Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SilverCrest mines (SVL) ~ investor lunch +++ primero mining (PPP)

santa elena mine, source:

well, SilverCrest mines is a GOLD + silver producer in mexico (2m Ag-equivalent ounces a year, 3/4 of what is currently generated by gold), makes profits, generates cash-flow, forces exploration, the mngmt is highly involved itself which is prolly a good sign for the remaining shareholders like me as well, vancouver based canadian company with market-cap of CAD 177m, eric sprott's investment company is the biggest single shareholder, low cash costs at $5.85 per 1 oz silver in last quarter and projected cash costs of approx $8 on average over the mine life .... btw, 2014 should be the year when the second mine goes into production and SLV should become a 4m Ag ounces producer a year by then ...

in sum, imho is silvercrest one of the companies which gonna survive the current slaughter in the junior commodity companies sector ... why? they simply dont need money to continue operations and in the worst case scenario they could finance the planned exploration / mine development out of their cash-flow or simply postpone the development of the 2nd mine ...

anything else? yep, the companies often compare their own market-cap / share price to well selected peer group in order 2 show how undervalued they are, u know? well, there was only 1 company even cheaper / more undervalued than silvercrest: primero mining. of course, ive bought few shares of primero today (primero is as well already a gold / silver producing company (in mexico) with strong cash-flow, low debt, etc and so on ;-)

go gold/silver bucks, go!

Monday, April 23, 2012

8. resource conference

dark clouds in the resource sky ~ entering the maximilian street, the place 2 be 2day

what a paradox! at a day where my resource-based portfolio hits its performance low since late 2008, the cm-equity guys have organized a noble resource conference in munich's noble hotel vier jahreszeiten (4 seasons), hmmmmm, straaange ...

anyway, what did i like most? prolly the market analysis by chris berry, and yes, the opportunity 2 speak 2 fellow investors and 2 representatives of few of my portfolio's companies ...

btw, there were 6 companies presenting 2day:
  • zimtu capital ~ here and there, very talented guys who were able 2 recognire trends like precious metals + potash + rare earths + graphite ahead the curve and on top even able to create or invest in such companies at insider /pre-IPO terms ...
  • tembo gold ~ tanzania
  • majestic gold ~ china
  • western potash ~ canada
  • great panther silver ~ mexico, i didnt wait for their presentation ... but bought few more shares ;-)
  • gran colombia gold ~ colombia
graphit, gold, potash, china, growth, demographics, TIMBI (turkey, india, mexico, brasil, indonesia), ...

btw, thats why my gold/silver/commodity based portfolio is soooooooo low, the mining stocks are (relatively 2 metal prices) almost cheaper than in crashy 2008, just look at the gold-xau-ratio in this chart. dont ask abt the current level, cos stocks went much deeper 2day again, thus the ratio higher, means even more losses 4 my portfolio, as ive mentioned above ;-(

source: facebook

any conclusion, my dears? yep, gonna sell (part of) my silver bullion and buy gold/silver stocks, which already produce significant cash-flow and thus not gonna need any financing, share dilution or the like :-)

anything else? yep, gonna post few pictures later, promised ;) ... here we go, enjoy the first 5 pictures from cm-equity (source: and also mine own pics:

#3 chris berry 
#4 great panther silver
#8 lets walk a little bit outside and move to my office job later :-)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

best place 4 farewell party (abschiedsfeier) in munich? airport brewery ;-)

well, our eldest daughter moved for an internship to kuala lumpur / malaysia  for seven months, we will miss her sooooo much ...

anyway, the small familiar farawell party took place at a very funny place, the world's only airport brewery, the airbräu at munich's airport. so, munich is not only the home city of oktoberfest + hofbräuhaus, munich also has an airport brewery? what a lovely BEER CITY, wouldn't you say?

airports are usually infamous for overpriced food + drinks + souvenirs and bad bad bad currency exchange rates, aren't they? not so in munich! there is a grocery chain 'edeka' which sells its products for almost usual city prices and there is AIRBRÄU, the brewery restaurant :-). folks, a 0.5 liter fresh brewed beer for 2.40 €uros? it's insane, that's the cheapest beer i got in regular pubs in munich for years, even cheaper than at the #OccupyMunich meeting place One World House where a beer costs only 2.80 euros. only in some 'illegal' student run bars and not registered semi-private event locations or stolen is cheaper, believe me :-). you have to pay above 3 €uros for beer in munich, in my dear trader's treff hilton hotel it costs 4,50 and at oktoberfest 10 €uros (at oktoberfest you should get 1 liter beer for that price, but at a looong evening you probably get only 0.8 liter in an 1 liter glass, my dear ;-)

btw, the remaining stuff @ airbräu costs the usual restaurant prices and of course don't change any money at munich's airport. and yes. there is one more nice issue regarding airbräu, my dears. any ideas out there? no? c'mon, try again .... folks, u can actually park for free @ the very very central airport parking garage 'P20' => a damn good place 2 be, u know?

just in case u gonna visit munich for the very 1st time, don't start your 'sightseeing' at the airport brewery by drinking toooooo much beer, u could miss the rest of munich completely ;-)

few more farewell pics? here we go ... btw, my youngest daughter censored the selection, so all 'people' pictures are gone ;-()


Saturday, April 7, 2012

easter march for peace

as every year, we have many many easter marches for peace in germany. in munich we hadnt much luck with the weather, it was cold + rainy ... the major message this year? easy:

no war against iran.

unfortunately, i have had an appointment i couldnt cancel, so i did not join the march (from theresienwiese 2 sendlinger tor) and came to the final event at sendlinger tor square in the early afternoon only ... OMG, why did they organize the demo only via their own website and not as a public facebook event as well? i wasnt aware it would be on saturday and simply couldnt change my plans yesterday at 12 pm when i've recognized the demo will take place today ....

anyway, my buddies from OccupyMunich / united for global change / real democracy now / OccupyWallStreet have been there ...
... and so was the bavarian police
sendlinger tor / sendlinger gate after the demo ... (few pictures from sendlinger street in my 'bavaria sightseeing' photo album, just scroll to the last pictures here)

folks, only 2 make sure we really know who is the real danger for peace in the world, what abt a small comparison? (obama = first black president, good man; ahmadinedshad = religous fascist, bad man; woudda you say?). let better the facts speak:

source? here ...

=> PEACE :-)