Sunday, January 31, 2021

polizisten für aufklärung ~ JOIN the corona PROTEST

next anti-corona demo in munich again. when will YOU join the protest? we protest every week ... and ten (hundred?) thousands watch the live streams ... stop the NWO :-)

poor justitia

most speakers today were from the policemen for enlightenment (polizisten für aufklärung) movement (bernd bayerlein + vicky richter. their top speaker karl hilz was arrested for some time by the police today) and there was the wonderful lawayer markus haintz, too ... and some arts like the bavarian gstanzl-music, few peace songs, many activists friends of mine => a nice evening again 😍

bernd bayerlein, polizisten für aufklärung
prayer for freedom + peace
prayer for freedom + peace
friedensboote ~ peace messenger + peace vehicle in police colors 😂
they've arrested the former police officer karl hilz again. shame on you, police 😓
polizei, polizei, polizei 😡

... and there was some peace music too

i liked the music band, especially their lyrics.

let's stop the corona plandemic.

more pictures here (demos 24.01.+ 31.01.2021).

Sunday, January 24, 2021

demo for freedom + human rights bis 22:15 trotz ausgangssperre nach 21:00 in münchen

we have a curfew (ausgangssperre) after 9 p.m. in germany since november => what a wonderful querdenker demo (creative thinking) in munich tonight! it was scheduled and by the authorities for 200 people allowed from 8 p.m. till 10:15 p.m. 😂. after almost 3 months of corona-reasoned chicanery (schikane) i was allowed to be outside so much longer, my dears 😄. of course, many of us feel like 15 year old teenies controlled by parents und we run home like crazy in order to avoid high disciplinary fines (500 €uros per person) ...

IF the authorities have to force pandemic protection measures by fines and denunciation, THEN there is no pandemic at all. it is a plandemic, isn't it? despite they have tested almost half of the population, we have had less than 1 permille of 'corona deaths' in 2020 and there was no excess mortality either. that is of course fine, i'm saying it only to demonstrate, that the (almost worldwide) plandemic measures infringe the proportionality principle (verhältnismäßigkeit) by far. if you asked me, it is a (NWO orchestrated?) WWIII against the humanity. why? easy, just see what is forbidden: culture, almost all kinds of leisure sports (not only team sports), gastronomy and small businesses, curfew, meeting family & friends. right now, we can only meet 1 person out of our household in germany. hello? we have two daughters and many, many others also have their children, parents, grand parents, friends ...

if interested, visit the querdenken demos in nuremberg (janury 2021) + munich (december 2020).        we have been about 300-500 inside and outside the demo area in the ludwigstrasse in front of the bavarian adminstrative court (Bayerischer Verwaltungsgerichtshof, VGH) today.

top speakers were the querdenken lawyer RA markus haintz, the former police officer and founder of 'polizisten für aufklärung' karl hilz + the corona critical physician dr. rolf kron from nearby kaufering.

peaceful resistance against corona measures + peaceful fight for freedom and human rights
so much police. they were friendly today with 1 exception 15 minutes before the demo ended
the querdenken flag
peace flag
dr. rolf kron + one creative protester
plandemic of lies (plandemie der lügen)
the police have had to wear he stupid FFP2 masks all the time (3 hours?). they should be changed after 70 - 110 minutes depending of grade of physical activity .... poor police guys & girls
love, peace, human dignity, together, freedom ,,,
justitia + the new album 'end of the world' (ende der welt) => 
let's fight so it will NOT become true. will we?
bavarian finance ministry

the people demand the bavarian prime minister markus söder to step down:

addendum february, 7th 2021: next querdenken-demo at the geschwister-scholl-platz, a square named after the siblings scholl, who were students active in the nazi-resistance in munich. it was a little bit closer to the white church on the right side. this time was the police not that aggresive as the last two sundays ... best speaker today were the lawyers ralf ludwig and markus haintz.

few more pictures here.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

ohlstadt ~ winter in the bavarian alps

what a wonderful winter day in ohlstadt in the bavarian alps (close to garmisch-partenkirchen). i have been to ohlstadt in springtime at a my company's work shop where they've tried to find some usable strengths in me 😂 few years ago, but a sunny winter day is even nicer. on our way back i liked to swim or skate (yes, i had both equipments needed with me) in/on the lake soier see in bad bayersoien, but the lake was completely frozen and ice-skating prohibited. maybe there are some warm springs and the ice not strong enough ...

ohlstadt as seen from its boschet neighborhood
cross country ski track (loipe ohlstadt)
the blueland arena is the place, where the best wedding of the year happens in may, you know?
today i've understood why they call the area blue land (das blaue land). you too?
bavarian alps south of murnau and bad kohlgrub (the hörnle mountain?)

welcome to lake soier see / bayersoiener see in bad bayersoien:
frozen lake soier see / bayersoiener see 

more pictures here.

more bavarian lakes? here :-)