Saturday, June 24, 2017

slovensko - SK - slovakia

well, because of the illness (alzheimer disease) of my mother i quite often visit slovakia recently, i have been there probably already 6 times this year.

there were also 3 special occasions:
  • holidays with my mother in her home village einsiedel in eastern slovakia (late april / early may 2017)
  • wedding party of my friend in modra (late may 2017)
  • classmates hangout in the hills of rohace (liptov, orava) regarding 30 years anniversary of our high school graduation (late june 2017)

my most interesting insight out there? the nature in slovakia is still fantastic, probably because except the area of the capital bratislava is the remaining land really sparsely inhabited (by world's most dangerous species, the homo sapiens, of course).

enjoy few pictures ;o)
castle slovenska lupca
einsiedel / mnisek nad hnilcom
spitzenberg mountain over einsiedel
smolnik (schmöllnitz)
the einsiedel area is a structurally weak and thus also a very cheap place, 1 beer = 1 euro in the nicest local pub
my mother's parents house is not longer inhabited by family members
crazy me, swimming in teich on may, 1st => coooold 
hnilec river (göllnitz river) ... good-bye, einsiedel
bratislava castle
fico chrani zlodejov / premier fico protects thieve(s) (who got much, much more (2 million euros) as tax pay back out of their luxury bonaparte apartment than the apartments really cost => everything is possible in slovakia if the government link works fine)
appartments bonaparte, bratislava
strma cesta = my favorite street in bratislava
vineyards in modra
old city walls (approx. 2 km still preserved)
modra's old city gate
let's go to pajstun castle in the male karpaty mountains. 
the destruction of the castle (together with devin castle) was ordered by napoleon bonaparte
spa pistian (= piestany)
liptovske matiasovce
 our nice stay in huty - penzion rohacan
an old mill
well, it is probably rather a winter resort, if you asked me
our new friend
biela skala, 1316 m (for the sivy vrch (1805 m) tour was the time too short. maybe next time)
biela skala, 1316 m 
lake liptovska mara (liptov - liptau), SK
more pictures HERE