Wednesday, August 25, 2021

hypnosis in castle pienzenau

the best of all wives 😍 taught south tirol's teachers hypnosis during the 3-days intuition seminar in castle pienzenau in meran (merano) / south tirol (südtirol), if you asked me ...

moo! at jaufenpass (passo giovo), 2094 m, south tirol
beautiful south tirol (südtirol, alto adige) in northern italy
hypnosis during the break at the intuition seminar in castle pienzenau 😃
castle schloss pienzenau in meran
my nice castle office for mobile work with ethernet cable internet
castle trauttmansdorff
meran (merano)
castle fragsburg is the starting point for the with 135m south tirols highes waterfall, 
the fragsburger wasserfall (sinichbachwasserfall)
let's swimm here in one of the lower cascades a little bit
south tirol is a land of castles, you know?
lake weissbrunnsee in weissbrunn, ultental valley, ITA - lago di fontana bianca, IT
NP stilfserjoch (dello stelvio)
weissbrunn, 1900m
arts exhibition in castle engelsburg, neustift abbey, IT

two of us 😏
on the road in (north) tirol, austria, AT
all in one

more pictures here


Sunday, August 8, 2021

3 + 3 weeks in croatia

we have spend a lot of beautiful time in croatia (+ slovenia + bosnia and hercegovina) as it was one of the very few easy to reach destinations with not too many corona restrictions for us 😄

we came as soon as they opened the borders for tourists without mandatory corona test in early june for 3.5 weeks and in july & august for 2.5 weeks again #CRO #HR

roman colosseum in pula + istria peninsula

let's try to sort my memories first, then add some pictures & insights later. shall i?

the stops at our spontaneous round trip were: 

  • 3 days at the istria peninsula (istra, istrien) in and around the city of pula (pola) ~ stinjan, fazana, brijuni NP (brioni), colosseum in pula
  • kotli waterfalls - istria peninsula
  • senj (zengg) with its interesting nehaj fortress (tower) above the harbour
  • velebit massif mountains ~ unesco heritage
  • pag island - lun with its olive trees, la luna hotel, city of pag, bosana nature park & beach
  • city of zadar ~ unesco heritage
  • sukosan - not a nice place at all, if you asked me 😈
  • biograd na moru + nature habitat lake vransko jezero (crow lake) which was unfortuntely connected to the sea by a small man made canal which causes a huge loss of sweet water in rainy winter time when the water level in the lake is high
  • 2 days in plitvice cascade lakes NP (plitvicka jezera) ~ unesco heritage
  • city of krk on the krk island
  • cres island with its two tiny man made canals which divide the geological entity cres into 2 (not 3 😂) islands cres + losinj. just to make the confusion complete, on losinj, there is a city called mali losinj (small losinj, lussinpiccolo) which is much bigger than the city veli losinj (big losinj, lussingrande) and both cities mali losinj & veli losinj are located on the same part of the losinj island separated be the above mentioned 2nd man made canal 😂. there is a lake vransko jezero (crow lake) on cres, too. and close to mali losinj they've found the 'croatian' apoxyomenos (apoksiomen, HR) statue in the sea which you can admire in a museum in mali losinj
  • mošćenička draga at the istria peninsula
  • ljubljana (slovenia, SLO) - old city center
  • --- back home to munich for 1 month ---
  • opatija (abbazia)
  • island city of trogir ~ unesco heritage
  • neretva river delta - kite surfer paradise, tasty local agricultural products cooled by river water, the ugly industrial harbor city of ploce, beautiful inland city of opuzen
  • bacina lakes (close to ploce)
  • neum (bosna i hercegovina, bosnien und herzegovina, BIH)
  • slano
  • 5 days in the city of dubrovnik ~ unesco heritage ~ south dalmatia region (dalmacija)
  • 2 days in krka NP ~ unesco heritage ~ krka river waterfalls integrated in pubs (former mills in roski slap) ~ cities lozovac, skradin, visovac island, ...
  • beach at tribunj (close to sibenik) - not a nice place at all, if you asked me 😈
  • ribnik - the border village with an interesting castle at the slovenian border
  • ljubljana (slovenia, SLO) - castle hill above the old city
  • --- back home to munich --- 

pula (pola), istria
the box legend mate parlov + me in fazana, istria
kotli waterfalls
senj (zengg, segna)
ferry to the pag island
city of pag on the pag island
 mr. turtle
skradin, krka river NP
waterfall skradinski buk, krka NP
birthday. best of all wives 💓 in dubrovnik
sladenici, an abandoned camping site
neretva river delta
opuzen at the neretva river
kite surfers in the neretva river delta
bacina lakes
trogir, unesco heritage
trogir (left) meets opatija (right)
 krka river
opatija, istria
moscenicka draga, istria
city of cres at the cres island
mali losinj
veli losinj
mr. scorpio
man made canal which divides the losinj island in 2 parts
frankopan castle in krk on the krk island
so true 😃
nicola tesla, the serbian genius electrical engineer was born
close to the plitvicka jezera NP in today's croatia
plitvicke jezera NP
vransko jezero
capers (kapern)

many, many, many more pictures here. so just scroll over (if interested), the pictures are intended to save my own nice holiday memories for the years to come, you know? 😉