? well, ive told ya before mining is a strange business, didnt i?
  • what abt dividends? well, they dont pay any yet, maybe next year, who knows? and yes, there was an metal 'dividend' this time, just look how pretty 1 oz Ag can be:
pls decide by yourself whats head whats tail, my dear ;-)
yep, the coin is different than the one from last 'dividend', isnt it?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

precious metals fair in munich

munich, new city hall

a great event, as always :-)
  • day zero ~ a passion lounge with zimtu capital in the office of cm equity group in the very center of munich ~ of course ive welcomed the chance 2 walk a little bit through the streets of munich and yes, after 20+ years in munich ive visited the city hall's tower for the very 1st time (shame on me, i know) ~ city hall pictures 
  • day 1 ~ the key speaker 2day was (billionaire + gold bug) eric sprott ~ sooo many booths of sooo many companies fighting for attention of investors + newsletter writers ~ many busy bullion dealers have sold sooooo much (physical!) gold + silver i believe ~ low quality fast food in between ~ many interesting presentations (at 3 stages) ~ coin dealer's pro aurum reception in the evening
  • day 2 ~ the key speaker was james turk, ive visited also few other presentations and talked to the company representatives of my portfolio's stocks i didnt manage to on the 1st day :-)
miranda gold's CEO ken cunnigham + me ... btw, miranda is my oldest (still independent) stock in my portfolio, currently struggling like hell ;-(

few more pictures from the gold+silver+commodities show? just move here + enjoy

any investment ideas? well i will prolly post few comments abt some companies ive been impressed most (and bought few shares) when i will have some time to do so and link that stories in the list below. do u agree, my dear?
  • amerigo resources ~ soooo undervalued, profitable, dividend paying chile based Cu+Mo company
  • baha mining ~ they havent been at the show, i just spoke to a buddy of mine abt them :-)
  • cap-ex ventures ~ bad, bad timing ~ 3 weeks ago was the price justr 1/3 of 2days level :-(
  • colt resources ~ tungsten + gold in portugal, a rob mcewen company
  • dynasty metals & mining ~ highly recomended by one of the magazines out there
  • endeavour silver ~ one of my all-time-favorites
  • equitas resources ~ copper, copper, copper ... btw, by my purchase of few stocks on day zero (wednesday) ive increased the value of the company by CAD 500,000 ... yep, i was the only buyer and moved the stock price 10% higher  ... hmmmm, strange junior mining stocks ;-)
  • 1st majestic silver ~ 
  • focus metals ~ graphite & graphene in canada
  • focus minerals ~ my dear australian cannibals
  • gogold resources ~ bad, bad timing ~ yesterday was the stock CAD 1.33 (ask price) but i hadnt any money on my account, today CAD 1.54 :-(
  • orex minerals ~ new project of orko silvers mngmt
  • ovoca gold ~ gold in russia
  • rio alto mining ~ gold in peru
  • rye patch gold ~ gold in nevada, highly recomended by one of the magazines out there
  • scorpio mining ~ my biggest portfolio position
  • tamaka gold ~ private company, going to go publich in late december / early january
  • etc

btw, i didnt get a picture with the key speaker this time (canadian billionaire eric sprott) cos i didnt like to wait for a break between his countless interviews  ... and yes, billionaires are fellows like you and me, they just patiently answer questions and try to explain their attitude 

Thursday, November 3, 2011


ive just spent few days in my birth city kosice (= kassa / kaschau) in slovakia
  • day 1 = 4 countries D, A, H, SK + no internet => strange :-)
  • day 2 = family & friends from my high school
  • day 3 = family dead + alive, part 1 (november, 1st is the time when we go 2 cemeteries in europe, u know? visited cemetery in einsiedel / mnisek nad hnilcom)
  • day 4 = family dead + alive, part 2 (cemetery in kosice)
  • a looong way home (12 hours by car), different route this time: SK, A, D